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[Chat (Android)] Are we being screwed?

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It will not be surprising given how this is going.   Especially given other options are now available.

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you would be surprised at the support difference I get on this account vs my top 50 (arena and might) account gets. I also inform live chat that it is being recorded for sevurity purposes and screen record.

Posted on 10/7/13 5:14:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

probably the same paying players will be playing both games. just looking at the 70-80/hb arena tier, there are so many SM. there are so many people out there with tonnes of money but no time to level their legendaries.

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To be fair to CC when it 1st came out, there were enough gem offers to half way to spirit mage. That is where I farmed using a pre-paided debit card with the name "Sand Seven VII" lol. No need to cancel subscriptions that way. The crazy good offers are there to intitially promote.

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I guess seeing a 50% gem bonus would be a bad thing
It shows that IGG has gave up on the game is resorting to such big bonuses to get some sales before it ends.

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?? WoW you guys must have more money than sense!! They give us nothing yet people Bend over and ask for more Sir please!! Double XP Weekends would be a start plus proper bonus offers on gems!!  I play World of Tanks and every weekend there are specials and every month the shop has specials...and that far from dying because.of it!!