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[Chat (Android)] No need for a smurf

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I know smurf accounts are fun and it is a good way to get gold but it is kind of a pain (and a little time consuming). I haven't bothered with it just because I don't want to have to deal with the extra time consumingness of it.

Well thanks to jwatt (my new best buddy) I have a suggestion. I don't know how well this would work though. But for those without smurfs maybe itd be worth a shot. I raided jwatt a while back not knowing i was raiding anything more than just a random fellow. But then after that he raided me back, not once, but 8 times. It was fun to watch them all. He never got very far in defeating my base just for fun I think.
But then I raided him back again to mess around and we started a relationship of raiding. Since we aren't doing normal raiding it is great because he can't steal much of my gold. And since we started raiding each other we just keep going. I raid him some then he raids me. And it usually results in a shield. But not only that, it results in a very low loss of resources!
If you want to get shields and not lose lots of resources this may be something to try. Just raid a random person who raided you. Raid them like 6 or 7 times without 50%ing them. and if they don't do anything the next day then raid them back again. Just bug them enough til they raid you. It may not work everytime. I am sure most people may just ignore you. But it may result in him getting agro and then he comes and 100%s you. Maybe he raids you a bunch too, but he can't steal many resources. Hopefully it results in a shield. And make sure to give him a 100% in the end after your 6 or 7 raids (so he knows you are a friendly)! Don't do this to people that are hard to raid. Find an easier guy so you don't lose a bunch of troops. Try to make your base so if they get to your resources that they will probably get 50%. That will help you get a shield with low resource loss.
And above all. make a friend like I did with jwatt. If you are out there jwatt, then go ahead and add me lol

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darrendota replied at 10-13-2013 02:28 AM
gay and extremely homosexual

lol what the heck. it is like being friends....with a guy....don't know who he is but I don't know who youre either other than your name in the game!

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darrendota replied at 10-13-2013 02:28 AM
gay and extremely homosexual

I approve of this comment.