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[Chat (Android)] Which hero (TG vs SM) would you prefer in raid?

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I have Pali, Champ, Druid, Ninja in my deck. If you were to get one and add to this deck for raids, which one would you prefer? Thundergod or Spiritmage?

I know SM is all-round better.. and she is actually kind of in my reach if I spend another $110.. but I'm not sure if I want to spend that, plus not sure if I can compete in arena with people in the top rank who already have her with good talent. I will only have ~25k gems if I purchase SM, and that probably won't be enough to get decent talents for all my 5 heroes by re-roll. (None of my heroes have good talent so far)

I'm frustrated that I don't have enough HB to rank up my heroes as most of them are stuck at lvl 80. The best way to obtain HB would be through the arena, but it is just so competitive (I'm sitting around 600-1000). At this moment, it makes no difference if I push my rank higher than 600 unless I get into top 100 because there's no difference in HB reward before top 100. So I'm thinking of just forgetting about arena and focusing on raids.

Sorry it went a little longer than what you would've expected. Any suggestions?

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I dont know which hero u get but starting at rank 300 HB goes to 110/hr up to rank 100

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(86808541) replied at 10-13-2013 02:25 PM
I dont know which hero u get but starting at rank 300 HB goes to 110/hr up to rank 100

You are right. I just don't think that can be considered as a difference..

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TG = beast in raids, just as good as SM i guess... got em both for raiding and defending with revitalize(not the best to have.. but yeah...)

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This might be obvious but spending that last $110 solves all of your problems lol. Firstly you'll have a chance at getting both of the Hero's you're having to pick between and, if not, you'll be able to have a lot of fodder for your SM's skill. In addition you'll get a load of HB's from the achievement to help you out with.

As for talents... It can be a big gamble unless you're willing to put in the big $$$. I would suggest keeping talents that match with your Hero correctly and trying a roll or two on those that are useless. You'll save up some gems from achievements and the daily gems when you don't need to do any more random rolls for Heros which can add up and help with talent rolls.

In terms of which is better I would have to say SM. I am a fan of TG since it doesn't go over walls and follows the rest of the pack but I don't think it makes up for SM's skill advantage over TG.

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