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[Chat (Android)] How about a Guild Training Mode

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Posted on 10/14/13 3:51:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not sure how the whole guild thing is going to work, but I was thinking it would be nice if within your guild you could go into training mode. In essence; once you have a sheild activated, members of your guild can attack you with no risk of you losing gold/mana.  The purpose of this will be to help your team get better at using strategy in raids.

Training Raid Overview
Training Mode: active only when a player has an active sheild and is offline (to prevent any conflict with active paid raids). There could be a training list within the guild that shows the might level so you can select someone of equal or greater might.  If a player logs on while you are raiding their base, it would end your training raid.
Qualifiers: in order to prevent abuse of training mode, and to ensure players are still actively raiding, in order to qualify for training you must have completed a certain number of standard raids within the 24hr period (maybe 5 paid raids per day).
Entry Fee: A fee of gold/mana/shards/HB for entering a training raid.  A gold fee could be equivalent to the paid raid based on might level. If possible, the guild could even decide a set fee for training.
Troops: Similar to the arena where you lose your troops/heroes during the battle, however, one would not have to wait for them to regenerate after the training battle (similar to how heroes don't die after an arena battle).  
Winning/Losing: There could be a training rank within the guild based on wins/losses and at set intervals (once per 24hrs) you earn honor badges or shards, or maybe the entry fee pool is awarded to the players based on rank.  For example:
1st place - 20 HB, 10 shards, or 10% of pool
2nd place - 15 HB, 8 shards, or 8% of pool
3rd place - 10 HB, 6 shards, or 6% of pool
Experience: Training mode does not award any experience to heroes.
Feedback: if possible the guild could have a video log of training raids and maybe a message board to provide feedback to players on improving their raiding strategy, troop selection, etc.

I've never played a game with guilds or clans before, so I am not sure if this is already part of it, or not really the point, but it seems like a good way to help players improve strategy, and for experienced players to share knoweldge.