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[Chat (Android)] I Think I'm Done

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I've played this game for 65 days, and  have spent close to $600 and I'm done.

I work out every day, and the other day I realized that I would actually sync my workouts/sets so they didn't interfere with dungeon/arena chances. For me, that's a major signal that I need to stop playing.

I'm an extremely competitive person, so I was dedicating a lot of my time to stay near the top. Every single game I've played, I've been like this. I used to play LoL and had the same problem, and quit when I got diamond, even though I loved the game, just because I didn't like how it was interfering with my life. After quitting LoL I put most of the free time I gained into working out, and it's been the best decision of my life so far. This game, because of my competitive nature, was starting to interfere with it though.

The above isn't the sole reason I'm ceasing to play though. I feel as though this game will run dry pretty quickly. I have my own feelings for this, which I won't go into detail about, but include updates/support. I know there are probably others who feel the same. If I spent $600 and am just dropping the game, I think many more players who weren't as committed to it as me, will stop playing as well.

Anyways, this post is a bit longer than I wanted it to be, so I'll stop there. I just thought I'd make a post since I'm a regular on the forums. I'll probably still get on every now and then just to check on things, but I won't be spending more than a few minutes every now and then.

I hope you guys enjoy the game while it lasts (I could be wrong and it'll last years :p).


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what's your league accnt

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Totally agree. I am not quite done but close.  Spent more than you and what is driving me away is IGGs strategy does not seem to be get paid for a good game.  Rather a quick buck paying customer exploitation approach.  I believe you should be rewarded for a fun game and if you have that will reap the benefit.   

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You don't have to outright "quit". Since you've invested both time and money into the game, just take a short break. Wait to see how the game goes, then make your final decision whether to drop it completely or pick it back up. It wouldn't hurt either way.

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The word that comes to mind after reading this is 'balance'. It seems that whatever you do you don't do it in moderation, it's all out.

If you continue along that path you'll always neglect areas of your life that are important. But it's whatever makes you happy at the end of the day, if quitting will do that then so be it and take the cost as a life lesson.

Just remember that you have to have fun and enjoy what it is you are doing, not do it for the sake of doing it.

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dunno how you are comparing lol to cc, cc is basically single player and not competitive at all.. it's a phone game. ps I checked your league on lol, plat v isn't diamond.

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I said I sold my account lol. So that's decay + the new owner not being able to play at that level that put it to plat5 :p I haven't been on league in 6 months.

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I cried.

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I'm a competitive person, I weight lift, I do MMA/boxing (sports), I play video games, etc.

I'm not sure how you can't find time to workout and play this game. Maybe a bit of time management studies would help you out in the long run.

But anyways, if it's your choice to leave, then I won't be able to change that. Just enjoy whatever you do in life.
I wish you the best.