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[Chat (Android)] I Think I'm Done

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Thanks assassin :p If my life was just working out/gaming I could make time aha. But I'm a full time student, with a girlfriend, I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I have my own dogs to take care of. It all adds up :p

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(89147140) replied at 10-20-2013 02:03 PM
I said I sold my account lol. So that's decay + the new owner not being able to play at that level t ...

lolking tracks elo changes for a very long time. it shows you decayed from around 2k, lowest diamond is 2.2k on lolking.

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Haha the truth is I kinda feel the same way :s
Since I reached the top in the arena I keep spending too much time on this game or I know I wont be able to compete anymore.

At least I stoped spending money into the game after getting SM which took me alot of self contole when everyone started to get crazily good talents like rev 5/5 etc.

I also train less and in part because of this game, mostly because of school.
But hey from everyone saying we "lack" balance, this is the same thing with working out, if you wanna reach the top anywhere you have to make it your priority, it's all about competitive nature.

The better you get, the better you'll wanna become so you'll start investing more and more time into the game.

On a side note since some of you like working out here's a old teaser video I made almost 2 years ago, was supose to make a big sampler after this teaser but got injured that summer which messed up my plan lol.

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I got 85 days :0

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@KoborCC The most important thing is to stay in mouvement.
Doesn't matter what sport/activity you are doing, just choose what best fit your live style and ofc, something you like to do.

Spending days playing CC is clearly not a healty choice, and it's exactly the kind of game that makes you play all day even though you spend half that time actually waiting for chances to refresh lol.

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I am quite the same person, going usually too deep with something (oh, this sounds strange however, but feel well), then drying out. I stopped playing wow like 6 months ago when almost family (especially wife) was neglected very badly.
Now, I start it over again on the recently bought tablet to play CC, CoC, Megapolis and a few other games. Since my son asked me to help on this games on his device, so he was the reason I play again :-)
But I try to play only as much as it will entertain me, when I feel bad about it, ie I feel it mandatory to login and do som job then I will try to do something else, like some short time gym here at home. Look after something on the PC, help on the household or just read on the adventures of Drizzt Do'Urden.
But I know it is hard to resist just do one more dungeon or one more arena.

But next time try this, WHEN you feel the best in the game and you feel happy, jsut put it down for liek 5 minute and enjoy doing something else. It will pay back for sure :-)

But anyway enjoy other activities, think I should less play by now, I am trying, trying :lol

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And we care because... Wait, we don't. Bye!

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Guild, Boss raids... You are going to miss out on that...