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[Chat (Android)] My defense is mastered

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Hope it shows now

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Zjozz replied at 10-27-2013 09:00 PM

What kids these days are replacing the word "though" with. Although its usually spelt doe. Used in a sentence " Yo I aint gettin no shards these days brah, what up doe homie??"

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Edited by xReveriex at 10-28-2013 05:33 AM

There is no base too hard to raid (at least for me) if you have a low lvl hero relative to your might.

If you really want to see how well your base really is, try lure them when ur gold and mana vault is full. That will really lure serious raider in.

When i remove hero, ppl can 100% me easily, otherwise, 20 raids++ also hardly went pass 40%.

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Yes, what xReveriex advie, made a honey pot from your base and look if strong players will sacrifice their heroes and tropps for a big loot. Think more people skip bases where its only 10-20K around 5K might. Simple to time (troop recruit period) or money (spells) not worth to gold.

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All my towers are currently upgrading.  In like 12days, I'll tell my might, page and leave over 1M gold in my vault for only people in similar might. I wld remove them if someone over 1k might tries to be funny. :)

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Dat dere smurf/main. Constant 1m+ in vaults. Havent been 50%+ yet as people can barely seem to touch 1 vault before losing all their troops :). Undefeatable!