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Posted on 11/1/13 10:38:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a mystery for you that perplexed me. I logged on this morning and checked arena and decided to see who beat me in the previous night and saw something surprising. I can't post my pictures or video now since I have to go to class in a minute but what I saw was that the team of 5 heroes defending weren't my heroes. I looked and saw like a level 68 assassin 70 SQ 60 painda a 73 executioner and 74 champ (I think). and the attacker had just random guys who were good enough to beat me, nothing weird there. But seriously, the defending team is not my team. I have never had a level 70 SQ and never had a champ before. Anyone else ever had it where the video shows a team defending that was not their own? And if it had been my team in the defense my team would have squashed him. i have a 103 druid 89 painda 82 TG 80 exec and 71 cyclops defending. That is what I had last night and the previous attack before this random guy whos name btw is Wil80 was totally normal, nothing weird.
Any ideas of why my team didn't show and another did? video coming later...I hope. if not then pics at least!

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You've been smoking in class?

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I am having curiosity of my own with recording. Woke up, check the recordings of who attacked me last night, the one recording said 35 percent defense successful, but when I watch the recording, I was getting torn through for 100 percent. So again anyone else seeing anything like this?

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I feel you dalcow. Same goes with me few days back. And from what you said about that unknown heroes of yours is kind of same with what happened to me. Cyclops lvl 60 something and some exec serpent and champ. And I can for sure thats not my heros as I never have champion before. Im curious to know is this kind of hack used by that player or a bug maybe?

Posted on 11/1/13 2:33:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

ive had my recording show that i battled someone different than the little description indicated.   

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(90444067) replied at 11-1-2013 08:01 AM
I am having curiosity of my own with recording. Woke up, check the recordings of who attacked me las ...

that is a little weird but there is a chance (an off chance) that the full recording happened and was saved but that the server didn't actually register the amount of your base he got through in the calculation of gold/mana taken and %destroyed. My only guess is that it cut off at a certain point because he logged off too fast after i don't know.
Did he get all 25% of the resources available even though it said only 35%?
If I were you I would be quite curious and (assuming you still have the video) I would watch it and figure out exactly where he got to 35% and take a screenshot. Calculate the amount of resources he had taken as roughly as you can, it is too bad the video won't show that. Figure out how many troops he had killed at the 35% mark in the video and see if it matches up with how much the battle report says he lost. If he didn't lose any units by 35% then the battle report should show no units killed at all for him. I don't know if that makes sense. I am interested in that glitch though!
Or just move on with life :)

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Edited by Dalcowboiz at 11-1-2013 08:01 PM
Hopefully the link works.
The video is focused on the defending heroes. Those are supposed to be my heroes. Clearly they get defeated because they are just mediocre. My defending line up was Druid TG painda exec and cyclops. Perhaps it was the wrong video that they showed entirely. but he does not have a line up that could beat me no matter what. One of the defenders is a champion. I have never owned a champion. This is a recent picture of my heroes. Obviously those could not have been my heroes. It was not a replay glitch. It was a hack or a really random glitch.