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[Chat (Android)] Suggestions to fix major game problems

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Posted on 11/1/13 12:03:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  The first major problem is that players feel they lost the game because their might gets too high.  It is a problem that players are leaving and that many feel that to use game options hurts them.  Upgrades should help a player, not hurt him.  Here are 3 solutions to fix this problem:

A- Factor back in the Town Hall level to shrine hit points.  In the past shrine hitpoints equalled the town hall hitpoints.  Now the shrine is the hitpoint total of all heroes.  I propose this is changed to a formula as follows:  Shrine Hitpoints = (hero hitpoints / 2) + (town hall hitpoints/2).  This will mean that town hall hitpoints are now 1/2 the strength of the shrine, putting back a reason to upgrade the town hall and giving it some value.

B- HB for might.  Players should start getting HB for might as follows.  Players with might over 20K, should get 100 HB an hour.  Players with might over 15K, should get 75 HB an hour.  Players with over 10K should get 50 HB an hour.  Players with over 5K should get  25 HB an hour.  This provides players with a reasonable reward for having a good might.  A player with under 5K might, but 5 legendary heroes at level 80 could easily get more than 100 HB an hour; while a player at 20K might could easily lose 100 HB an hour in loses due to having such a high might.  This is a reasonable fix that would incentives increasing might.

C- We need a minimium Altar Level for Heroes to get above a certain level.  Heroes to reach 180 should need a level 18 Altar; 160 should need a level 16 altar; 140, need a level 14 altar, and so on and so forth.

2. The second major problem is hacking.  We need some safeguards to limit the ability of hackers to cheat.  We also need some improved internal controls.  here are my suggestions:

A- Every month there needs to be an audit of every single player at the top 100 in the arena to see if they are cheating.  This is as simple as going throug the data logs to track things like their gem purchases and comparing it to their gems spent.  Also looking at any level increases to see if they are possible.

B- We need to have an audit of any player who spikes up too far in the arena or might to make sure they are not cheating.  For might, for example, an audit could take place any time a player increases might by more than 2K in a day.

C- We need a forum page devoted to (1) tips for catching and reporting hackers, and (2) a place to report hackers.

3.  The next major problem is a lack of incentive for defense.  First, we need to protect against folks using smurfs to attack and lose against their own base, or others who attack the same base over and over.  There needs to be a max of 1 attack against the same base in a given 24 hour period.  With that safeguard in place, we need to give sucessfull defenders 1-2 HB for each time they win, as well as the gold that it costs the attacker to attack.

4.  Finally, the original Legendary heroes should be returned to their glory.  The new heroes should not be any stronger than the existing ones.  Adding a new hero who is better than the rest every month will ruin the game.  Especially if they are GEM only heroes.  We already have the SM, no more gem only heroes should be added.  if they must be added, they should be awarded to everyone who has a SM.  This game will die fast if players who already spent hundreds of dollars to get the best heroes; or spent months saving up shards for them; suddenly find their heroes are no good and they need to buy new ones with real money.  ANY new heroes, must be available for shards from day 1.  The Pumpkin Duke is the worst type of hero.  He is pay for a chance to own.  Every other hero you could buy with either money or shards.  The PD, requires luck and money.  Folks who already paid $300, should get every money-only hero for free from here on to the end of the game; otherwise, folks in the future will never pay money thinking that they could spend $300 for something that the next day is worthless.  Free players could also quit, but I realize the GM is focused on paying players.  Paying players make investments and when they see their investment fall in value, they leave.

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I wish developer would see this.  well said.  I am one of those paid players (over $400) who's about to quit.

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+1 Totally agreed with you

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best post i ever seen

Posted on 11/1/13 12:23:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

especially with the get HB for defence or something part

Posted on 11/1/13 12:24:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well written!

Not sure I totally agree with a pre-determined audit.  Like a more random thing.  But I like your ideas.

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Pipe dream bud IGG is just working on what exciting new gem roll only hero will come out next

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great ideas which will never see the light of day here, money is the only driving force for igg games.

Posted on 11/1/13 1:27:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

For now shrine hp is the total heroes hp x2, your formula should be:
Total shrine HP = (total hero HP) + (town hall hp/2)

I think this will be closer to the actual amount of hp we have atm.

Posted on 11/1/13 1:28:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

ok, 1st, I can't believe I just read all that. 2nd I semi-agree with you.  Yes and yes on all three points under 1: we need a better might structure. Point 2: def need better controls, but not sure an audit of the top 100 in arena is the best approach.  On 3rd point, yes it sucks that someone can create a 2nd account and repeat attack, but I think that would be resolved if they solve your point 1.