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[Chat (Android)] Beating the Boss: Is it worth it?

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while I understand what you are trying to say .... your numbers are not accurate or even close to accurate IMO.

Heroes with low HP (ie ninjas) ...... if they are lvl 101 they deal 3,110 damage.  Put 5/5 deadly strike on it and he will hit at least once if not twice before the boss gets him (depends on if he gets the aoe or not from the boss).  Lets just say he gets in 2 hits.

3110 + 3110 + 21770 (from SelfDestruct) = 27,990 just from 2 hits of a ninja.

Take a Succubus lvl 101 with say 5/5 berserk or high revit where she can trigger.

Succubus is the BOSS Hero for Bosses.  Her trigger is not a calculation based on her own damage or HP.  Her trigger is based of the enemy's HP.  a 3/9 succubus will take off 23% of the bosses max HP when she triggers.  48,000,000 * 0.23 = 11,040,000 damage when she triggers.

all you need for a 48m HP boss is 5 Succubus who can trigger. 5 rounds with a succubus triggering = 55,200,000 damage
I see no issue with bosses.
Even if you use revive a few times (say 50 shards for revive) you should be able to kill it yourself with a succubus.. and good paladin to take a few hits allowing her to trigger.

or am I totally off base and seeing this wrong?

EDIT:  didn't read far enough in the post ... regarding succubus not working.... I fail to see why she won't trigger against a boss.  Her ability should work against troops/heroes/buildings/shrines/walls...etc.

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Totally worth it....NOT!

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GUYS! This is just in!! Paladins now have the ability to reduce dmg taken! Seriously, my pall has 28k hp and my druid has 4/5 bez healing for 5300, pumpkin duke at 20% increases. put that together and what do you get? lots of dmg from ninja, tg, or sm. i could see my group of 100+ heros doing 1mil plus in one raid.

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beating the boss should give us shards instead of using shards to fight the boss.

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yeah, after looking at the pathetic rewards for boss fight, i sort of lose interest in guild. :(

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yeah not gonna bother. boss battle shud b for fun.

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I think this will just be a third game people play and will focus on.  Some players will be arena player.  Some raid players and some now boys players

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you all speak/guess/think too much...TRY it and then you can make this post/blame/suggest w/e it is the meaning of this cryriver

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me too 30000hb maybe i might try

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That alot of Hitpoints