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[Chat (Android)] About boss fights

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It seems that if you open a one-man guild, you would pay the 50 shared, but in exchange you'll get the highest reward of 3000 hb. The top players get the reward regardless if the boss is defeated. Since you are the only player in a one-man guild, you should get that highest reward. So it all boils down to whether you wish to exchange 50 shared for 3000hb. I personally think it doesn't worth it. Also the top arena players, who are in the best position to defeat the boss, do not need the hb. Final note, there are few very big guilds out there, but it seems that we are very limited in the number of participants.  Consequently,  we may have thousands of guilds.  The best leader may not be the one with the best heroes,  but the one with the highest number of shared to expand the number of participants. It's better to be in a low level heores guild, to increase the probability of ending at the top 10.

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Game was updated again. No HB reward if boss is not killed. Same for top 10 players ... id=74097&pid=445073

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dang I thought about that. like 3 men or 10 men guild that just loses haha

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I would guess... 3-10 person guild would not want to do bosses.  You would want max guild to go after bosses.  Only way I can see a 3-10 man beating a boss is to use a lot of shards for revive on their hero bases... and that would not be very cost effective.