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[Chat (Android)] arena

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How do i fight in the arena

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Step 1) Build Arena
This building lets you fight against other players that have arenas as well

Step 2) Go to Arena and select "Enter"
You will see a list of 5 players you can challenge. Do not let the bug numbers scare you, that just shows their arena rank. The closer the player is to 1, the tougher they will be.

Step 3) Select a player and click challenge
You will see three glowing blue circles. You get to place your heroes in those circles, and it will send your heroes down one of three possible lanes. You can send a maximum of 5 heroes. When the battle starts, you will see that there will be heroes coming down the lanes from the other side. Whoever destroys the opposing shrine first wins.

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Ign: [s22]DR_KILL
Serve s22 Hidden rivers

The arena has a lot of problems surprised it's not fixed

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I can not get a hero to show up, how can I get a hero to start.