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[Chat (Android)] my special smurfy

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My advice for you to be strong at your relative might:
1) train griffins to lvl 4 (not 5)
2) upgrade last two towers to arrow
3) upgrade all hero bases (not altar)
4) quit upgrading mills and mines
5) upgrade all vaults
6) upgrade magic shop to lvl 11 (3 spells unlocked: restoration, ares fervor, guardian angel)
7) only upgrade restoration and ares fervor
8) upgrade centaurs to lvl 4 (not 5)
9) only upgrade town hall when you decide to train troops to lvl 5 on tier 3 (if ever; I don't suggest it)
10) farm shards for druid
11) aim to level the 5 heroes to lvl 100 before reaching 4500 might

At that point you should be set for epic raiding ability. Those steps are not in any particular order, but I'd suggest you follow them all.

A side note to town hall: if you feel your heroes are strong enough to support the increase of might then go ahead an upgrade. I am gradually upgrading mine so I can increase my hero bases, vaults and camps, even though it's not necessary.

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convert yourself broda!
main to smurf = smurf being main
you just need a druid and its a blazin team
the only thing is HB is kinda slow on low levels haha

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heres my special smurfy... lol

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No money spent :-)

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I sooo wany this lol ive never had a champion and ive always wanted one

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give me that smurf acct. and i will take care of it for dure :).

Posted on 11/10/13 12:04:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i openly accept your smurf account.i can take care of it :)