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[Chat (Android)] game is dead. bye Cc

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Posted on 12/26/13 11:10:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Na the game wont die.

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yeah . youre eight the game will surely die

Posted on 12/26/13 12:54:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Game will surely die if hacks and cheaters are not cleaned out

You say to play just for fun, but what if IGG stops the servers.
IGG makes its money on people buying gems, but what will happen if people stop to buy. I am not talking about those that buy 20 dollar a week, i talk about the heavy spenders. people at top 100 in arena had spent around 3.000 dollars each, and keep buying to get the new heroes and talents for those. Those heavy spenders normally dont do that for fun, they do cause like of competing and try to get 1rst, but if cheaters start to make them lose their "hard" gained spot why would they continue spending money looking that others can level up their heroes really fast and getting 9/9 skills without any effort

Would you pay if someone that cheats can easily go ahead you not mattering how much effort time and money had you spent?

IGG need to fix this ASAP or they are going to lose around 100k dollars each week

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Posted on 12/26/13 1:40:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I understand your frustration; there are many issues that still need to be fixed in this game. However, the issues reported in this forum are always addressed to admin, so developers are working on to fix these issues. Of course, it is super frustrating since it seems like developers aren't doing their job quickly enough to get rid of all these issues in a timely manner. However, I don't think that posting something like this will encourage developers to work faster if they haven't been doing so. Also, the issues related to hacking are always reported as a separate topic as they are considered as an urgent problem to look at, so developers are aware of them. They have been certainly trying to find the solution to these issues.

I'm sorry I can't give you a satisfactory answer (such as "all the hacking issues will be resolved by next update!"). Admin has been notified, so if there is any update, it will be addressed. However, since this thread contains a baseless statement that negatively affects the community, I will lock this thread.

Thank you :)