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[Chat (Android)] My LONG DAYS AT CC IS OVER!..DONE!,.

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Posted on 1/22/14 4:17:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

After 5 months of being a Castle Clashers,my journey ends here..

First of all,i JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS inside the CC community and i am not looking for anything by posting this!..So,any trolls,those who dont care,please just ignore this or STFU!  :victory:

Started to play Castle Clash from August after a month it was released,i think it was July(correct me if im wrong)..I'll make it short..
All and all,i love the game,it is great,from August-November,i was enjoying the game,i love the graphics(the original) before the recent changes in UI..I love the heroes..Not much of a complaints about hackers in the forum after Gazelle's story,i was enjoying visiting the forums but..

From the recent changes in December-January,i lost my appetites in the game,i cut down my hours of playing from at least 18 hrs a day-8 hrs or less,too many complaints in the game specially with the addition of HBM,hackers showed their true colors,the forums got slaughtered with too many trolls,disrespectful members,adding new contents with some issues that hasnt been resolve..I am not happy anymore! :'(

All and all,i have spent over 1k in the game..
In ARENA,im ranging my ranks from 300-90..Rank 60 was the highest i have achieved..
Never been in any guild,though i was invited in K.I.T/K.O.D by Im2awesome,in SHINRA by Konzetsu and some other guilds..
G4 waved is my highest in HBM,312 flames in DUNGEONS..15K+ MIGHT..Some screenshots will say it all..

From the latest updates,i am so disappointed with the new UI,new talents,unresolved hacking issue,unstoppable addition of new heroes so i decided to put an end in this madness and followed some of the highest players in the game that is quitting!..

So today,i asked to be fully refunded through google support from all of the purchases i made in the game rather than selling my account..Some of the higher purchases i made are still in question/pending but at least half of it will get refunded and im happy with that whatever it takes..I'm done..

That's all i want to say..I have no hard feelings with IGG nor anybody..
I'm happy walking away and moving on..I learned a lot inside Castle Clash community!..

"Set a goal in life and go for it,when failure comes,learn from it and move on then try again until u succeed! "

-WARG23 :victory:

Posted on 1/22/14 4:23:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

give me your acc.

Let's play league of legends, pm me
Posted on 1/22/14 4:24:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i wonder why Google is so good to refund those that have been paid and used?
Isn't it goods sold are not returnable? Just curious... if can refund, i think everyone will just play a game for few months and get money back? Sorry no hard feeling, just finding this is quite excellent!

Posted on 1/22/14 4:25:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Account will be dead/inactive/banned after i get refunded!,.

Posted on 1/22/14 4:30:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

well that is still an abuse isn't it? i can always play for few months, tired of the game, get refund and please close my account... Amazing, hard to believe

Posted on 1/22/14 4:31:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I wonder,too but i will take advantage of it for whatever reason they have behind it,.

Posted on 1/22/14 4:35:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good luck friend. Actually, I just did the same thing yesterday as well. I have $~310 in transactions through Google Play which I am disputing and another ~$300 direct through my discover card. Discover is asking for supporting documentation which I'm not sure what to provide but I am using this website as documentation of other customers severally dissatisfied with this vendor and inferior product.

Posted on 1/22/14 4:39:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I did the same thing some days ago with my account KingDD. Good luck friend :)

Posted on 1/22/14 4:44:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

all the best mate

Posted on 1/22/14 5:00:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

so you guys essentially spend nothing to reach top ranking. that is even worse than free-to-play or those that do tapjoy offers and you wonder why us version is treated that way. tsk tsk tsk..