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[Chat (Android)] Refund?

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Posted on 1/22/14 8:16:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If someone offered me a job at google no matter what position i would of taken it i call bull.

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:) so pleased to see your opinion on this topic L.A. :) since the general thrust of your points focuses on the morality of demanding a refund shouldnt we define what constitutes a moraly (not to mention legally) enforcable deal? the moral onus for respecting the terms of a contract that deals specificaly in tangeble goods I would agree, should be upheld under the circumstance you recived "this" in exchange for "that". clearly gems are not touchable, palpable, material,physical, real, substantial, corporeal,solid, or concreate and therfore intangable. they are a service and a means to an end. one purchases the services of maid to clean house. She is ,then, expected to not throw dirt around in it... one buys yen with dollars so that they can spend in japan not counterfiets that have no value once you get there yet clearly read "1 yen"...and one buys gems in cc to gain an advantage over other players or the AI in game. (Or both) gems are not purchased so that the pictoral representation of quantity of gems in the uper right hand corner has the apperance of going up numericaly. I think we can agree so far. now this "intangable" advantage is being systematicly removed by IGG themself as well as the hackers that IGG has repeatedly!!! pledged to deal with. This isn't even an interpretive warranty.  It is expressed by IGG as well as directly and indirectly implied. The deal has become "this" for "something of ever decreasing value as we see fit" and let me tell you igg pushed the "decrease value button hard after the fact... maid... handfuls of game advantage...handfuls of dirt... in addition to players having a legal right to what was thiers they also have a moral one, even here in canada. :)

P.s. They were warned repeatedly this would happen. IGG ,even now, refuses to even directly speak to thier coustomers in regard to the matters at hand. There are laws in every country on this planet that have the moral fortitude to deal with this exact problem and they exist because of moral high ground.

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LordAssassin100 replied at 1-22-2014 07:13 PM
Since you don't believe that story, here's another one:
Jay Leone, a 90 year old man, was being ro ...

See above please.

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(101986376) replied at 1-22-2014 08:27 PM
See above please.

It was well said and I agree to a heavy extent on what was said. Really like the example of the maid throwing dirt around your house lol.

My only concern is for those that are receiving full refunds from their purchases six months ago when there were clearly no problems. I can agree that those who bought gems within the last month, if not satisfied, should get a refund for those purchases, and those purchases only. But to go back six months and get a full refund, is a little absurd, which I think we can both agree on?

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LordAssassin100 replied at 1-22-2014 08:37 PM static/image/common/back.gif
It was well said and I agree to a heavy extent on what was said. Really like the example of the ma ...

Yeah... agreed there... but thats just my opinion, goodwill and value are so subjective.  . Customer satisfaction ,sadly, is the only useable metric. Where we might agree that past 6 months is now simply "buyers remorse". Arguments can be made even that far back. Which is why IGG should be dealing with us here on the forums directly so as to assertain what constitutes satisfaction.

P.s. if you want you can borrow my maid... I call her the 'warden'. She costs me my entire annual sallery and convincies me its my job to clean up.... my gift to you. :)

Posted on 1/22/14 10:21:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

LA judging a massive company based on the fact that you walked into one of their remote (foreign) buildings is incredibly naive and borderline just dumb. Clearly you have other emotions tied to that visit or something else...

Google is one of the smartest, most innovative and useful companies in the entire world. Why you bring US law into this argument is beyond me, if Google is giving out refunds its not because of any Law forcing them to. It would be because they care about the happiness of there users MORE than they care about money, simple as that; yet this is the company your bashing with a passion.

Maybe count to 3, look into a mirror and get to the bottom of what is really bothering you. Just my advice.   

Posted on 1/22/14 10:23:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Many players ask for a refund for whatever reason, it can be different case by case some just look for an excuse to get a refund while others can be genuinely displeased by a service. As mentioned before it's not really a new issue in gaming.
In regards to this matter, please send your questions about refunds to live support. Thanks.