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[Chat (Android)] Violating terms of service!!!

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There are also three quick ways to ensure that an app will not be featured on Google Play. First is to use a payment provider other than Google itself. Second, an app shouldn’t download other apps because, according to Galpin, “Google Play is not a place for you to distribute your own app store.” Finally, bribing customers with in-game rewards for five-star reviews is considered the worst offense by the editorial team and no game that does this will ever be featured by the editorial team. That said, developers are encouraged to ask for and are allowed to incentivize feedback, they just can’t set conditions demanding positive ratings.-----Google I/O conference developer advocate Dan Galpin and senior developer advocate Ian Lewis

Yes if you read the last sentence of that Google will not distribute applications that bribe for higher ratings.... AKA the 5 star rating events that IGG holds for its members where it rewards gems for 5 star ratings. IGG has recently discontinued this service after it was pointed out to Google who was lets just say "unhappy"....

Just for good measure I will post a listing of everything that Igg is violating under Google play developer programing policies

-Developers must not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Store, or        manipulate any product ratings or reviews by unauthorized means such as fraudulent        installs, paid or fake reviews or ratings, or by offering incentives to rate products.        

-Sexually Explicit Material: We don't allow content that contains nudity,          graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy          against child sexual abuse ( world chat violates the zero tolerance policy)

After reading the Google Play Developer Program Policies these were the violations I found. If this post gets deleted it will only prove what I wrote is relevent and correct. Here is a link to view the listing if Policies that IGG should be following.....

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Oh.... They gonna delete this eell

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jkldogg replied at 1-23-2014 04:09 AM static/image/common/back.gif
uh. you're are you quitting or just trying to make igg mad? lol.

He is upset by some changes IGG made to the game and the direction he thinks the game is going, so he whined to Google and got his money refunded, and now is trying to bring the game down for the rest of us.

Eeeelll, if you are done with castle clash, just leave. Don't cause problems for others who still enjoy the game. If you are not done with castle clash, then there are more constructive ways to be heard than getting IGG in trouble with Google, aka telling daddy.

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lol. eeeellllll with the truth. I bet it hurts to see how eady refunds are getting lol

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Also they violated the Gambling policy
The talent re roll system and the Hero roll system
you spend money to get a RANDOMIZED talent for money
Gambling: We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting and lotteries, or games of skill that offer prizes of cash or ''other value'' (other value being talents).

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aa4111 replied at 1-23-2014 04:14 AM
He is upset by some changes IGG made to the game and the direction he thinks the game is going, so ...

Or he's just sharing peranint information that the entirety of the gem boycott group would find usefull. IGG will do as they've been told or expect more of the same.

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But it's not IGG's fault for having so much perverted sexuality in the world chat. It's the players... So Google can't blame IGG for the zero tolerance policy regarding child abuse. In an other game called Hello Hero they don't have any pervs. It's because the pervs chose this game as their "home-base" Idk really anything else why they would do this. I haven't checked the world chat since the day I started playing Castle Clash...

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the reason they are here is because its the path of lesst resistance. its near impossible to completely stop lewd and disturbing things from being said or even spammed and to be truthful even to stop even one individual that has his mind intent on doing so if hes innovative enough. that said the reason most are here is becsuse its easy. iwhy go throigh all the trouble of fake accounts masking ip addresses and keeping track of fake e-mails at one location when their is another location one click away that simply does not care.