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[Chat (Android)] Violating terms of service!!!

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Posted on 1/23/14 4:59:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

ScytherNL replied at 1-23-2014 04:42 AM
But it's not IGG's fault for having so much perverted sexuality in the world chat. It's the players. ...

Lol, the first day I played this game I checked out world chat and I was like WTF!! I just ran away, I gave the game another try a week later and the wc was shut down :)
Maybe it's people from clash of clans trying to destroy their competition

Posted on 1/23/14 5:37:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hmmm . . . yeah I had also found it strange when IGG had FB events wherein they give out free gems to people who give 5 star ratings to the game, lol! Not very good business ethics. It's like offering a customer a freebee if he/she rates a department store 5 stars after a shopping session.
I appreciate that you've made people do and there isn't much else you can do tbh. And try not to get upset with people who abuse you for this. You're now a F2P player, and I always was. Many of the big spenders are possibly F2P now. But the newer lot is unlikely to change anything. Fair-play! If they are okay with it, good for them! :)

Posted on 1/23/14 6:16:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys,
Complaints regarding certain events can be sent to us and we will review it if you feel that it violates any kind of policy. GGP decided this matter as well and will notify developers if changes need to be made.
With this being said, there is no real need to continue this discussion to flame more negativity in our forum. It doesn't really suggest anything constructive as far as customer service, or game-play. We will now close this thread. Thanks for the feedback.