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[Chat (Android)] Heres the root of all CC problems

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"In addition to our international presence, we also leverage our cost advantage by placing most of our development personnel in China, which allows us to develop our games in a cost-effective manner."

To create a competitive advantage in the gaming industry Igg is using developers from China. When is the last time you bought something from walmart that contained quality? I seriously doubt half of their developers have any real computer science education... Or even own smart phones.

This information was located at

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Let the stereotypes begin

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Buying stock right now. I mean since I am not buying gems this seems like the next best thing

Guild Elite is #1
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this is true but most american companies import the develop team to the united states through contracts from other countries. basically the opposite of out sourcing. this is mostly due to india educational practices to get aheadbut other countries as well. tney just out source the call centers

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of course they own a smart phone silly, its just that they chinese fake smart phone

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bit harsh on the stereotypes?

IGG goal is to drain every last penny from us at a miniume costs

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The fact that CC was one of the top gaming apps in GGP for a couple of months, and having 3 of our games in the top 50 worldwide at one points speaks volume about our development team.
Castle Clash is a game not even a year old, so there are still a lot of room for improvement and further development. We involve our community's feedback with all our plans and it can be evident with some of the changes we have made since we first release this game. However, this post doesn't really fall into that category but rather flame some kind of stereotype of our product being inferior because it was made by Chinese developers. I'll be closing this thread now.