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[Event] [Forum Event] IGG's 12th Anniversary "Be A Poet"

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Champion lauded with a thunderous laugh,
For Cupid had his first drink and began to cough,
In came paladin, a sword did he wield,
He looked around and kept aside his shield,
Gunslinger entered with all her grace,
Grimfiend was no stranger to the place.

Lady Leo shouted no drink for the Cupid,
Marauder added that he's just a kid,
Angry Cupid shot his arrow,
It ricochetted the marauder and shot paladin,
Stung by the arrow, paladin swung his sword,
Just to catch grimfiend off his guard,
Grimfiend transformed into demon form,
Clipping gunslinger's rifle that shot into champs arm.
The bouncers of pub drove them away,
They all parted to fight another day.

The Cupid narrated his story to Thunder God,
He heard it all with a smile and a nod,
He dispatched his army made of Athene's light and Mike,
Followed by Archangel and the healing Angel,
To back then up was his noble disciple,
None other than storm eater.

Grimfiend went to the silent hill,
Where his friend Vlad was waiting for a kill,
He assembled army of Revenent and Death Knight,
The werewolf rose to the full moon light,
They summoned a fire breathing dragon,
And out came the Skeletica- the undead abomination.

Paladin ran to the Royal Capital,
Where Marksman and Warlock were engaged in a friendly battle,
Ghoulem and Velentina greeted Paladin,
Pally replied with events that have been,
In came Santa's goliath helper,
Bitter chill, he swore, to offer.

The champion approached his friend executioner,
Who took him to his friends, Candy Kane and Drake, the bombardier,
Candy Kane brought along her friend Cirrina,
And in came God of War to join the arena.

Enraged Lady Leo, rode to Espirita and Frost Witch,
They took her to Phantom King, whom was a darned spirit,
He summoned his noble Spirit Mage
And release deadly Demogorgon from it's cage.

Marauder trotted to the barren land of sands,
He approached Pharoah Immortep,
Who sat with Mechtessa,
He dispatched an army of Rockno and Anubis,
Followed by deadly Reaper,
Whose presence is no bliss.

Terrified Gunslinger caught up with Pixie
And Dovekeeper,
And then went on to narrate the events,
To Dryad and Druid the healer,
Treantor was terrified right to his roots,
They all got ready in their battlesuits.

Battle of seven armies was set to begin,
It was then that an Arctica and Blood Ravens flew in,
Along joined Ninja And Ronin,
Were they in to rip all the skins,
Or to reconcile the before the fight begins.

Wish you a happy 12th birthday IGG #IGG 12th

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Happy 12th! I hope you guys enjoy my poem! You can read it, watch it on Youtube, or check out my Prezi! The links for the Youtube and Prezi are below! Thanks for taking the time to check it out! (The Prezi will take a bit of time to load, but it's pretty cool if you've never seen a Prezi before! If you click on the Prezi and it says you are using the "new viewer" and the sound doesn't work, click the button to load the old viewer and then the sound should work :D)


Facebook link:

Youtube link:

Prezi link:


Hi, my name is Trevor :3
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maybe i got meaning of some words wrong..but i gave my best in this one


Night is over me in bed
waking up and feeling sad
eyes are closing mind not clear
still i wonder was it fear
scored zero no a test
not what i would call the best
now im seeking for some joy
through the app that i enojoy
as i wait for bar to fill
like its someone elses will
book fell down right from the shelf
on a page "today will go well".
Well? Oh well,really hope it does,
app is on and free roll up first on that because,
its one daily like morning drill,
might as well now let it fill.
When the button went down low,
purple light is what i saw.
Holy lord for mothers sake,
is this true or is it fake.
Right on light my eyes have steered,
thats where dove keeper appeared.
Thank you god and IGG,
giving me strongest lady.
Noone can tank more than one,
through shield full damage is done,
if enemies try to run,
let the dok proc hunt them down.
Maxing her is now my goal,
on quest i got talent roll.
Not something one can expect,
its war god five that i get.
From dream to dream i climb on ladder,
can this day get any better.
Sharing gains on LINE guild chat,
they ask have i claimed or not.
Thought im lucky without knowing,
that there's hero collector going!
As i read that to last letter,
felt the urge to scream forever.
For f2p its hard to get,
full empower five crest set.
I get stopped in this all,
by breakfast on moms call.
Food is nice so not complaining,
but my dok needs some training.
As its easy and well done,
arid ruins is what i run.
Very simple mode to play,
tap to start then go away.
Got nice drops shards and slime,
for no effort in no time.
After one quick cold shower,
went straight to test dok power.
Lucky me is what i say,
cause today is guild wars day.
Usaually its skip skip skip,
but for dok its sunny trip.
Spreading love is good because,
its love that can change the lives.
In snipe case its life to death,
from which one loses breath.
Thank you for amazing game IGG.
Happy 12th anniversary.