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[Event] [Forum Event] Archdemon Breakout

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Hello Clashers!

A terrible thing has happened. Archdemon escaped from Castle Clash Dimension and somehow found the way to ours. We need to defeat him, and send him back before he will destroy our world. We have the possibility to send a team of 6 Castle Clash heroes to our world so they can stop him, but they have no idea how to prepare for that task.


You need to pick a combination of 6 heroes along with Talents, Crests and Pets which will be able to defeat him and send him back. You must also provide brief description why you picked those heroes, talents, crests and pets and how this will help them to defeat Archdemon. Remember to be original and creative. Also remember that this demon is immune to stun, energy reduction, fear like typical Archdemon.

How to participate:
1. Pick 6 heroes, select talent and crest and pet for everyone of them just like in game
2. Write why you picked those heroes, talents, crests, pets and how they can defeat Archdemon,
3. Fill your gaming info in proper slots.
4. Double check your gaming information before you will submit your answer, This is most important part !!!!
!!! Remember that incorrect or missing info will mean forfeiting of prize !!!

August 3rd - August  9th, 23:59 Server Time

Event Host: Cichociemiak + iYoDa2point0

1st place  - 3000 gems + 50 scraps of Creation-01(Iron Goalie)and  50 scraps of Sasquatch(Optimum Primal)
2nd place - 2000 gems + 50 scraps of Sasquatch(Optimum Primal)
3rd place  -
1000 gems
30% of the valiad entries would be awarded with additional 500 gems .

Event Rules:
1. You CAN NOT edit your post *Make sure all information is correct because you will not be allowed to edit them*
2. Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address.
 *If you have any problems with making post, please PM one of the Event Hosts.*

3. Spamming/Illegal context/posts not related to event will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread for all questions.
5. Winners will be determined by Mod/Admin team,
6. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced

LINE: iYoDa2.0
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Lavacaina 8/8 unholy pact talent FG insignia reason unholy pact for boost dmg FG cause archdemonds do decent dmg so it can deflect nd he is super OP         
Dovekeeper 8/8 unholy pact talent empower insignia reason unholy pact for extra dmg empower for helping her prox more often
Gunslinger bulwark talent 8/8    Unholy pact insignia reason: bulwark for extra heath at the same time more attack unholy pact extra dmg reason
Walla walla empower talent 8/8, wargod insignia reason: empower for proxing  faster for his heals and great attack,  wargod for his prox to get extra attack and for him t get a little boat in attack

Pumpkinduke revite 5/5  insignia would be empower reasons revite to prox at beginning of the battle empower so he can prox faster sense his prox is OP
Last but not least skeletica empower talent bulwark insignia reason empower for faster proxs cause skele dose insane amount of dmg bulwark for extra heath and attack

If you notice unholy pact was used many times cause of its insane attack add on here is why I send the heros besides the takent insignia Reasons I used lava cause he is OP in all ways I used Dovekeeper and gunslinger cause a team of six turns into a team of X md there minions as I like to say are very good for extra dmg I used PD for his OP prox walla walla for his epic heals and attack on his prox and I used  skele cause his prox is OP. And stuff (all heros that have skin are using the skin and all heros are devo all heros for enchantment I think, have blade knight triats all are half crit dmg and half CRIT Rate

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

We need: Beast Tamer, Siren, Dove, Trixie, Gunslinger, PD.
* BT - Heavy Blow
* Siren - Deadly Strike
* Dove - Heavy Blow
* PD - Emprower
* Medusa - Revitalize
* Trixie - Heavy Blow
* BT - Slow Down
* Siren - Heavy Blow
* Dove - Slow Down
* PD - Regenerate
* Medusa - Slow Down
* Trixie - Slow Down
- Chicka, Glacie, Piblob, Finix, Drako, LHavoc
**pets do not care which heroes
***in-game name: first "II" its "ii".

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Six heroes+talents+crests+pets
1. Pumpkin Duke+regenerate+revive+chickabom
2. Skull Knight+DS+LD+piblob
3. Dove Keeper+unholy pact+revive+angi
4. Walla Walla+SS+revive+yulephant
5. Trixie+slowdown+revive+havoc
6. Cupid+revite+revive+bublow

The reason I chose these heroes are because they are all very good at dishing out damage per second.

Pd will stack fast from regenerate and get more healing from Walla when injured. SK will deal massive DMG with ds, dove Keeper will also do a great amount of DMG from UP and she has damage intake limit. Walla with SS will increase his survivability so he can keep healing and buffing his team. Trixie with inbuilt wg8 and slowdown will do great DMG along with her pumpkies. Finally Cupid with revite will ensure that his allies start hitting with huge DMG right off the bat.

Revive crests on heroes because if anything goes wrong and they die, they'll get up again and have a second chance. Life drain on SK because he will tank and needs extra life healing from it.
Angie and bublow will heal allies, piblob will lower acc of demon and make him miss his attacks. Havoc will greatly reduce the attack speed and DMG of demon for a short time. Yulephant will allow dying heroes to dodge demons attacks and again make him miss his attacks. Lastly chicka is here to increase the demons DMG intake and also dish out pretty decent damage per second as a pet.

With this setup, the archdemon will take a good beating, he will think twice about wandering into uninvited lands and will be reminded of the consequences and punishments from the great heroes of castle clash.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

(1)Pumpkin Duke
(6)Ice Demon

Slow Down


Little Havoc

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Для архика лучше брать донатных таких как огнекрыл некрос тыква для разгона друида купидона и химеру для повышения урона петов можно взять сову пони карасика ангела дракончикаа рунами оживы что б дольше стояли если когото убьют

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Hero                   Preferred talent                     Preferred crest
1.PD                          Regenrate                        Slowdown
2.Cupid                          Revite                           Slowdown                                
3.Druid.                    Slowdown.                    Deadly strike
4.Siren                         Heavy Blow                          Deadly Strike
5.BT                          Slowdown                          Deadly Strike
6.HBK                       wargod.                          Slowdown

ARTIFACTS according to required

Chika ,. Yule , Purr , angie, finix, bubblow

+300 Crit resist on all hero

1. Cursed battlefield

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Michael with Stone skin and blade  shell crest set and  bubblow Sasquatch with Wargod and regen crest set with fenix Athene with unholy pact regen crest set and piblob dove keeper with brute force and war God crest set and Chickaboom Gunslinger with war God and unholy pact crest set with reindeer . Anubis with revitalize and war God crest set with little devil

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

So as stated above, I chose the god of war, god of love, etc. to deal with that bad boy. The talents and crests are just to boost their divine power a bit more. 
About the pets: I chose 3 healers to keep them healthy during the fights, and also piblob.... cus.... I mean look at her :heart::kissing:

I have found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.
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The Hero's I Chose With talents and Crests
Trixie Treat- Slow down 8/8 Crest:Heavy Blow
Pumpkin Duke-Regenerate 8/8 Crest:Empower
Beast Tamer-Slow Down 8/8 Crest:Heavy Blow
Gunslinger-Slow Down 8/8 Crest:Heavy Blow
Lavancia-Bulwark 8/8 Crest:Slow Down
Siren-Heavy Blow 8/8 Crest:Sharpen
Trixie Treat:Drako
Pumpkin Duke:Piblob
Beast Tamer:Rudolph
Why I chose this team is because it's due to damage trixie treat pumpkins add additional damage, lavancia has to be dropped at a certain time to get the proc in sync with purrsalot, Pd damages at cap, 28x damage base multiplier without lavancia.
That is my dream team

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