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Heroes                    Talent                             Crest                         Pet

Pumpkine Duke         8/8 Life Drain                  7/7 Empower             Mini Angi

Dove Keeper             8/8 Brute Force               7/7 Life Drain             Ruduff

Arctica                     8/8 Life Drain                   7/7 War God              Chickaboom

Skull Knight              8/8 Slow Down                7/7 Brute Force          Finix

Mechtessa                8/8 Brute Force                7/7 War God              Bubblow

Siren                        8/8 Life Drain                  7/7 Tenacity               Drako

-        Pumpkin Duke (skill level 10/10) needs Life Drain and Empower, because he needs to stay alive since there are no healing heroes like Ghoulem or Druid. And with empower he deals more power as he hits between 5-6 times per second in the 8 seconds frame, while with 8/8 Berserk he would hit 5 times per second. Mini Angi as pet, because she heals and we need that as much as possible to keep all heroes alive.
-        Dove Keeper (skill level 12/12) has a damage cap. With Brute Force she deals more damage since that is your goal. She has life drain as crest for the same reason as Pumpkin Duke, so she can stay alive as there is no healing hero. She has Ruduff as pet, because he helps tanking by restoring HP of 4 friendly heroes. Besides that he removes all conditions from 4 friendly heroes.
-        Arctica (skill level 10/10) needs to live as long as possible, that why she again has life drain as talent. She got war god as talent, because she needs to deal damage. Chickaboom as pet, because she can deal up to 5x more 7amage. And we need more damage.
-        Skull Knight (skill level 10/10) has a damage cap like Dove Keeper, so he is a good tank hero. With Slow Down as talent, he can hit extra, which means extra damage. Also Brute Force as crest increases the damage dealt to the Archdemon. Skull Knight got Finix as Finix is one of the pets who got the lowest cooldown, which means extra hits.
-        Mechtessa (skill level 12/12) also has a damage cap (with skill level 12/12 she takes 2,000 DMG per hit for 10 seconds), so she is a good tank. She  got Brute Force as talent and War God as crest, because she needs to deal as much as damage as possible. She has Bubblow as pet for healing all the heroes.
-        Siren (skill level 10/10) needs as much as health as possible since she provides extra damage. That’s why she had Life Drain as talent and Tenacity as crest. She already has Slow down in-built, so that’s a potential for a double hit. A extra hit means she can extra buff up for herself and extra health for herself, because of Life Drain. And if she buffs herself up because of the extra hit, she will proc more which means extra damage of course. She got Drako as pet, because like Finix he got lowest cooldown.
*Extra info* (although this is not a requirement)
Pumpkin Duke in Blitz Scroll, so he can hit more and buff all the other heroes.
Arctica and Siren in Goblet of Life, because they need to live as long as possible.
Dove Keeper, Mechtessa and Skull Knight in Axe of Strife for more damage. They can tank better than Arctica and Siren. That’s why I will choose Arctica and Siren above them to put in Goblet of Life.
Dove Keeper and Mechtessa both get Victory Lunge for more damage since this equipment increases ATK and also reflects incoming damage.
Pumpkin Duke, Arctica, Skull Knight and Siren get either Blade Knight, Divine Templar or Pyremage, because they get an ‘extra’ hero who deals more damage.
Pumpkin Duke, Dove Keeper, Mechtessa and Skull Knight all need full CRIT trait to deal as much as damage as possible.
Siren and Arctica need full HP trait to stay alive.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

To defeat an Archdemon you first and foremost need an Archangel, so my first hero is the Archangel, God's spear, Michael, aided by his trusted angel Mini Angi. Michael's talent is His Sacred Light, bestowed by the Almighty. His crest set is tenacity, facing the demon horde and lucifer himself.

Another Angel of sorts is my second hero of choice, Cupid. He is another of Michael's soldiers, of love. Cupid, the greek god of love, is aided by little havoc because, love is a mess. His talent is of course revitalise because love at first sight is the best. Hos crest set is berserk, because love drives one crazy.

My 3rs hero is Grim fiend because sometimes u need to fight fire with fire, one demon with another. His pet is chikaboom, because fire and brimstone go best together. His talent is life steal, cause he has none, so he has to steal other's. His crest set is unholy pact, because that's how he lost his lost in the first place, selling it for power.

My 4th hero is Moltanica, because dragons are awesome. Dragons are the best, they destroy and recreate the world, no Archdemon can stand in their path. Moltanica is the og, level 12 skill, her skill is scatter, because she scatters every hope of her opponents have of winning. Her pet is draco, her little pat dragon, her baby, her little son. Her crest is revitalise because she revites everyones despair.

5th is the Duke, the dream killer, the godfather, pumpkin duke. He is the hidden general, the new Age Alexander of Macedon. His pet is of course yulefant. A walking pumpkin with a flying elegant as a pet? Of course! His talent is empower, because he empowers everybody. And his crest set is regenerate because we need to be able to Regen through the pain and hardships the Archdemon bestows upon us.

The 6th, saved the best for the last, the enchanting, heart stealing, gorgeous Dove keeper. The most beautiful fairy of them all. Her talent is unholy pact, smashing boys' and Archdemon's hearts to bits with her flawless looks. Her pet is finix, because what other pet is good enough for a goddess, except for an immortal divine fire bird? Her crest set is empower, because she empowers everyones day and dreams with her radiance.

IGG: Dromichaites
Wegamers: Dromi
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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Bit too much sry..heroes are at the end but in text also so first read pls then look at heroes.

Hard decision is on heroes to make, which 6 of them would be best. Maybe he deflects, maybe he stuns, maybe he heal, or summons friends, or hits hard,or has some new ability never seen before.Well one thing is for sure and its that they will give their best at it to fight it for not just 3 min but for hour ,5h or even a whole day.Then suddenly gunslinger got brilliant let her warflyers pass through that one way only portal(they cant then come back but can tell through it as only sound travels both ways,but the distance to demon is far to greath, even with pumpkin duke stackin with regenerte and empower to speed them up best they can do is just reach him in 8 sec and 4 to see what demon has but then lose all buffs and need 30 to be back. So if 12sec is what first has to go through without even moving at all then how are they going to transfer message over 30 sec walking distance? Plan was actually very simple, they should not be greed and try to get all at once but do it 1/4 at the time. As next warflyer comes after 3 sec because of cooldown, when he does he needs to turn back and fly towards portal but not go farther than 1sec flying distance so that he can hear 1st shouting 1/4 of demon information over 1 sec period.Doing same thing again and again 4 times for each 1/4 of information they have found out that archedemon is different.He becomes elussive for 0.2 sec and summons 200% deflect clone in its place that has to force every attack on him, that shouldnt have been a problem if he didnt have 2nd ability that forces everyone to play by rules of castle clash,so they cant just retarget right demon how they want(good thing that there is still no time limit).3rd ability is that he heals by 100%life every 1 sec and 4th is that demon clone is not immune to stun, has high attack speed, multihit and has ability that needs to be stopped.To defeat this demon they need to send ghoulem with heavy blow and wg crest for extra dmg through aoe, then champion with empower and regenerate as alot of 300% stun hits require extra heals, dove keeper to tank demons strong hits with heavy blow talent and wg crest for extra dmg,then mechtessa with 8/8 brute force and tenacity as she is greath for dealing aoe dmg but when her shield down she needs to take 2 huge deflects and she needs life for that.Next one is valentina because with no pd in everyone will be low on energy and valentina is there to fix that while still keeping their dmg low to not die to 200% deflect.Last one but most important and only one that can make this all work is actually triton!!! With 99% heal reduction that can stack even more with empower8 and regenerate he will make demon heals disappear.For pets 2 most needed are bublow and angie with cooldowns 4 and 6. They are perfect to heal mechtessa between 2 huge deflects she has to take as cause of cd they will always heal at 12 sec. Auroria goes on dove for stun. Havoc on deflect demon that has 3 hits per attack and attack speed of 200ms so even dove will struggle tanking him. rest pers are finix and pursalot for dps. With all this they managed to defeat demon and save our world. Tho who wouldve guessed triton will be key to victory! Now our heroes just need to wait for portal to change direction it sends to and our heroes can go back.

ghoulem 8hb 5wg bublow
champion 8emp 5ld angie
dove keeper 8hb 5wg auroria
valentina 8hb 5revit pursalot
mechtessa 8bf 5ten havoc
triton 8emp 5regenerate finix

Thank you for reading this!!! :D :)

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Pumpkin duke ,trixie treat, gunslinger,cupid,druid and siren are the six hero which can kill archdemon easily.
Pumpkin with 8 regenration talent with physhield crest and chicka boom
Trixie treat with 8 slowdown talent with deadly strike crest and yulephant pet
gunslinger with 8 slowdown talent with deadly strike crest and finix pet
cupid with 8 slowdown talent with deadly strike crest and reduff pet
druild with 8 slowdown talent with deadly strike crest
and mini angi pet
siren with 8 deadly strike talent with heavy blow crest and bubblow pet

this setup can kill archdemon within 2 minutes and 30 seconds because of fast atk, atk speed ,moving speedand  slowdown the archdemonpd and cupid give boost to all hero to atk fast.and with 4 hero with deadly strike will do a heavy damage also plus bubblow give a increase in hp of hero finix  makes stun to demon reduff removes all buff from heros for few seconds also druid increase the hp of respecitves hero
i am very sure this setup will make archdemon die .

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Archdemon (Stun Target Huge Damage: Deals a large amount of DMG to the enemy with lowest HP. also stuns 3 random enemies for 2.5s and removes their buffs. Stun inflicted by this skill can't be removed or dodged. Archdemon has very high defense and is immune to Stun, Silence, and Energy reduction. Archdemon can't take more than 500,000 DMG at once from a single attack. Cooldown: 5s.) has escape and i just form my 6 heroes.

    Increases attack, attack rate of allies. PD is the most used hero in castle clash because of its ability to stacked attack rate and attack, and i must be in defeating Archdemon.
Empower gives energy per second. Give PD to proc faster especially archdemon removed buff.
Berserk insignia increase attack speed of PD. Since it has empower as a talent, berserk is to give more attack speed. Is a good tandem for empower.
Yulephant grants a shield for 4.5 seconds. Shield grants immunity to stun. Remember Archdemon stun target.

       increases friendly heroes energy and damage. Great for energy buff for every heroes plus a damage buff.
      Regenerate raises Cupid's energy recovery by 100℅ that's double the its usual energy he gets from its attack. More faster to proc since he don't stack.
        Slowdown Insignia has a chance to reduced Archdemon attack speed.
       Chickaboom makes archdemon takes more damage for a second.

       Archdemon's huge can easily kill you heroes in one shot. TT summoned pumpkies, pumpkies will be a sacrifice so that archdemon's huge damage will not hit your heroes rather hit the pumpkies. TT added a damage per second.
       Slowdown TT gives more chance to reduced Archdemon attack speed.
       Bulwark Insignia for more damage and hit points.
       Finix to reduced movement speed and added damage.

       A healer and also increases allied heroes attack.
       Regenerate to increased Druid's energy recovery for faster attack rate since druid increase damage can stack.
      Slowndown crest for another chance to reduced Archdemon's attack speed.
       Mini Angi reduced damage taken and healing your lowest HP hero. Archdemon's huge damage targeted the hero with the lowest HP.

       Increase the Archdemon damage taken.
       Slowdown, more chance to slow Archdemon attack much better.
       Deadly strike to give 500000 damage to archdemon in sometime. Siren attck is too low.
       Bubblow for more healer.

       SE deals 12℅ Max HP in every hit, thats 500000 damage to Archdemon.
       Brute Force to increase is crit and damage in its talent.
       Little Havoc reduce attack and attack speed of Archdemon.

Even low cost F2P heroes can kill the mighty ARCHDEMON