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[Event] [Forum Event] Archdemon Breakout

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You didn't say which archdemon is this one , so I'll assume he is like the last one  ( huge damage stun targets )

And my answer is:

Hero                          talent            Crests         pets
Pumpkin Duke      Regenerate     Psyshield  Yulephant
Beast Tamer      Slow down      Empower   Little Havoc
Druid              Slow down     Empower     Ckickaboom
Cupid         Slow down      Empower      Glacie
Trixie Treat    Slow down      Empower     Aviar
Siren          Slow down       Empower       Finix

That's for heros/ talent/ crests/ pets.  The next part of answer is why . My heros are the same except for Pumpkin Duke  Regenerate/ Psyshield/ Yulephant  
This talent Will give pd the energy / healing  to proc faster and live longer.  Psyshield will give him immune to stun . I choose Yulephant pet on him because i will drop him nearest the archdemon and Yulephant skill will trigger when pd attacked.

The rest of my heros are the same.  Slow down for more damage  ( when slow down triggered it deal 100% damage) .  Empower crests it will give them the energy event when thay stunned always ready to proc.  Also I choose damage pets because that's what I need them to do.  

About the heros i used
Pumpkin Duke Druid Cupid for buffs my heros
Siren because her skill ( increase dmg) same as Ckickaboom and Beast Tamer
Beast Tamer because his skill ( increase dmg) also he is a good dps hero
Trixie Treat because she is a great dps hero.

For dropping heros.  
Start with Siren then the rest of the heros except for Pumpkin Duke.  After that drop Pumpkin Duke nearest the archdemon to make sure the archdemon attack Pumpkin Duke first.  

I guess thats all.

Thank you

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.


For my team I propose :
-Pumpkin Duke, to increase atk speed. Regenerate talent (to increase number of proc) and unholy pack crest to increase damage deal. With ruduff pet to heal.
-Cupid, to deal energy and increase atk. Slow Down talent and unholy pack crest for same reason. With Bublow pet to heal too.
-Siren, to slow down and increase demon atk recived. Deadly Strike talent for some damages. And Unholy too. Angie pet to heal.
-Beast Teamer, to have 2 damage dealer and increase demon atk recived. Slow Down talent and unholy too. Chikaboom pet to increase demon damage recived.
-Trixie Treat, to summon heroes for DPS. Unholy talent and bulwark crest to increase atk. Finix pet to slow demon.
-Druid, to increase atk. Regenerate talent and unholy crest. To increase quickly the atk team and deal damages. Glacie pet to freeze the demon.

With this team I think we can slow down as stun the demon and give so much damage to kill it very quickly :D

Thanks for this event and have good luck

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6 Heroes
Pumpkin duke - Talent - Regenerate, Crest - Empower - Bubblow
Asura - Talent - Sacred Light, Crest - Life Drain, Pet - Yulephant
Wallawalla - Talent - Feint - Empower, Pet - Mini Angi
Cupid - Talent - Scared Light, Crest - Empower, Pet - Chickaboom
Trixie Treat - Talent - Brute Force, Crest - Sacred Light - Pet - Glacie
Gunslinger - Talent - Brute Force, Crest - Sacred Light - Pet - Ruduff

I Chose this team because it has everything needed to get the job done.
Pumpkin Duke for speedy run
Asura for tanking
Wallawalla for heal
Cupid for extra damage
Trixie Treat and Gunslinger for Damages.

Talents and crests are selected to get the most out of the heros IMO.
Pets were selected for extra heals and companions.

Where is Archdemon, My team is ready for Battle.

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1.Skeletica: He can take limited damage and he is a great tank.
Talent-revive: If it will be destroyed, Archdemon should kill Skeletica again.
Crest-life drain: He will heal his hp all time in battle
Pet-Bubblow: He must be on Skeletica to heal other heroes( because skeletica is most powerful hero there)
2. Pumpkin Duke: This hero is supporter who increase atk spd and atk to him and other heroes.
Talent- Berserk:Hero who increase atk spd will be increased by talent. Hmm good idea.
Crest- Tenacity: Pumpkin without skill hasn't a lot of hp but tenacity will incresase his hp.
Pet- Mini angi: Because he reduces taken dmg and heal.
3.Wallawalla-my favourite hero who heal other heroes.
Talent- Iron will: Because hero has higher atk and immunity on stun fear and energy reduction.
Crest- Empower: Because he will heal faster.
Pet Ruduff: Because he heal heroes like Bubblow.
4. Cirrina: Second healer, who revives and heal other heroes. Reasons are similarly like at wallawalla.
Talent- Scared light: Because it increase hp and reduce dmg taken. This is good for heroes with low hp.
Crest- Bulwark: Because this crest increase atk and hp.
Pet- Finix: because he has good dmg on one target.
5. Dove Keeper- She hasn't a lot of hp but Love Dove can defend her. Second reason is her powerful arrow
Talent- Stone skin: Because this talent reduces taken damage.
Crest- Blade Shell: Because this talent deflect some damage.
Pet- Aviar: Because he is powerful pet with great skill
6. Storm Eater- His massive pillar is great attack vs. Archdemon. In combo with pumpkin Duke he is awesome + he has a lot of hp and atk.
Talent- Recitalize: Because he will active his pillar after entering the battle.
Crest- Life Drain: Because he will probably atackted after Skeletica. He must have something to heal him.
Pet- Celestin: He is good pet with a lot of dmg and good skill.
Skeletica defend other heroes. Second steps- in Storm Eater with Dove Keeper. Then steps- in Pumpkin Duke, Wallawalla and Cirrina. If Skeletica die twice he will be revived by Cirrina. Cirrina should stay to the end of battle because she revive heroes. Pumpkin increase atk spd, and wallawalla heal.
Archdemon is destroyed.

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1. Dove Keeper - Unholy Pact Talent, War God Crests - She is the toughest hitting of all
2.Anubius - Iron Will talent, War God Crests - huge amount of damage, and one of the best tanks
3. Athene - Bullwark Talent, Revite crests - helps to power procs on all heroes
4. Pumpkin Duke - Empower Talent, Regenerate crests - help to power and speed up all heroes
5. Gunslinger - Stone skin talent, slowdown crests - takes away proc power from boss and slow them down
6. Storm Eater - War God talent with revite crests - stun the demon so rest can sweep him up!!

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

0. Hero + Talent + Crest + Pet
1. Pumpkin Duke + Regenerate + Revite + Yulephant 
2. Ghoulem + Bulwark + Revite + Mini Angi
3. Trixie Treat + Bulwark + Revite + Celestin
4. Dove Keeper + Unholy pact + wargod + Chikaboom
5. Cirrina + Regenerate + Deadly strike + Bubblow
6. Lavanica + Unholy pact + Sacred light + Ruduff

For this peculiar team i include two buffers, one healer, and 3 damage dealers. pumpking duke is and will always be all time favorite buffer since he provides the heroes with enough attack speed to confront the demon, plus he will be having regenerate to help him get his energy up faster and get a better heal, revite crest is needed to start the battle correctly. Ghoulem is the team healer, bulwark for damage and hp, revite for start heal and damage reduction. Trixie, Dove and lavanica will be the main Damage output of the team all with attack talents, trixie's little pumpkins will divert demon damage. finally Cirrina, she will play an important role since she buffs, revives and heals at the same time, regenerate talent mainly for better heals for herself and deadly strike for extra damage. Pets selected are in my opinion the best for a boss battle. all drops will do fine as long as dove of lavanica are leading, and... thats it!... GO FOR THAT DEMON

Boss-Jefe: 17:00
Torch-Antorcha: 20:45 150+
Fortessf-BFortaleza: 12:00
Lava 4- everyday anytime-cada dia a toda hora
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Pumpkin Duke Lvl8 Regenerate / Lvl7 Empower Insignia / Ruduff

Gunslinger Lvl8 Slowdown / Lvl7 Deadly Strike Insignia / Chikaboom

Beast Tamer Lvl8 Slowdown / Lvl7 Brute Force Insignia / Finix

Siren Lvl8 Berzerk / Lvl7 Deadly Strike Insignia / Celestine

Dove Keeper Lvl8 Unholy Pact / Lvl7 Brute Force Insignia / Plibob

Cupid Lvl8 Slowdown  / Lvl7 Empower Insignia / Bubblow

PD Regen/Empower to gain maximum stacks of 10, Ruduff to heal the team

Gunslinger copters to slowdown and somehow scatters the demon, chickaboom for increase damage taken of the demon

Beast Tamer to increase damage taken of the demon and grizzly for added DPS. Finix to slow down demon

Siren to Slowdown the demon real fast and deadly strike for great change of 15 times normal damage plus it increases the damage taken of the demon right about the proc of beast tamer is off. Celestine to debuff the Demon.

Dove Keeper the demon killer. Unholy Pact + Bruteforce insignia for maximum damage and crit possible. Plibob to reduce accuracy of demon

Cupid to boost all damage and keep energy of the team full at all times. Slowing down the demon when all others slowdown proc is off. Bubblow to heal the team.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Dove Keeper - 8/8 Unholy Pact, 7/7 Wargod, Chikaboom
Sasquatch - 8/8 Wargod, 5/5 Revitalize, Finix
Walla Walla - 8/8 FlameGuard, 5/5 Revitalize, Mni Angi
Pumpkin Duke - 8/8 Energetic, 7/7 Empower, Little Havoc
Druid - 8/8 Energetic, 7/7 Empower, Bubblow
Beast Tamer - 8/8 Slowdown, 7/7 Unholy Pact, Celestin

This Archdemon needs to slow down his movement so , Dove Keeper went to stop Archdemon at front while others went back of Archdemon. PD and Druid gives enough buffs to DK WW BT SAS for instant kill. SAS freeze archdemon to make time for PD to get max speed with help of slow move effect of Walla. The archdemon got annoyed and before he died, he went back to his world and taking time again to attack. Yet as archdemon taking time to attack again, Our 6 heroes prepares also to defend the land of Earth people.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

My heroes against this Archdemon are :

1. A 11/12 Druid with 8/8 Empower talent , a lvl 5 crest set SlowDown and Chikaboom pet.
Druid is very important because he heals the team in case its needed and its attacks are stacked, so the other heroes will attack faster and harder. Since AD is immune to stun, energy reduction, fear I'm using Slowdown in order to make AD to move and attack slower. Chikaboom pet is there for additional damage.

2. A 10/10 Beast Tamer with 8/8 Slow Down talent, 5/5 Deadly Strike crest and Little Havoc pet.
With Beast Tamer you get additional hero (Grizzly ) that helps Beast Tamer to increase its CRIT Rate. Heavy Blow won't help against this AD but the CRIT Rate addition is too important not use this hero. Deadly Strike crest set is used to get as much damage as possible as fast as we can. Havoc pet is there to reduce attack and attack speed for the AD.

3.  A 10/10 TT with 8/8 Slow Down talent , 5/5 BW crest set and Piblob pet.
Since TT Pumpkies already have a high crit rate , I'm using Slow Down talent again to force AD to move and attack slower. Bw crest set is there to improve HP and Damage for TT while Piblob is there to reduce ACC for AD.

4. A 10/10 Siren with 8/8 WG talent, 5/5 Deadly Strike crest set and Celestin pet.
I chose WG talent for Siren because she already has a build-in lvl 5 SD talent and i want her to give a much damage as possible. DS crest will help in that department as well. I chose her because she will make AD take with 34% more damage which is huge when you want to do as much damage as possible. Celestin pet will help debuff AD.

5. A 12/12 Dove Keeper with 8/8 Slow Down talent, 5/5 Deadly Strike crest set and Finix pet.
Dove is very good against ADs and she is a must have her against them. With Slow Down talent and Deadly Strike crest she will force AD to move slower and attack it with huge damage because of the crest set. No need to worry about defense in her case. She can withstand any attack from this AD. Finix is there to complete the Slow Down picture. Pet attacks will make AD move slower as well. 

6. A 10/10 PD with 8/8 Empower talent and 5/5 Slow Down crest and Bubblow Pet.
Together with Empower Druid , this PD will make this team bring insane damage and fast attacks while helps slow down the AD as well. Bubblow pet is there to help Druid heal teammates. 

This team pick will obliterate any AD is thrown against it. Empower heroes ( PD and Druid ) will make sure the rest of the team attack with the highest speed and damage as possible. Slow Down heroes will make sure that AD is barely moving while he receives insane damage with the help of Siren skill. Grizzly, TT Pumpkies and Doves will make AD beg for his life :).

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P2P Mode Max it
 Tal Crest Art Pet How to
sk unholy LifeDr axe angel 1st Old Hero who deals 500k permanent
tess unholy LifeDr axe chicka Fist +1
lavanic unholy LifeDr axe glacie Im not p2p
dove unholy LifeDr axe havoc +3 birds not a hero, a selfish legend
pd Empower LifeDr scrol bubblow 150k Max stat to all
walla Regen LifeDr goblet yule True hero and teamwork

Stun -walla req
Huge old-slow works,psy,trixie
atkSpd -U may tank the ff. sk,dove,tessa,lava
Reduct -Immune to debuff. [effect not removable]
deflect -The most horrible, I feel Bad For Heroes WHO Kill Them Selves deflect
igg no info about autoproc, effect not removable, 90s per battle not 180s
enchant/trait/destiny=12skill Not Included
pd max buff to all stat
150k dmg 200ms need to 500k dmg if heroes max 300k hp add lifedrain
pd and walla cannot reach 500k dmg so borrow skills/minions other teamwork
Heroes atkspd dmgstat TimeBattle result
7 5 500k 90s 1.6bil
wal/pd 5 300k 90s 270mil
pet/minion --- 
For Normal Stat,Skins, Multi skill included
Permanent 2bil dats how to slain,

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Means 2 IP Address