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anubis with wargod talent and stone skin crest   with doom balloon pet.  Sasquatch  with wargod talent and stone skin crest and ruduff pet  gunslinger with stone skin talent and revive crest bubblow pet    espirita with war god talent and stone skin crest  and finix pet.        Rockno with stone skin talent and flame gurde crest with purrsalot pet    Storm eater with stone skin talent and flame gurde crest and aviar pet

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1.Pumpkin Duke/Talent-Bersek/Crest-Life Drain/Pet Havoic.
2.Goulem/Talent-Bulwark/Crest-Stone skin/Pet-Mini Angi.
3.Siren/Talent-Deadly strike/crest-bersek/Unknown.
4.Dove Keeper/Talent-wargod/crest-bulwark/Pet-Unknown.
5.Gunslinger/Talent-Deadly strike/crest-Bulwark/pet- unknown.
6.Wallawalla/Talent-wargod/crest-deadly strike/Pet-Random.
I choose them because their team working is really deadly attack.

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pd 8 regenerate 5 revite crest blitz aviar, always needed for going crazy dps
cu 5 revite 5sd crest lightning angie solid energie and dmg buffer
dusa 8sd 5 revite crest  axe and fenix, drop first and petrify while sd kicks in
gs 8sd 5 recive crest lightning and chicka, dps babe
tree 5 revite 5 revive crest goblet and bubblow, revive so full team stays full team even when some have died
gh bw 8 ss5 crest eye and unicorn, health and protects whole team can't be stunned and he never dies

this team is universal for lots of deamon types...not best not waaw but solid as a rock

thx for sasq skin

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ANUBIS(Tank)reason: He serves a great role as a tank with high HP and his 3 revives. Incredible hero, definitely top 5 in castle clash, that's why he's a must.
Talent-War God,reason: it's the best with him no doubt; Pet-Aviar reason: because it silences the archdemon and that is crucial; Crest-Stone skin reason: for the additional protection from attacks

DOVE KEEPER(Damage dealer)reason: Her doves are the best thing about her constantly blocking some damage AND dealing damage. HP and attack are ok, gunslinger was my second choice here but in my opinion Dove is better for archdemons
Talent-reason: Brute force, reason: basically a wargod but for dove, adding that crit; Pet-Little Havoc,reason: reduces archdemons atk speed; Crest-Bulwark,reason: useful for buffing stats overall

STORM EATER(Tank/Damage dealer)reason: Amazing skill no doubt. HUGE damage, even his basic attack deals 12% of his health... the good thing his health is big.
Talent-Stone skin,reason: good for reducing damage taken which is what this tank needs; Pet: Mini Angi,reason: its healing helps this tank stay in battle for a long time; Crest:War God,reason: adds even more dmg

CIRRINA(Support)reason: Top 2 support in the game right now. Big healing potential and she can revive multiple allies.
Talent: Regenerate,reason: to keep that healing stay strong; Pet:Bubblow,reason: for healing other allies; Crest:Bulwark,reason: because she's squishy(low hp) and losing a support is the biggest problem

WALLAWALLA(Support)reason: Big healing, condition removing and ATK buffs, that's a good skill especially for a support.
Talent-Empower,reason: passively gaining energy helps him defend allies and debuff the archdemon; Pet:Ruduff,reason: heals allies and removes conditions; Crest:War God,reason: adding more damage is never a bad thing

MICHAEL(Tank)reason: No brainer. Big Hp and his evil brother takes damage as much as needed, this hero should be the one actually standing in front.
Talent-Tenacity,reason: for more health and staying longer in battle; Pet:Celestia,reason: removes buff from enemy; Crest:Revitalize,reason: that first second of attacking is usually the most important one which is why michale should be ready for this

Strategy: I would deploy michael a little further away and dove keeper behind her. When the archdemon locks onto michael, I put the rest of the heroes behind him, melee heroes closer(Anubis, Storm eater) and ranged heroes a little behind them(Cirrina, WallaWalla).
Dove and storm should deal the main damage, Anubis, Michael, anubis and storm eater(mostly anubis) should take damage while Cirrina and Walla walla stay to the side and help all of these heroes stay longer in battle.

This is my entry. Good luck to the others! I know only mods can see this but after writing all of this, I say it's just important to participate: awards or no awards this is for good causes :)

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1.Skeletica: This hero I choose for battle vs. Archdemon because he has limited dmg taken strong skill and a lot of hp and dmg.
Talent: Revive if Archdemon kill Skeletica he must kill him again.
Crest: Berserk. With this crest Skeletica will hit faster and faster active a skill.
Pet: Bubblow. Skeletica has a lot of hp. This is reason why I put  Bubblow ( healing pet ) on this hero.
2. Gunslinger. She isn't great when she is without  warflyers. But when she call them she can deal a lot of dmg + she has great statistic.
Talent : War god increase ATK of hero and war flyers. That's good because she can call to 4 warflyers.
Crest: Life drain. Because she will be healed every time when she or warflyer hit enemy.
Pet: Finix. Because he deal a lot of dmg on one target.
3. Pumpkin Duke: This hero is supporter. He increase ATK spd of friendly heroes.
Talent; Berserk: Hero hwo increase ATK spd will be increased by Berserk.
Crest: Tenacity will make him stronger.
Pet: Ruduff: Reasons for use are this is healing pet and he removes conditions from 2 friendly heroes.
4. Dove Keeper: She hasn't a lot of hp but Love Dove will defend her from damage. She has a strong arrow who remove bufs from enemys too.
Talent: Scared Light: This talent increase HP and reduce DMG take for this hero. That,s great because Dove Keeper hasn,t a loot of HP.
Crest: Scorch : Because she will negate some DMG.
Pet: Celestin: This pet has a great DMG and great skill.
5. Wallawalla: This is best healer in game he has awesome skill.
Talent: Empower: With this talent Wallawalla will active his skill faster.
Crest: Scared Light: That's good because it increase HP and reduce taken damage for this healer.
Pet: Mini Angi: Because he create shild who protect heroes and heal heroes with low HP.
6. Cirrina she is a second healer who can revive other heroes once.
Talent: Psyshield: Cirrina has a lot of HP. This talent increase her HP.
Crest: Ironwill: She will reduce taken DMG for 10 seconds and will be immunity on stun, fear and energy reduction.
Pet: Aviar: This pet have great ATK and skill who deal a lot of DMG.
Skeletica enteries first. She protect other heroes from Archdemon. Gunslinger and Dove Keeper attack whit warflyers and doves. Pumpkin Duke increase their ATK spd and ATK. Wallawalla heals them if someone die Cirrina revives him.

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Pd and cupid-for the buffs they gave
Ghoulem and Treantor - Both of these guys reduce incoming dmg, heal and revive is a must to prolong the game
Beast Tamer- BT makes the best tank - he increases DMG taken, has massive single target DPS, a decent AOE, and is relatively tanky)
Trixie- for its damage and debuff of the AD
Ps: as you can see i chose a low class hero,because aside from the fact that i am a f2p,these hero still can manage the arch.
Talents and crest:
Pd-berserk talent, empower crest(for procing fast)
Cupid-revite talent, stoneskincrest(proc At the start of the battle )
Choulem- bulwark talent, tenacity crest(to add more hp on him)
Treantor- bulwark talent, revive crest(for him to keep alive)
Beast tamer- deadly strike talent, stone skin crest (this give him extra dps)
Trixie- revite talent,slowdown crest(this is the best for her)
Elephant on BT
Celestin / Havoc / Bubblow / Angi on other 4. Prioritize only based on the base ATK of the hero. Bubblow goes on highest ATK (likely PD) and Angi goes on 2nd highest ATK
And for the last one it would be chicken

Lead with tank outside of Demon's range
Drop PD a few steps behind tank next
When he turns to target the tank, drop the next most "tanky" hero right behind him (probably ghoul). Try to pay attention to how the demon is going to be oriented - he's going to either turn "up" or "down" a bit to meet your tank.
Drop the rest of the heroes slightly away from the demon in a circle, preferably at his sides.

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My team heroes are :- Dove keeper,Anubis,Michael,Pumpkin duke,Walla Walla,Gunslinger.

Talents on my heroes:- I will put 1)Unholy pact on my dove keeper,2)Wargod on Anubis,3)Holy light on Michael,4)Empower on Pumpkin Duke,5)Stoneskin on Walla Walla,6)Bulwark on Gunslinger

Crests on my heroes are:- I will put 1)Brute force on dove keeper,2)Empower on Anubis,3)Stoneskin on Michael,4)Regenerate on Pumpkin Duke,5)Wargod on Walla Walla,6)Holy light on Gunslinger.

Pets I will use are:- Ruduff,Mini Angi,Piblob,Bubblow,Chickaboom,Celestin

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1.Trixie Treat.Slow down talent. Wargod crest.
2.Beast tamer. Slow down talent. Heavy blow crest.
3.Michael.Tenacity talent. Revive crest.
4.Cupid.Slow down talent. Revive crest.
5.Siren.Heavy blow talent. Deadly strike  crest.
6.Ghoulem .Stoneskin talent. Wargod crest.
1.Bubblow-To heal the heroes and makes them survive longer to deal more damage.
2.Yulephant-Make the tanker hero lasts longer because grants a shield which increase dodge rate  and immunity to stun so that can increase damage output.
3.Little Havoc-Decrease the Archdemon attack and attack speed which will let the heroes have more chance to heal themselves.
4.Mini Angi-With another healing pets, the heroes will get heal a decent amount of hp and also will get damage reduction.This is crucial for the survivability of heroes.  
5.Glacie-This pet will freeze the Archdemon and let the heroes to inflict more damage to the Archdemon.
6.Ruduff-This pet will remove all the debuff from heroes for example stun therefore the heroes will deal more damage to the Archdemon because will not get delay by the stun.
--The reason to use Trixie Treat is because TT is known for one of the best damage per second hero. She can spawn many pumpkins and the pumpkins will do extra damage and will help to absorb the debuff such as stun by the Archdemon. Therefore, pumpkin occasionally will help the allies because will get stun and the rest of the allies will continuously attack the Archdemon. Slow down talent is good because will slow the Archdemon down. Wargod crest because TT can do deal a huge amount of damage to the Archdemon.
-Beast tamer is useful because he is also another dps hero. Beast tamer and grizzly join the battle together and deal more damage. Beast tamer increase Archdemon damage taken by certain percent depends on skills level. Grizzly has in-built heavy blow which coma the archdemon and also inflict additional damage(100%damage). Slowdown talent is a good one because can stack. Beast tamer with heavy blow crest to deal further damage when activate.
-Michael is a good tank to absorb the damage and also deflect it, he spawns archangel who is powerful and does not take damage, archangel will deal a decent amount of damage.In addition, Michael buffs the entire team of heroes with increase attack and speed  thus will deal more damage. Tenacity talent for Michael to tank more and deflect more damage. Revive crest in case Michael is dead he can be revive and deal more damage.
-Cupid will increase the allies energy globally and let the allies procs faster and also increase the allies attack tremendously. Cupid with slow down talent to slow the Archdemon. With revive crest so that Cupid will resurrect and continue to proc.
-Siren. She can increase the damage taken of Archdemon and deal a lot of damage to the Archdemon when she procs for five second. Siren with heavy blow to inflict coma and also additional damage. With deadly strike to have more chance to increase damage multipliers.
-Ghoulem. It can be used as a tank and also a good healer.When Ghoulem is around, your allies heroes will be very hard to die, because it can heal and also have a damage reduction for the heroes. Ghoulem with stoneskin talent to absorb more damage. With wargod crest to increase the amount of healing for the allies heroes.

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Here I'm going to write my six heroes and next to them will be explanations and everything.

First hero:
Atlanticore - he can deflect damage
Talent: Iron will - he won't be able to do anything if he's scared and does things halfheartedly
Crest: Revive - so he can get a second chance in life
Pet: Mini Angi - to keep him from falling from grace

Second hero:
Warlock - can cast a shield
Talent: Revitalize - to cast a shield on his allies immediately
Crest: War God - he hits like a truck
Pet: Drako - because he's chubby

Third hero:
Ronin - the dude is invisible
Talent: Scorch - half of the attacks miss him
Crest: Feint - like it wasn't enought that he's invisible and half of the attacks miss him
Pet: Glacie - because she's cool (see what I did there)

Fourth hero:
Michael - he's a chill dude
Talent: Berserk - he's usually chill but this gets him all pumped up
Crest: Sprint - so he can fly like a crazy person
Pet: Bubblow - to keep him alive and fresh

Fifth hero:
Marauder - he's the ultimate tank
Talent: Life drain - so he can heal and tank like a champ
Crest: Brute force - so he can hit like a tank
Pet: Celestine - he's got a cool name

Sixth hero:
Grizzly reaper - literal death
Talent: Sacred light - it's ironic because he's a demon from hell but has a sacred talent
Crest: War God - to send the demon straight home
Pet: Piblob - cute

This would be my lineup to kill the death bringing

I like my new signature

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Going with an all out Dragon assault!!! Plus Anubis to drag that pesky Archdemon back to the underworld when we're done.  Moltanica, Arctica, Demogorgon, Skeletica, and Lavanica all team up for the first time ever for an epic mid-air showdown!  This Archdemon surely will regret facing these foes.  Arctica, Skeletica, and Lavanica will all trade off removing any buffs this Archdemon even thinks about getting.  It's rare that the demon would even get the chance to proc with Arctica sending out it's frosty breath, freezing him instantly.  And Demogorgan blinding him with his dual lightning bursts.  Then who could forget the oldest dragon Moltanica, who could reduce the enemies Attack, Attack Speed and Movement Speed! All things this demon lacks the immunity for.  Moltanica might be the most underrated of the dragons in this scenario because his debuffing of the demon will slow his movements throughout the town and save us from more destruction.  With all these debuffs enacted, we then bring in the heavy damage hitters to finish this demon of terror off.  Demogorgon is set with Brute Force so his attack and critical hits are more effective.  Sharpen crest set to ensure he crits even more and to make sure they hit the target. He enters battle with his trusty companion Chicaboom to make sure this demon takes extra damage.  Lavanica and Skeletica are our other heavy hitters both equipped with their new Unholy Pack talents for the ultimate amount of damage.  Their default survival skills ensure the extra damage they'd receive is negated.  They both also come with WarGod crests to take their damage to the next level followed by Piblob to lower enemy Accuracy and Inferno to further lower Movement Speed respectively.  Our older dragons Moltanica and Arctica both come with Sacred Light to ensure their survival since they don't have the elusiveness of the others.  Moltanica comes with Berserk crests to ensure his Fiery Breath never lets up and Bubblow for anyone that needs healing. Arctica is gonna have a Slowdown crest to restrict the enemy even more and he comes with Yulephant for that extra dodge. Finally, we come to Anubis... the final act.  He comes with Unholy Pack as well and a Life Drain crest set just in case.  His trusty companion is one you'd never guess... Doom Balloon!!!  Why?  Well Anubis thought ahead and brought this guy to finish off any buildings that are in the way of the battle that would serve to cause greater destruction. Anubis and Doom Balloon wait until the Archdemon's wings are clipped, then he opens the gates to the underworld and sends the Archdemon to his demise!  With the battle over the dragons disperse to their separate far away lands.