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Six heroes with talent, crest and pets are:
1) Pumpkin duke with empower talent and regenerate crest set and Chickaboom pet.
2) Dove keeper with unholy pact talent and slowdown crest set and Auroria pet.
3) Beast tamer with slow down talent and deadly strike crest set and Finix pet.
4) Siren with heavy blow talent and deadly strike crest set and Aviar pet.
5) Druid with empower talent and slow down crest set and Purrsalot pet.
6) Trixie treat with slow down talent and bulwark crest set and Little havoc pet.
I would like to tank with dove keeper so she won't die from demon's attacks and its dove will add more dps and her those talents she will do more damage to archdemon. Pd with empower and regenerate will reach to its max speed super fast. With those pd stacks all heroes overall damage will increase. Druid will add more dps with sd talent and he will be proc more with empower talent as he doesn't have any cool down. Beast tamer and siren will increase the damage dealt to demon and crit rate. Trixie treat will add more dps because of her pumpkins and he has inbuilt war god too. So slowdown, heavy blow, and deadly strike will add more overall damage. Chickaboom pet will increase the damage taken of archdemon and other pets will do damage with hero attack boost. As Auroria pet activates only upon getting attacked , used that one on dove keeper. Purrsalot will help in energy given to archdemon with heroes attacks. It won't give energy from heroes attacks to archdemon and give pet damage too.

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My six heroes are
PD with 8/8 Zerk talent and 3+ Life Drain crest
SK with 8/8 dstrike and 3+Life Drain
Ghoul with 8/8 stone skin and 3+ Life Drain/Ten
Tree with revive and 3+ Life Drain/Ten
Sas        with 8/8 fg and 3+Life Drain/Ten
Tessa with 8/8 zerk and 3+ Life Drain
For deflect demon:
The old strategy of slow down  is no longer possible due to the auto-proc. You cannot run Cupid or Tina because they buff/stack PD too high and everyone kills themselves. So i choose a straight up tanks with life drain.
Drop SK and then other heroes
Delay your magic, assuming that he can never proc while SK's shield is down.
Even if SK dies then use your GA magic to prevent him ripping through your team. he will kill PD then focus back on SK and in time pd will be revived by tree and run goes for full.

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I have a team of six heroes and they will ready to stop this monster ARCHDEMON. ...

1)Anubis:He is selected Captain for this mission.He is like gladiator on war and war winner.Anubis has revive 3 times skill and also he reduces Arch demon ATK,DMG and gaining immunity.Mini Angi should be his pet,who reduce DMG taken by allied heroes and also recover their HP.I selected Unholic Pact talent increases his fight and Regenerate crest which decreases his DMG .

2)Cirrina: We are facing very strong and immune Arch demon. So,Cirrina is a revival.She has revive power. She will revive her  friendly heroes with increase ATK and HP also.Chickaboom should be Cirrina pet.Chickaboom will help attack on Arch demon, when Cirrina will attack on him Chickaboom fire rocket on Arch demon. Sacret Light should be talent and crest for Cirrina to give more attack and life for this fight.

3) SASQUATCH:Sasquatch is my favourite for this fight.He has speed and strong attack.He ATK fast ,recover HP and also gain his immunity.Little Havoc should be his pet,who reduces Arch demon ATKspeed,Target ATK and also deal ATK damage .Talent and crest are Unholic Pact and Sacred light. Increases his ATK and life.

4)ASURA:Asura is ready to write new history from his skills in CC world.He is very young and powerful personality.So,Arch demon will not able to stand on this fight.Asura has immune to stun and fear deflects of all incoming DMG. Ruduff will be help on this fight with Asura. Ruduff removes all conditions and restores HP two friendly heroes.Talent and crest should be Unholic pact and Life drain.increases his fight and life.

5)Lavanica: Lavanica is team's air attacker .Lavanica is a strongest dragon at this time. Lavanica has immune stun,energy reduction and fast energy recovery skills.Yulephant should be a pet for Lavanica who cast shield lasting on nearby allied heroes when it's hero attack on Arch demon .shield work for increases dodge and immunity.Talent and crest should be Unholic pact and regenerate.
6)Wallawalla:Wallawalla has strong attack on Archdemon and also reduces his healing effect and moving speed.He has skills inwhich heals 5 above friendly heroes HP, remove all conditions and increase their attack speed.Piblob should be a pet for Wallawalla.Piblob attack on Arch demon and lower his ACC. Talent and crest should be Sacred light.Increases his fight and life.

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End of the fight we will kill this monster Arch demon.

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Hi this my tem vs Archdemon:

Pumpkin Duke Regenerate 8/8 Crest Slow Down 7/7 Pet Bubblow (supp)
Cupid Revitalize 5/5 Crest Slow Down 7/7 Pet Mini Angi (supp)
Michael Tenacity 8/8 Crest Revitalize 5/5 Pet Yulephant (tank)
Siren Deadly Strike 8/8 Crest War God 7/7 Pet Chickaboom (ad)
Beast Teamer Slow Down 8/8 Crest War god 7/7 Pet Little Havoc (ad)
Harpy Queen Slow Down 8/8 Crest War God 7/7 Pet Finix (ad)

I pick all this heroes and pets for good boost dmg, atk speed, atk and for perma slow Archdemon :)

Talents for dmg and perma slow also bye


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1 Lavanica - bulwark talent, iron will crest, Little Havoc
2 Skeletica - War God talent, bulwark crest, Ruduff
3 Dove Keeper - war god talent, bulwark crest, Glacie
4 Gunslinger - Stone skin talent, revive crest, Piblob
5 Sasquatch - stone skin talent, revitalize crest, Yulephant
6 Pumpkin Duke - empower talent, revitalize crest, Mini Angi

I picked those heroes because they are the strongest one in CC world. With the right talents and crests those heroes can do anything. I pick those talents and crests because they makes stronger and better guardians of our world. All the pets are the best friends in CC world and nothing else makes us stronger then our friends. Lavanica and Skeletica are the team muscles. Dove Keeper and Gunslinger are good in defensive and offensive. Sasquach will freeze Archdemon and makes him slower, but Pumkin Duke give all others heroes more and more strenght. Together they are ours best choise and last hope.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

1st Hero - Lvl 200 Max Destiny "Devo Mechtessa" with Lvl 8 Unholy Pact Talent + Lvl 5 Life Drain Crest and Little Havoc as Pet. She will serve as the tanker of this elite group of 6 to take on ArchDemon with her skill that limits dmg to 2000 per hit will surely make her a good tank and with Unholy Pact to boost her attack and Life Drain Crest to restore her hp it will definitely make her more robust.
2nd Hero - Lvl 200 Max Destiny "Devo Dove Keeper" with Lvl 8 Unholy Pact Talent + Lvl 5 Brute Force Crest and Chickaboom as Pet.
3rd Hero - Lvl 200 "Devo Heratbreaker" with Lvl 8 Unholy Pact Talent + Lvl 5 Sharpen Crest and Drako as Pet.
I choose Dove Keeper and Heartbreaker because of their high output damage capability and with their talent and DK's remove buff skill their damage can surely be maximize the pets are there as add on damage.
"The Supports"
4th Hero - Lvl 200 "Devo Cupid" + Lvl 8 Unholy Pact Talent + Lvl 5 Brute Force Crest and Purrsalot as Pet.
5th Hero - Lvl 200 Max Destiny "Devo Moltanica" + Lvl 8 Unholy Pact Talent + Lvl 5 Brute Force Crest and Finix as Pet.
6th Hero - Lvl 200 "Devo Pumpkin Duke" + Lvl 8 Unholy Pact Talent + Lvl 5 Brute Force Crest and Celestin as Pet.
I choose these 3 Heroes because of their buff and negative buff skills. Moltanica's 90% Atk + Atk Rate Reduction will sure come in handy upon battling Archdemon. while PD and Cupid's buff (atk & atk rate) will surely boost up all our heroes damage output. Their Pets are there as additional damage dealers.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Archdemon in my world OH no way in H3**

I will send my heroes to defeat him:
 1. Pumpkin Duke with Regenerate talent and regenerate crests/insignia and little Havoc Pet
This combination makes him proc like crazy and will make the team proc like crazy / Little havoc offers a reduction in ATK and ATK SPD

2. Cupid With revitalize talent, slow down crest/insignia, and mini angi pet
  to fill the other heroes energy for an almost instant proc and to keep them procing constantly slowdown crests/insignia to slow that demon down. pet to shield the heroes from attacks

3. Trixie Treat with bulwark talent, slowdown crests/insignia, and aviar pet
bulwark to increase her atk and survival time slow down crests to slow that demon down. her pumpkins will also take the brunt of the demons attack when in play and allow the team to beat on the demon. pet to offer chance to deal damage and silence the demon.

4. Druid with slowdown talent, Psyshield crest/insignia, and bubblow pet
slowdown to slow that demon, psyshield to protect him while he offers heals and increase in atk, bubblow to aid in the heals.

5.Dread Drake with war God talent, deadly strike crests/insignia, and chickaboom pet
this is the tank massive HP to keep him alive while he beats on the demon with his war God and inevitable deadly strike hit with the crests/insignia . the pet will attack constantly because dread drake will be getting hit.

6. Moltanica with bulwark talent, regenerate crests/insignia, and yulephant pet
this hero will be providing the debuff on the demon lowering the atk, atk spd, and mov speed while providing X% atk bulwark to keep him alive during the battle and increase skill damage regenerate to refill energy for the next proc. the pet to cast shields on the lowest HP hero to keep them alive.

Overall the name of the game is to slow the demon down (hence all the slow down talents, skills, and crests/insignia) and to have DPS heroes to wear its HP down quickly while distracting his attacks on the tank and dispensable pumpkins. Slow the demon down, beat on him fast and hard, and keep your heroes alive and in the fight!!

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

My six hereos, talents, crests, and pets are as follows:  Talents 8/8  Crests 5/5 or insignia 6/6

Hero.            Talent.            Crest.              Pet

Wallawalla:   Bulwark.         Revite.           Bubblow
Anubis.          Wargod.        Bulwark.        Angi
Mike.             Revite.           Revive.          Aviar
Skeletica.      Bulwark.         Revite.          Reindeer thingy pet.  Event?
Dove Keeper.    Stone Skin.   Revite.       Purrsalot
Demegorgon.    Bulwark.       Revive.          Ghost frost pet.  New one Event?

I choose this team because Anubis has 3 lives, strong attack and will kick butt. Wallalla for healing and continous damage. Skeletica and Demegorgon to take hits while dps. Mike for high hp, attack, and buffing.  Dove for strong dps. All pets are assisting the heroes in buffing, healing, and damage reduction or increase.
This team is unbeatable and will kick that demon back to hell!

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