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Greetings Clashers!  Castle Clash has been the source of countless hours of enjoyment over the past (5) years. During this time we have formed new alliances with people from all over the world that have resulted in a lot of new friends and I dare say some so deep they can only be effectively described as family.  Below you will see some of the most noteable additions during our clashing journey, but as always we are interested in your valuable feedback.  Share with your clasher family your most memorable moments during this epic journey.

Event Description:  Share your opinion with your Clashing friends and family as to the top (5) moments during your Clashing journey and why  (100 word minimum) - Please refrain from use of any content which can be deemed as not age appropriate to avoid disqualification of your entry.

How To Participate:
1) Post your gaming information in the spaces provided
*Warning Incorrect or Missing info will mean forfeit of prize* 
2) List your top 5 moments with explanation of your choices
3) List Hero Scraps of Choice
4) Enter & done!

1st: Moment - Why
2nd:Moment - Why
3rd: Moment - Why
4th: Moment - Why
5th: Moment - Why
Hero Skin Choice: ____________

1st Prize:  2,000 Gems + 1 Hero Skin of Choice (x50 scraps)
2nd Prize: 2,000 Gems  
3rd Prize: 1,500 Gems
750 Gems randomly awarded 
*Number of random awards will be based on percentage of valid entries*
Discretionary prizes may apply 

Event  Duration:  August 23rd, - August 29th, 23:59 (GMT-5) 

Event Host:  [Firstlady + Saouri]

Event Rules: 
1. You CAN NOT edit your post - contact a host for assistance with any posting issues
2. Limit One Entry per Account/IP Address. *mean on any Account/IP Address or DNS Network*
    *If you have problems Please PM one of  the Moderator Team.*
3. Spamming/Illegal context will lead to being disqualified from the event.
4. Questions are Not Allowed in the Event Thread - Use the Event Q&A Thread.-----> Event Q&A
5. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.
Rewards will be received in (5) business days after event winners are announced.


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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

1st: rolled an immortep - my first legends though! he is very useful in dungeon way back, before vlad.

2nd: rolled a PD - obviously everybody needs him those days.Boss 3 is a mess without PD, unable to 'stunlock' if no PD+champion.

3rd: rolled a vlad! - won the race with my guildmates on who will roll him first. Here Be Monster King those time.

4th: claimed my mino - obviously for dungeons. i am now able to smile while clearing early Insane Dungeons. It takes a lot of savings and time to accumulate my gems purchase, hence why it's so special.

5th: rolled a ghoulem - back then GH is a must in Lava3. can't get into any team without him. Been waiting for this bad-boy for half a year!

scraps : PD / Smashin Pumpkin

Awch !!!
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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

1st: Started playing in February 2014, so many new things to discover and understand! :)
2nd: Rolled 1st PD in October 2014, 40 shard dungeon is easily farmable now! I can start saving for Immortep or Grim Reaper, not decided which one first :D
3rd: Rolled 1st Cupid in Jan 2015, boss 3 permastunnable now and HB income increases! 9 star heroes will be possible after all! ;)
4th: Rolled 1st Aries in Oct 2015 and revit5 in Nov 2015 - LBF 1000 points and 400 gems weekly, here I come! :O
5th: May 2018 IGG fixed a "bug" present in the game since ever so revive doesn't add energy hero had when it died. Many of my strategies and teams stopped working :(

Scrap Choice: PD

Cheap 0.99USD p2p who likes to think of himself as f2p :D
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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

I had many memorable moments with castle clash.
1. friendly wheel introduced -- I felt so delighted and happy to share friendly hearts with my in game friends and fellow clashers. i was exited to receive good rewards . even i got talent refresh cards from the roll.
2. Fun fair background -- the most memorable thing is  fun fair background that i had received during the anniversary event. its so beautiful that i never changed it. 
3 . rolling asura --- when asura was launched as a hero .. i never expected that i would get him soon. but one day i rolled asura and he is just like a beast in attacks. that day i shared the news with all my friends and was soo happy
4. insignia -- i felt that crests are much tough to handle. with insignia introduced it was a memorable moment when i changed all the possible crests to insignia
5. upgrading ghoulem destiny - with ghoulem i had been able to fight players with much more evolved heroes. to upgrade its destiny i am in dire need for karmic rock, oath tablet. but suddenly karamic rock appeared for one gem purchase. its really exiting and memorable moment. with title pack i had managed oath tablet. 
there are many more happy moments for me . i posted on my countries independence day in forum. many moderators wished me happy independence. i was shocked and was very happy to see even first lady wished . i am very much thankful to IGG.
HERO SCRAPS : dove keepers dark huntress , or rhinos dough nut or espirita skin.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

#1 that was when i got Santa Boom when he was released and then he help me a lot to finish insane dungeons after a year.. he was my 1st good hero ingame

#2 is when i got Pumpkin Duke from the hero card on 30days log in rewards system..

#3 i remember when i rolled michael for 150gems the day after he was been released i was very happy and run to my friends to show them what ive got ..

#4 i joined the facebook event and i won moltanica my first dragon ingame after playing for 3 years that was awesome!

#5 the very last moment is celebrating 5th Anniversary with IGG, i love the event they implement where we claimed costumes by just playing certain gamemodes like HBM, Dungeons,Arena.. that was very nice hoping to see more event like that.. thank you so much for making the game better and better and enjoyable..

im wishing to have Dove's costume scraps even though i dont have her yet.. because i know one day ill find her :)  thank you ..

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

1. Joining Castle Clash - the best moment was in March 2017 when I decided to start playing CC. The game is great and I am very happy I have decided to start.
2. Michael - in May 2017 I got Michael from Free Roll. He totally changed my game experience and helped me to reach higher level in game.
3. Dove Keeper, Gunslinger and Anubis - during April and May 2018 I was happy to roll those 3 heroes. The same as in point 2 these 3 heroes changed totally my gaming experience.
4. Joining the Guild - I have joined the Czech guilde "Evoluce" during Summer 2017. As this opened me new game modes and provided the possibility to consult with more experienced players, it was really good step.
5. Back to game - during spring 2018 I was not playing 1,5 month. Then I have decided to join the game again and it was good decission.

Hero scraps - Princess Bride

Arnold J. Rimmer
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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

2013: I started Castle Clash when it was young so my first moment begins with my first legend which was Ninja and he sucked but I didn't care.

2016: Got bored and made another account which had one rule, only use one hero.

2017: The one hero account has now become my main account (I'm doing this event with it).

2018: On the one hero account I rolled a Dove Keeper.

2018: During Hero Collector I rolled an Anubis which got me the empower talent, I put it on my Dove Keeper and nobody can destroy my base now.

Hero Scraps for Dove Keeper please.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

1st. Join Castle Clash. Because i tried many games before this one, but only this convinced me to play over the years.
2nd. Rolling Pumpking Duke. Because when i rolled him i managed to do mesa 4 with no problem with other players.
3rd. Join a guild. Because when i don't have one, i can't done guild wars, lava and fortress feud. And when i joined i also found a beautiful big family with the other members.
4th. Update of 4x and Sweep. Because it save a lot of time and you can do the same things you are doing before in less time.
5th. Introduction of skin and double talent. Because you can choose to have the same hero with a different clothes and at the same time you have the possibility to have a second talent to switch whenever you want. This is amazing.

Hero Scraps: Wallawalla

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.


1st : approximately august 2014 : My first step on the game. The start of my long journey :D

2nd : december 2015 : Rolling ghoulem. After long break, I play again and I roll it. A very good moment to restart the game, it's very good hero and I use them it today. And after I doesn't take a pause in the game.

3rd : 22 september 2017 : Rolling WallaWalla the day of the update. I'm really happy of this hero beacause a long time I doesn't win a new hero and it's good hero more than :D

4th : october/november 2017 : Enter in my guild. After this time, my vision of the game was change, I quickly improve, the other teamate help my so much and thanks to them :D 

5th : 23 december 2017 : My birthday and my first purchase. I'm not really sure if it's a good choice xD but I doesn't regret, with a little bit of money I needed only 4 F2P heroes and I think I have a good account today :)

To finish, I choose Pumpkin Duke Scrap. It's the most important hero of the game but it's not very strong, 50k hp was very usefull for them :D

Thanks for this event and GLHF

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

1th: i remember my first time when i installed cc i found a pal via adding friend he was a huge help to me he learned me many things at that time very last hero was PD
2th: it refers to the time started to play this game after while i found a guild which it was build by my own country people so i could talk and found new friends
3th: i rolled santa boom he was a real game chenger i used that guy for 1 year also i remaind at the guild
4th: after cupel of months many members left the guild but me and 2 one of my best friends remaind at the guild
5th: now my other 2 friends spended many mony and they are far more powerful than me but we always remain with each other and we also kept in tuch with other social apps and we are kind of bestys.
BTW i love dove keeper's scrapp :))

f2p :)