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[ltr]1st: First Lunch! -  This game is amazing, without the first lunch none of this would even be here nowadays. I found this game when I was at home after I cut my finger at work. I was 2 weeks at home and needed something to feel happy with, I found this game online after lots of good reviews. I wish you will create a tool or something to know how long we are playing this game. I think I play for 4-5 years now, hard to tell really .[/ltr]
[ltr]2nd: Pumpkin Duke arrives - He is the game changer hero. This is why I choose him in the hero skin choice as well, to get more dodge and hp :).[/ltr]
[ltr]I think you already hear about my PD story: I didn't roll any PD for more than an year, I was so disappointed, I give my girlfriend (now she is my fiancee) to click for me.. she so how much it is important to me so she drew me a pumpkin on a sticky note for a good luck.. (well it didn't help, and it was the ugliest pumpkin ever, I thought it was something else but anyway... Lets continue)[/ltr]
[ltr]3rd: Fortress Feud - By far, It is the best mode in this game. It is a little long (1 hour straight) but it worth it.[/ltr]
[ltr]First the rewards are really good, some premium items that really help you boost your heroes.[/ltr]
[ltr]Second all the members of the guild are coming to participate on the same time which is unique.[/ltr]
[ltr]The chat is really full and you have time to speak with all the members at once.[/ltr]
[ltr]Tactic and teamwork are the keys here, in this mode even the low level might are really important and they really can feel it, not like Guild wars.[/ltr]
[ltr]4th: Guild wars - Like FF this game make the guild to unite and work side by side.[/ltr]
[ltr]Members are doing GW for themselves because the reward are fame and they fight alone vs others, this is why GW for me is number 4th and FF is 3rd.[/ltr]
[ltr]Fame it is important, it is the difference between players, this resource is the most outstanding resource in the game.[/ltr]
[ltr]This is why I think IGG should not sell it at all (not trying to be negative here, just something to think about)[/ltr]
[ltr]A P2P player that can buy all the heroes, pets, chests, gems and so on.. won't be able to become stronger without fame to double evolved and enhancement those heroes.[/ltr]
[ltr]In that way P2P will get the new heroes but they still need to do work for it.[/ltr]
[ltr]Some of them are opening new accounts because they don't have ambition.[/ltr]
[ltr]If they miss something like GW, they can easily buy fame at store so the game become a little boring for them.[/ltr]
[ltr]5th: Lost Realm - It change the way of tactic in game, now you have a talent and a crest.. it's 2 parameters instead of 1.. Lots of friends change the talents lately.. Heroes with Revit 5 talent changed to something else and Revit 5 moved to crest. It changed the whole game.[/ltr]
[ltr]It gives you a way to test your heroes outside the base, without any magic towers that will slow you down or hero bombs that can kill you.[/ltr]
[ltr]You can select even one hero and test it there, which is really good when you roll a new hero.[/ltr]
[ltr]Hero Skin Choice: Pumpkin duke[/ltr]

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Moment 1 - My first castle clash moment I can remember was actually first downloading the game on the 27th of July 2013, i remember downloading it and as soon as I got onto the game I was instantly hooked I remember playing it for 5 hours straight just enjoying it competing with friends trying to get ahead was a great experience.

Moment 2 - My second moment I can remember was something I will remember for a long time back then everyone knew Pumpkin Duke was the hardest hero to roll and he was the most important if you wanted to do most things and progress on castle clash so I had 1000 gems saved up and I was in school at the time we were on castle clash (castle clash priority) during an IT class xD and I started rolling the very last roll was a pumpkin duke we all went crazy teacher came along said “what are you guys talking about” and we just laughed and talked it off, had the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the day was excited to use him.

Moment 3 - My 3rd moment I remember was when I first joined a guild the guild was called “LoneRangers” after the 2013 film Lone Ranger, my first guild was with my friends I knew at school which was great always doing the boss together and then we started to develop the guild and open it to other people and before we knew it we had 50 members and was on the top 20 guild and each and every member we communicated and talked on a daily all friendly posting the heroes we rolled and tips and we all got along,  it was such a great moment in my castle clash journey.

Moment 4 - My 4th moment on castle clash was my first ever evolution back in 19th of September 2015 evolution update came out (I remember this date because I still have the screenshot of my first evolution) this was a amazing day reading this update notes that you could evolve your heroes so once I got together the evolution runes which back then on the update they were called Awakening Runes, and got the shards, fame and lastly red crystals  finally evolved my pumpkin duke which was a amazing feeling that will be remembered.

Moment 5 -  My 5th and final best moment or should I say moments is actually just playing the game just logging on and playing is a great moment because I remember how long I been playing for and how far it has come the journey from 0might with 0 heroes and now where I am today, everyone year the anniversary just deserve celebrating because of where the journey started and seeing all these updates just continuing making the game one of the greatest of its kind, thank you castle clash for a great journey and more to come.

Skin choice - Dove Keeper

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My 5 greatest moments in castle clash.

Rolling that first purple slime! Why was this so great? Well because it could have been a Pumpkin Duke! And the excitement from seeing a purple background on a hero roll has yet to fade for me!

Really digging the style of Pumpkin Duke! This was awesome because I ended up making a cosplay of Pumpkin Duke that won me the Halloween contest giving me a cool T-shirt that I still wear today along with the awesome Ghoulem!  

Being one of the few free accounts to have a Moltanica! I won a contest and won myself a Moltanica back in the day! This was pretty cool!

Getting back into Castle Clash and seeing all the changes! It was really cool to see how the game had evolved over time and how so many different heroes could be used to beat things.

Rolling Storm Eater quickly after he was released! Generally I have had a hard time rolling the new hero right away, but Storm Eater I got very quickly after he was released! This was soooooo awesome since he is so cool n looking and OP!!!!

Hero skin would be PD skin please!


Hi, my name is Trevor :3
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1st: Rolling Pumpkin Duke was without doubt my first big moment in Castle Clash and it enabled me try for end game (at that time) content.
2nd: Rolling Cupid was next marker since PD+CP combo made many things (like fighting boss3 for 3min) possible.
3rd: Later I rolled Aries which made LBF (together with 1st revit5) much better with higher rewards (1000+ fame and 410 gems per week).
4th: Another milestone hero-wise was rolling Anubis (and bulwark for him the next week) which made HBM, dungeons and pvp manageable again (as I was loosing edge).
5th: After several months of farming lava4 I was able to exchange Wallawalla soulstones and I have to say he's imho the biggest game changer in most modes.

Hero Skin Choice: Pumpkin Duke!

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1st: When I got Pumpkin Duke - Because I finally could move to higher dungeons.
2nd: When I rolled Lady Leo - Because she was released right after I started playing a thought she is awsome.
3rd: When I rolled Lv 5 War God Talent- Same as previous. Was lucky to roll it right after I got Lady Leo :)
4th: When I bought Valentina - First buy. But I needed her because I was stucked in HBM.
5th: When I bought Anubis- Needed him for 3 flame all Dungeons and move on to next ones :)
Hero Skin Choice: Smashin' Pumpkin

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1.Rolling my 1[sup]st[/sup] PD.  I knew as soon as that odd looking pumpkin showed up in a rolling session my gameplay would change.  Oddly, what made me the happiest was no longer having to run the bomb lane of mesa 2 with my guildmates now that I had him.

2. Vlad Dracula soloing HBM J.  When I saw this my jaw dropped at the sheer damage output and self healing.  I swore I would never spend a penny in this game…that video made me drop my 1[sup]st[/sup] $20.

3. 1[sup]st[/sup] Time doing Guild Wars.  It was a new mode with a newer resource called fame.  Without much thinking I brought in my big gunner –war god Santa Boom.  With the prevalence of HBM bases I would watch and wait for him to shoot a missile across the screen and annihilate all heroes.  What a feeling!

4.  Seeing Dove Keeper in action for the 1[sup]st[/sup] time.  The last time my jaw dropped that low watching a hero proc was Vlad (see memory #2).  She was one shotting maxed heroes and brought my absolute favorite GW style – sniping.  I was lucky enough to roll her within a month or so of release.  She is an absolute beast and my favorite hero in the game.

5. Rolling Ma Hatma last week during hero collector on my daily free roll.  Even after 4+ years of playing it still makes me pump a fist when I get lucky.  Besides getting the latest hero, those 60 gold slimes and level 5 crest pack will make my account even stronger.

Hero Skin Choice: Dove Keeper

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1st. Getting i could start doing boss seriously. Till then stunning with all i got and running 30 min to try and do some damage
2de. Rolling santa and pixy together. Santa was dope in raidings if he procced right. Pixy was very usefull for lr demon as she had scatter.
3rd. Rolling dd. He and santa are my all time favourites. Dd was the core of basically everything for sooooooo long. Mike pushed him out as tank  and buffer.
4th. Ghoulem and 5 revite for aries. Game changers at that time. Struggled long before giving up druid but gh was definately too good. He allowed for nibbling trough bases or beating other game modes.
5th. Getting walla. Basically each healer means the start of a whole new gaming experience and meta and walla guided me into the current gameplay.
Thx for gaming.
Scraps: pumpkin duke please, if not possible sasquatch
Thx for organising.

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1-One day I was having a lunch that gave me a chance to play the game walla walla I screamed and everyone was afraid, and my nephew smashed a sack of salt on my head and I got salt.
2-One day I woke up in the morning and got into the hero of Anubis and I was very happy to be close to my stomach.
3-I was a champion sasquatch I really liked it, but I could not get it, I got it 6 days ago, and I was very happy that my mother said: "If your candidate told you you would not be so happy with tease!"
4-I once nodded to Ronin's hero and laughed too loudly that my dad was afraid that I was mad.
5-When I was happy when I saw that 49 game background vouchers were removed by the game, and surprisingly I could not convince them to bring them back.
skin heroe my love is sasquatch

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1sr. Joining my Guild/becoming active in the CC community - Joining my Guild helped me progress both in game, and as a person. My account has almost become secondary when compared to the bonds I've made with the community. They have helped me through a dark time in my life.

2nd. Evolving my First Hero - I vividly remember the sense of accomplishment that accompanied Evolving my first hero. Beyond simply marking a milestone, having an Evolved PD opened new doors for me in game, and allowed me to start taking the game more seriously.

3rd. Rolling GS - I took a hiatus from CC for quite some time, and came back to a good amount of Gems accumulated from updates. After coming back, I rolled about half of the Gems immediately. GS was the first "new" hero that I was able to roll. She remained the strongest hero in my altar for about a year after that.

4th. Joining a Lava 4 Team - This goes hand in hand with joining my Guild, and also with making bonds with other players. I share a great friendship with my Lava teammates, and love playing the game with them. That being said, completing Lava 4 daily has allowed me to gather resources at a rate that I hadn't seen up to that point.

5th. Becoming more Active on the Forums (work in progress :D) - One of my newfound loves in the game has become daily visits to the forums to see what's happening in the player base, occasionally weighing in on a topic, and ALWAYS participating in events. It is one of the large reasons that this game has had such an immense personal impact on me. The community surrounding Castle Clash rivals that of any other game on the market (and rises above those in my humble opinion). This part of the game is made possible because of the Teams at IGG, the moderators, and most importantly the players. Thank you all for an amazing 5 years, and here's to many more!!

Happy Anniversary Castle Clash!!

Skin: Dark Huntress (Dove Keeper)


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During the  time I played and enjoyed the Castle Clash, my most memorable moment was after Anubis was released,  I was hiring a hero during a 150 gem quest and guess  what..... Anubis was looking at me from the middle of the screen. I almost made a heart attack. I couldn't believe my luck,   I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway after he made fire , trying to bragg to sombody about it.
Probably the next memorable moment it will be when I will acquire the Unholy Pact with Dark Huntress skin.