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[News] ***A Harmonius Troll-Free Forum - MUST READ***

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Posted on 8/16/16 5:50:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Trolling brings an unpleasant atmosphere to the forum, and for too long we moderators have let them get away with it in general with just the occasional slap on the hand. As trolling discourages players from using the forum in fear of being Trolled, Flamed, Insulted or other Rude responses against them these new rules are now put in place.

(Please note that these rules may be amended at any time as needed)

This includes, but not limited to;

*Swearing, or any other Inappropriate Words, will not be tolerated in Posts, Comments, Signatures or PMs. This includes censoring OR abbreviating such words (See the Forum Rules).
*Insulting, Flaming or Rudeness to other forum users.
*Intentionally giving someone false information with the intent to deceive.
*Creating threads or posting comments with the intention of provoking other forum users.
*Spamming - This includes, but not limited to, comments such as TLDR and Inb4 ban, making non-constructive posts or posting in "Bot Advert" threads.
*Stalking other users with the intent of posting negative comments.

Players caught doing any of these will receive;
*First time - A warning with possible mute without prior notice (until 23:59 server time the following day).
*Second time - 7 day - 1 month mute.
*Third time - Permanent Ban and IP Ban.

These are not in place to prevent Complaints, Concerns or Negative Views. They are to make the forum a nicer place and a more enjoyable experience for all users, and remove the negativity which some forum members have been accustom to providing.

We encourage players to provide constructive criticism based on their experiences or expectations, and should it to be done in a respectful manner without confrontations, arguing or insults.

It's an unfortunate necessity and we hope that we do not have to enforce warnings on any players, but from now on any user caught breaking the above rules will be dealt with swiftly.

- Mod & Admin Team