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[News] CC Forum(s) Are Searching For New Moderators

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Posted on 1/9/18 4:43:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The time has come where we are seeking to recruit (2) Moderators. If anyone is interested in becoming one of these moderators, then they should read the following requirements to gain a clearer understanding of the overall scope of the position.

Duration Time:
January 10th, - January 17th,  21:59 (Gmt-5)

Application Requirements:
1.  Active forum member in good standing and known to the members and Mod/Admin teams.
2.  Be available to go on Forum for a couple of hours at least 4 days a week.
3.  Help other players to solve problems and obtain desired information.
4.  Have a good understanding of how to effectively manage a forum. 
5.  Familiar with the game, and enjoy Castle Clash.

1.  Required to meet post requirements by replies to any player's post(s), questions or threads.
     *To be further clarified upon appointment*
2.  Maintain a positive and harmonious forum.
3.  Encourage more players to join the forum.
4.  Create and host forum events.
5.  Communicate with forum members frequently and maintain good relationships.

These moderators will regularly be awarded:
*1,000 - 6,600 Gems depending on activity & performance.
*1,500 - 3,800 Gems per event hosted.
*Conditional Quarterly bonuses.

Number of positions:
We will pick 2 new Moderators. There will be a three-month probationary period for all new moderators. If the new moderator doesn't meet the obligations during the first 90 days, the special permissions will be removed.

To Participate please Provide: 
*Geographical Location + Time Zone (Gmt -5)
*Answer the question, “Why do you want to be a moderator?”  (Limit to 200 words)

Why do you want to be a moderator?
“I am really eager to join the CC Moderator staff, I’ve been playing CC for more than 5 months now and I am quite familiar with all aspects of the game.  I also have a lot of suggestions on how we can work together to improve the Forum and the whole CC community. For example, I think it would be fun to have weekly events in our Forum”.

The Election will be comprised of three (3) Parts:
Part I Members submit their applications for consideration, at which point we encourage forum members to post your comments in support of the those you feel would be good candidates. 
Part II Moderator selection process, in which the moderators will review the applications and accompanying comments and select a group of nominees to move on to round two of the election process.
Part III In round two the selected nominees will then participate in a private interview where they will be given various hypothetical scenarioes to intepret and resolve. 

If this is something that interest you, we encourage you to join now! Applications may only be submitted in this thread, any post which deters from the intent of the thread will be deleted.   Good Luck!!



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Posted on 1/10/18 6:07:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Posted on 1/10/18 9:07:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Name: Afakulru (Afakul in forums)
Platform: Android
Geographical location +time : Valladolid, Spain (Madrid GTM+1).
Answer: I do not write this to get the reward. I want to be moderator because I have knowledge of the game. I have been playing Castle Clash like 4 years (I am 132k might, in a guild that is top 500, and to be there you need to know all related to this game). Also, since I  have discovered this forums I check for new threads to answer. I visit forums like 3-4 times a day. I always try to support people and nowadays I am going to have more time to read more posts. Also I love creating new events. I am a recognized player in other games because I am kind, friendly, warmly with a lot of imagination. I would like to create more events to keep active this community. In addition, I try to appease people in Facebook (in Castle Clash posts) , as many are insulting IGG because they do not get the rewards that they want without paying, and I do not like to see that types of comments. I am very responsable,hard-working and close to people.
Thanks for giving the oportunity of making 2 new moderators, we will build an active forum and the best community!

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Posted on 1/10/18 9:32:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Platform: Android
Location: Singapore UTC +8

Why do you want to become a Moderator?

Not only do I have extensive knowledge but the fact that I've been with Castle clash since launch and seen the game develop, hence I have seen the issues most users are plagued by and am more than simply just familiar to the game mechanics. Having played on multiple accounts and having created one recently 6 months prior which is now my main. This experience allows me to be able to help early game to mid game players and even late game players, by providing valuable feedback which is realistic and helps them maximise their progression. CC has been a big part of my life and to be able to give back to the community is a major plus. I am sure i will be able to provide unique feedback and be able to help a big portion of the player base due to my familiarity with Spanish, English and Hindi. 

The current weekly events are interesting as is, but I propose to alter it in a minor way by introducing more engaging and thoughtful events than a simple trivia which will involve the player base and help them learn and develop into competitive players. These are my 2 cents. I hope to be able to provide my services in the near future. 

PS I am a great advertiser although I have many more ideas but I will follow up later in the comments if requested.

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Platform: Android
Geographical location + time: India (GMT +5:30)
Answer: I want to make moderator because the player's don't go anywhere and they find all answers about the game here. I have 2 year castle clash gaming experience and i know all about the all game modes and i know all about best hero talent's , artifacts.

Thank you.

Posted on 1/10/18 12:55:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Platform: iOS
Well I want my self to nominate for moderator. Cus i would love to work for community, I am vice of procompany ios top 20 guild. I can put some time and effort in forum and can actively watch on forum activities. I am playing CC for almost 2 years, and having good amount of knowledge about game ( I guess).
So I would like to take this apportunity and willing to work for community.

ProCompany- Daddies guild.
Posted on 1/10/18 1:33:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Platform: Android
Location: Iran (utc +8:30)
Because I love this game and I think i spend half a day on game and forums :)  I know I'm just a senior member but I do know alot of things... I have 5 accounts with different heroes and I can be helpful and morally, I'm not bad! I think I have been polite and friendly to anyone who was not rude to me and at last... I said I'm Persian but please do not picture anything bad about me... I'm polite and friendly and will respect anyone... Thank you!

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Posted on 1/10/18 4:27:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Platform android
Kenya, East Africa Time Zone GMT +03.00
Well honestly i do really like paying castle clash and currently have 3 accounts and am thinking of getting a 4th one. Apart from that when i realized that castle clash had a forum i have been a constant visitor to the forum and it has really helped me alot in improving my gaming in castle clash. I would like to think that if given the oppotunity to became a moderator i would really help others not only in   answering their questions alone but also in giving members alot of tips that i have learned while playing castle clash for the last 1 year. Also i am an active member in wegamers and linechat. In conclusion i really hope that i will get the opportunity to become a moderator but if i still do not get it i will still go being a constant visitor to the forums.Thank you.

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