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[News] CC Forum(s) Are Searching For New Moderators

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Posted on 1/13/18 1:02:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Name: Telenescious
Platform: IOS
Geographical location + Time: United States, Kentucky. (EST)
Answer: I want to be Moderator because I know for a fact that I can make a difference. I am a helpful person and am 100% loyal. Everyone around me trusts me and I make sure to keep it that way. I know this questions is, Why do you want to be moderator?", but here is an idea. Why would you want me as a moderator. You will not only want me as a moderator, but need me as a moderator. I am lets just say what they call, the bomb. I help people every day to accomplish goals, find their way, and lots more. All I'm saying is that you could really use me and I could really help you all as one of your trusted moderators. Good luck on the decision! I know how hard it is to decide stuff like this, so good luck!
Also thanks for letting me apply. You all are the bomb as well. Lol, I guess thats another reason why. We are both the bomb. :-)

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Name: DaveH which stands for Dave Helversteijn :P
Platform: Andriod
Geographical Location + timezone : The Netherlands! GMT -1 

Why do I want to be a moderator: 
First reason is because I have a lot of time as I am home a lot.
I think the majority of people know me by now as that guy that regularly makes suggestions.
Most of the time they are well received. By both moderators and the community. Why does that matter? It shows insight into the game if you ask me and how it works in general. Now I don't know everything about the game. But after 3 years+ I do know it fairly well. And I do know and have replied to people's questions. 

I am available for quite a lot of hours, and so far I am pretty sure I have had no really bad experiences with players or moderators. I have at the harshest called people silly :P. Former IT so things like forums I am quite familiar with and I have moderated for a game before (Nwn).

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Im really excited to join castel clash moderator staff cz i im old player of cc about 3 year and i love this game and so active on it and have alot of experience to share with al how need help and can help te improve forum and all cc for example: is good to open page for forum in cc for all know about it and easy open it. <3

I&#039;m the power
Posted on 1/13/18 4:22:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Plateform -  Android 
Igg id -  241661429 
Geographical location + time zone - India GMT+5.00
Answer - Actually guys,i love this game a lot. And I have all information about game. I have been playing this game for 2 years ago. And I think I got all experience. (I have 145k account and 2 others r 35k and 45k).i have been daily online at least 4-5 hours very  easily. I didn't do this for rewards but only for helping others. If u guys didn't give me gems so it's ok. Anyway I will helping all...

Jainil Rana
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Platform : Android
location  : chennai,india GTM+5.30

My name is vishnu (Luciferortan in forum) I play cc since a year.The game is awesome but new f2p players in the game had lot of struggles in the game and also they misunderstand cc with clash of clans so they think gems and other are just an easy stuff . They need guidance its our duty as a senior to promote and make them understand the game and cc is the only game like several heros with different powers like moba games . I have been in the forum past 8 months i know the game i see so much streaming videos and also i have ideas for events to help the players  enjoy their time in forum also.I am studying collage so i always have internet every time so i am active in the forum frequently.i have account in wegamers, line,whatsapp everything so we always been in touch.

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Name: Cyle Paul (Cyle in forums)
Platform: Android
Geographical location +time : North Carolina, USA (New York Eastern).
Answer: Let me start off by stating that this isn't the first time for me in this type of position, I've been a moderator/ helper for the app 7Cups a depression hotline and help source for a while and I understand how to help people through whatever it is that they need assistance on but as far as castle clash goes I've been playing it and enjoying it for 3 to 4 years now and I must say its one of the ONLY longest kept games on my devices because you guys keep the game changing and fresh but my overall message is I love helping in anyway possible :)).
Cyle Paul.

Posted on 1/15/18 7:15:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i want to made the moderator because i want to hit this game on social media or by other sources i love this game

Posted on 1/16/18 4:17:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Platform: Android

Geographical timezone
Eastern Time Zone

I have been playing Castle Clash for a little over 4 years now, I have several accounts including a pay-to-win account, pay to play account, and free to play account. I am also a guild leader I have lots of experience with handling rough situations, problematic members, I am not above learning something new or asking others for confirmation if I'm unsure. I like to watch people succeed I like to watch members accounts grow strong and enjoy playing the game as much as I do for these past years. This is literally the only cell phone game that I play I have tried so many most of my free time goes to helping others in my guild correctly level their accounts as well as maintaining and leveling my accounts. It would be an honor and a pleasure to serve all of you.