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[News] Castle Clash Update on Oct 15 (AMZ-EN) [Version 1.9.6]

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Posted on 10/14/21 11:29:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Castle Clash servers will be brought down for scheduled maintenance on Oct 15, 2:00(server time: GMT-5)  for about 4 hours. You will not be able to log in to the game during this time.
500 Gems that used to be awarded as a Maintenance Gift will now be added into a 1-Gem Pack that's available after the update. 
Thank you for your patience and continued support.

1. New Hero: Underworld Judge
Skill Name: Mummy's Curse
Skill Description:
Deals X% ATK DMG to X random Heroes each, and summons a Mummy that lasts Xs. (Cooldown: Xs.) The Mummy deals DMG equal to X% of the target's Max HP to nearby enemy targets every Xs. For every Mummy in play, Underworld Judge gains X% ATK (Mummy cannot receive more than X DMG per hit). (This Hero is immune to Silence and reduces DMG received by X%. The Hero's next skill cooldown is reduced by Xs every time he receives DMG. This effect can be stacked up to Xs.)

2. New Insignia: Madness Agent
Reduces DMG received by X%. When attacked, causes attacker to take DMG equal to X% of their Max HP every second for the next Xs. (Effect only triggers on each attacker once every Xs.)

3. New Enchantment: Pure Acid
Raises own Max HP by X% during battle. Nearby enemy Heroes' healing is reduced by X% and DMG received is raised by X%.

4. New Hero Skin: "Bright-Winged Cleric" for Underworld Judge.

5. New Super Pet: Spooky Ferryman & Mutant Spooky Ferryman
Skill Name: Soul Ferry
Skill Description: Deals X% Pet ATK DMG to X random enemy Heroes each every Xs. Also reduces their CRIT Rate by X% for Xs every Xs. When Spooky Ferryman is in play, increases all friendly Heroes' CRIT Rate by X%.

6. New Here Be Monsters and Heroes Trial stages added.
7. New feature: Gear Set Effects (for Conquest Set and Oath Set).

1. Adjusted Daily Free Pack display.
2. Adjusted Narcia: War Era matchmaking mechanics.
3. Adjusted Chest opening and Gear drawing effects.  
4. You can now quick-use resources to upgrade Title Talents and Battle Talents.
5. Changed Here Be Monsters stage names, from A/B/C, etc. to 1/2/3 etc.
6. Guild Donation: enhanced display and added system messages.
7. Increased maximum slots in the Heroes Altar by 1 (Max 155 slots).
8. Increased maximum slots in the Warehouse by 10 (Max 530 slots).

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed an issue that prevented players from collecting in-mail rewards when they exceed the available space in the mailbox.
2. Hire Heroes interface: fixed an issue that prevented the Gems display from refreshing after new Hero slots are obtained.
3. Torch Battle: fixed an error that allowed players to select the 5th trial dungeon battle during phase 1 (Trial Phase).