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[Guides] Tutorial: Most Effective Way to Start Playing Castle Clash

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The most effective way to start playing Castle Clash for P2P without wasting resources:

Step 1: Creating several accounts.

Start by creating several Google accounts and set your device to use these accounts. What you are trying to do is use the free gems on each account to try to get a Pumpkin Duke hero. He is the most overpowered hero in the game and you will use him in every aspect of the game. Do not spend any money on an account until you get Pumpkin Duke. You may have to go through as many as 100+ accounts before obtaining one, but it is well worth it in the end.

Step 2: Keep you might low!

Until you have progressed pretty far in the game and are ready to try for your 6th hero base, you want to keep your might as low as possible. The main source of obtaining Gold and Mana will be by raiding other player's bases. If you keep your might low, you will be matched against weaker players and have a lot easier time getting Gold and Mana.

The buildings you want to level are:

Town Hall – always have a builder leveling this. The higher the TH, the more walls you get. Walls do not add to might.

Towers – You should upgrade these as much as possible.

Gold and Mana Vaults- You should level these only once you can’t level the TH or Towers because it costs more than you can hold.

Walls – If you are waiting for other buildings to finish leveling and you have excess gold, level your walls. They do not add might.

Hero Bases – Level these with excess Mana only to level 10. The reason you want to stop at level 10 is because you will have more mana than gold most of the time and you do not want the area the heroes patrol to be more than that of the Towers. This will cause you to lose heroes while doing Here Be Monsters (HBM).

Relic Hall – You only want to level this to level 6. This gives you the level one Restoration, Are’s Fervor, and Guardian Angel spells, which is all you need to raid and do dungeons.

The buildings you do not want to level are:

Mana Mills – You get one automatically with the tutorial. Do not build anymore after that one.

Gold Mines - You get one automatically with the tutorial. Do not build anymore after that one.

Army Camps – You get 20 slots with level 1. When your TH allows you to build another, build it, but do not level it.

Troop Center – You can’t level the Center itself but you can level the troops. My suggestion is only level what is absolutely required to get 5 star Griffins. These will be the only troops you will ever need in the game. I prefer Griffins because they ignore walls and can’t be hit by Minotaur. Upgrading troops add a lot of might, so you only want to level what is necessary.

Hero’s Alter – Leveling the Hero’s Alter only decreases revive time when your heroes die. It’s not worth leveling if you are trying to keep low might.

Things that give you a lot of might that you want to avoid:

Heroes give you the most amount of might. You should select only 5 heroes to level. (prioritize legendary heroes over others) Any extras you get, you can either consume or save for later when you want to increase your might. Hero levels, Skills, and Talents all add to might. As long as you keep the hero at level 1 and never use it, it will not add to your might. So if you get that Snowzilla but do not want to level it, instead of consuming it, you can just keep it in your Hero’s Alter and only use it when you want to increase your might.

This will tell you how much might each level adds:

Troops give a lot of might as well. As stated above, you want to get level 5 Griffins and stop leveling troops from there. Refer to the above link for exactly how much might each level gives.

Spells – Leveling spells adds a lot of might as well. You can go very far in this game with just level 1 Restoration, Are’s Fervor, and Guardian Angel. To keep your might low, do not level any spells.

If you follow these guidelines, it is possible to get your 6th Hero Base with under 8k might! Once you do get that 6th hero base though, I suggest trying to raise your might to around 12k by leveling buildings. That 6th base makes a world of difference and will allow you to complete harder content.

Step 3: Heroes

Castle Clash is all about your heroes. Your hero’s level, skill, and talents are the most important aspect of this game. No matter how powerful you may think your base is, without the right heroes and talents, most advanced players will be able to 100% you with ease.

Heroes are your number one line of defense as well as offense in Castle Clash. The quality of your heroes will make the greatest impact on your gameplay.

There are 3 ways you can obtain heroes.
1. Gems bought with real money through Google Play can be used for rolling for heroes at the Hero’s Alter.
2. You can use Honor Badges to purchase heroes through the Hero’s Alter. I STRONGLY suggest NEVER doing this.
3. You can spend Shards to purchase heroes through the Hero’s Alter

The 3 most wanted/overpowered heroes are Druid, Pumpkin Duke, and Cupid. If you can obtain these 3 legendary heroes, you will use them in every aspect of the game. Note that Pumpkin Duke is only obtainable by using gems to roll. He can’t be purchased with Shards or obtained with HB. Refer to #1.

The other two hero options for your 5 man line-up are your personal preference. If you are wanting to do the boss battle with your guild, you will need a Champion for his 3 second stun. If you want to focus more on Arena, you could use Minotaur, Immortep, Snowzilla, or Succubus. It truly is whatever you prefer. To keep low might, choose only 5 heroes and stick with them until you get the 6th hero base.

***The following was posted by "Drew_Boivie(135" - From:

It is more things new players should know before investing alot on the game.***

1. Don't waste honor badges on rolling heroes. You won't get legendaries. Also, you will desperately need that currency a little later even if you are not using it all right away. I'd also suggest buying the daily 1000 honor badges for 50 gems although it will seriously cut into your early hero rolls.

2. Don't try to defend in Arena. Until you can get into the top 1000 rank at least (i.e. not for a very long time) you will gain far more honor badges per hour by keeping a low ranking and winning against weaker opponents. So that 1 level 20 hero defense is optimal.

3. Get up to 5 builders ASAP. At some point, all your upgrades will take days. The sooner you rush builder #3, #4, and #5 the faster your progression will be and the less time you will waste in the early-mid game.

4. Don't waste gems on rolling your hero's talents unless you are willing to spend LOTS of real money. The chances of getting a good roll on a good talent is very poor, and until you have at least 6 optimal legendary heroes (pumpkin duke and cupid particularly since you cannot buy them with shards) gems are far better used for that moderate chance of getting a great hero you don't yet possess. Also, don't waste gems on hurrying buildings.

5. Get in a guild. Even if you just participate on boss its still an enormous source for hero badges. There are plenty of guilds that are looking.

6. Look up a good base defense so you can succeed in HBM as early as possible. Here's a great place to start:

7. Hero Priority: Unfortunately, new players are seriously gated by druid not being easily available until a full month of logging in. Sadly, druid is essential, and none of the other "healers" are even remotely acceptable substitutes. Next is Thunder God. He's amazing in every aspect of the game with his spectacular special ability and well-rounded high-end stats. After that, its debatable which hero to focus on picking up. Some are good for Arenas (ninja/succubus) while others thrive in HBM (immortep).

8. If you don't plan on spending real money, tapjoy offers can either supply the last few gems you need for a hero roll or even provide many full rolls. I've spent less than $10 on this game, and I've still picked up nearly 5000 gems. Keep in mind that most of the bigger offers will either cost you real money or a lot of hassle. It all depends on how desperate you are for gems.

9. Don't waste time upgrading troops other than pyromancer/griffon. I know when I started the siege troops seemed great, but I ended up costing myself weeks on troops I would never use again. Hunter/centaur are not terrible, but if you look at other players you will see that most use pyro/birdy.

10. Log in often. Just logging in once a day gets you over 50 gems a day, two legendary heroes, lots of hero badges, and more. Logging in as often as once an hour means you never have to lose opportunities in HBM, Arena, and Dungeons. Just don't burn out. There's so much fun stuff to do the deeper you get into this game.

I hope this helps newer players. I went through 2 accounts and alot of money before understanding the fundamentals of the game.

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Awesome tutorial for newbie :loveliness:

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Nice guide for the starters!

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Thank you. If anyone thinks I should add something, please post on here and I will add it to the original post.

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very detailed

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This is a conversation I had with a new player and wanted to share it. These questions and answers may be helpful to other new players.

"Anyway, besides PD, Cupid, Druid, thunder god , and champion, what are the top 5 best heroes among them for newbie starter? is it Frost Witch is good? if not, who are the other hero can I used temporarily?"

If you are asking about Ordinary (Green) and Elite (Blue) heroes, I would suggest Executioner, Dryad, Serpent Queen, Werewolf, and Painda.  However, I would not concentrate too much on these. You want Legendary heroes. They are a lot better. If you are going to buy gems, use those gems to get 5 legendary heroes.

"Then, why my "Might" just keep increasing? my Might now is 816 , even I follow your Thread post to How not to increase might, but it still increasing.. is it normal? then how much Might is just safe to not beyond furthermore?"

Everything you do in the game will increase your might. If you level troops or buildings, or if you level heroes you will gain might. The only thing to reduce your might is to consume heroes. As long as you keep your might under 10,000, you will be fine. Anything above that, you will have a difficult time raiding until your heroes are above level 100.

"Hi Sir, can I ask more? I am sorry if I disturb you...
I have already Lv2 Watchtower, if I want to levelup my 1st watchtower was "Ok" then if I want to level up my 2nd watchtower = it is said "No more builders, want to use 500 gems?"
my question is, how can I get more builders without spending my gems? or how can I level up simultaneously my watchtower at the same time?"

You must spend gems to increase the number of builders you have. They can get expensive, but if you are buying gems, they are well worth it, especially first starting out. If you do not want to spend gems to buy more builders, you will just have to only level 2 buildings up at a time or use gems to speed level your buildings.

"Sir, there is "Yellow Star" below my Might, what is the use of Yellow Star?"

That is your Honor Badges. This is a very important resource and should only be used to level up heroes. You will get to a point in the game where you will not have enough Honor Badges, so you will not be able to level your heroes any further until you acquire more. Honor Badges are best gained by participating in the daily boss battle in a guild. You will need to build a guild hall first, but try to find a guild that is doing T1 Boss and join them. You will get Honor Badges from doing this daily, unless your guild does not kill the boss.

"Sir, if I am playing online castle clash, is it possible that I can see or view that my base will attacked by someone? or it can be happened only when I get Offline?"

Your base will only be attacked while you are offline.

"Sir, what is tapjoy? can you tell me something about it? and can you give me a link for it?"

Tapjoy are offers you can do that will give you gems to use in game. They are accessed by going to the "present" box, then click on "Free Gems". Complete an offer in that to gain gems.

"what is Cannone Tower? where I can get it?
and what is Arrow Tower? where I can get it?"

Arrow towers, Cannon Towers, and Magic towers are all accessible once you upgrade your basic towers to level 10. You will then be able to choose what type of towers you want to use and also be able to put heroes in those towers to make them stronger.

"I have both troops of Lv.2 all, guardian, hunter, pyromancer and treant..
Among those troops , what should I choose the best to use?"

My personal preference are to use Griffons. Hunters are a viable option, but a single Minotaur Hero can wipe them out. Griffons can't be hit by Minotaur Hero. Do not level the treants or guardians. Only level the pyromancer to open up the griffons and level the griffins to level 5.

"Sir, in this castle clash game, is it Only google account or gmail email account use Only?
what if my email is"

You can only use a Gmail account to play the android version of the game. You can also play on Facebook and IoS but you can't share accounts with different platforms.

"Sir, I log-in my castle clash game in my own Android device, But when I try to install the game in my gf's iOS device and I want to play, why I cannot use my Own account? why is it starting again in new mode? Please help me how can I play my own account in other device?"

You can't play your account on anything other than android. If you want to play on IoS, then you will have to start a brand new account. The accounts are not linked.

I hope this answered all your question. Search these forums for different topics. They are extremely helpful.

I will be posting these questions and answers on my tutorial thread so they may help other new players.

Good luck in game!

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Awesome advice!!!!!!! I agree with 98% of it.

I was thinking about doing something like this myself recently. Having made 15 accounts, and having 1 farming H, 1 G, 2 D, and 3 C (shard smurfs for guild) I feel like I've gotten it down to an art form.

Differences of opinion:
I like army camps at lvl 6. Maybe I'm OCD (nice round numbers) but I feel it's worth it to get 10 each of t2 troops (griffins, etc). You go from 6 griffins each camp and 24 total to 10 griffins each camp and 40 total, and it only costs you 100 might. I just think it's worth it to spend 100 might on an extra 16 griffins.

Other things I would add (if it was my post lol)
1) Buy an angel with shards - this should be the first hero you buy. Level it up to lvl 60 and 3/9 skill, but no further. Use her until you get druid

2) Engineer should be 2nd (if you're f2p)

3) Prioritize HBM - The low dungeons have extremely low shard drops, the bulk of your shards will come from HBM. Beat it and do it as quickly as possible. You can beat A with 3 towers a decent base and lvl 40-50 heroes. Once you can beat A, B will come with 3x towers and lvl 70(ish) heroes. For C you'll need 4x towers and lvl 80-85 heroes including druid. For A and B you can get away with Angel. Look for AOE (area of effect) dmg dealers like serpent queen, engineer, painda (in that order). But you'll also need a healer too.

4)Towers - Get either 2x arrow towers and 1x cannon tower or 3x arrow towers early on. Avoid magic towers. They look cool, but they suck. I personally prefer 1 cannon tower until I'm farming C, and then I switch to all arrow. There are a lot of ground troops and it has a better range, so you better avoid units getting stuck on HBM

Love the guide! Good work :D

LBF - King of the Hill - #5 Finish

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Thank you Nugjuice for your insight. Its very valuable. I agree 100% with your entire post. There were some details I failed to mention like Tower priority and HBM.  You are also correct about the Army camps. When I did this, I only used level 1 army camps til I was TH12, but leveling them to 6 is a very good idea and it would only give you 100 might.

Also, the only reason I mentioned Werewolf was because mine was born with 4/5 Berserk and found it to be the best Elite/Ordinary tank.

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Hey there
I followed your guide, upgraded like you said except hero altar i stopped at 8
But then i saw another post saying that low might players don't use troops
And what's worse is that even i upgraded troops i barely use it
So, i was wondering if i should stop any troops related upgrade. Oh and i decided to stop all vaults level at 10, th lv 10 and upgrading just heroes and towers. Is it a nice way to play? xD

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great info. I hope newbie will spend some time reading this :)

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