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[Guides] Guide To Castle Clash Slang

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If you are searching for help and some guy says something that you have no idea means then here you go.

Castle Clash Common Words and meanings
Proc: Is the event that the skill will activate. 

Buff: When one hero's skill augments another hero, eg PD increases all the heroes' attack rate, so their ATK rate is "buffed" by a PD; similarly, Druid buffs ATK value (not rate)

Stack: When one skill is speeded up to the point where it theoretically overlaps the time the next skill would trigger. So a highly skilled PD, and especially multiple PD's act in congress to "stack" heroes attacks and procs, eg by the time Champion's three-second stun is finished, the PDs cause it to stack and it is ready for another stun. Notice that some heroes' "cooldown" is added to prevent ridiculously strong stacking. I am not sure if a hero can be stacked into multiple skill procs at the same time (seems unlikely), or rather just continuous ones.

CC: Castle Clash
Castle Clash Game Mode abbreviations
HBM: Here Be Monsters
HBD: Here be Demon
HT: Hero Trials
HE: Hero Expedition 
BB: Boss Battle
LR: Lost Realm
TB: Torch Battles 
Dino: Wave 5 boss in HBM A-N
LR Boss: Boss faced in Lost Realm 
Uber Team: Main team in Lost Realm
Altar: Battle Altar in Lost Realm, not to be confused with Heroes Altar.
M1-M4: Mesa levels 
Castle Clash Hero abbreviations
TG: Thunder God
Duke/PD: Pumpkin Duke
SM: Spirit Mage
SZ/Zilla/Snowy/Frosty: Snowzilla
AC: Atlanticore
GR: Grizzly Reaper
SQ: Serpent Queen
Immo/Tep: Immortep
Mino/MC/Fat Cow/Cow: Minotaur
Pally: Paladin
Succ/Succy: Succubus
Champ: Champion
Ugly Flying Baby/Flying Baby: Cupid
Vlad: Vlad Dracula
Santa/SB: SantaBoom
Ork: Orksbane
Fairy: Pixie
Lock/WL: Warlock
HQ: Harpy Queen
Tree/Groot: Treentaur
DK: Death Knight
SK: Skull Knight 
Castle Clash Magic abbreviations
GA: Guardian Angel
SS: Snow Storm 
Frenzy: Ares Frenzy
Fervor: Ares Fervor
Castle Clash Building abbreviations
TH: Town Hall
Mills: Mana Mills
Mines: Gold Mines
Castle Clash Talent abbreviations
Revite: Revitalize
HB: Heavy Blow
DS: Deadly Strike
WG: War God
SD: Self Destruct
SD: Slow Down
Zerk: Berserk
SS: Stone Skin
LD: Life Drain
Castle Clash Troop abbreviations
FD: Fairy Dragons
SD/Dwarfs: Shotgun dwarfs
Various Items abbreviations
BC: Blue Crystals 
RC: Red Crystals 
HB: Honor Badges 
LHC: Legendary Hero Card
Castle Clash Misc. words
SS/Screeny: Screen Shot
CD: Cool Down
Skull Dungeon: Skulls were the original marking for dungeons that give better shard drops/drop rates. They are now marked as "special dungeons"
AOE: Area of Effect
DPS: Damage Per Second
AFK: Away From Keyboard
TLDR: To Long Didn't Read
OP: Overpowered
OP: Original Poster
$F2P: Free to Play
$TJ2P: TapJoy to Play 
$P2P : Pay to Play
$P2W: Pay to Win
U2P: Use to Pay 
Super Smurf: Low Might, High lvl Hero account

These are the main ones used in videos, forums, etc...

IGG Info:

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+1 for the "ugly flying baby".

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Some additions

MC: Minotaur
GR: Grizzly Reaper
SQ: Serpent Queen

Revit: Revitalize
Zerk: Berserk
DS: Deadly Strike
WG: War God

FD: Fairy Dragons
SD: Shotgun Dwarfs (or Self Destruct (talent))

HB: Honor Badges (or Heavy Blow (talent))

Legend slime/King slime/Pink slime = Gelatinous Champion Sacrifice

"Skull dungeon or Skull" = Old name for what is now "specially-marked dungeon" or Blue tower dungeons

SS: Screenshot or Stone Skin (talent)

CD: Cool Down (the minimum time between Procs)

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I added some more

IGG Info:

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AoE - Area of effect
Dps - damage per second

Carpe Diem
Posted on 5/31/14 4:31:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

AFK : Away From Keyboard.

' HBM G is so easy now, I just AFK. '

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when mino 1st came out, everyone called it a cow l0l

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just a thought, "cc" also stands for "crowd control."  It isn't used as often in the castle clash community, but it is pretty common in many games (world of warcraft, league of legends, etc).  It means anything that can inhibit the enemy (slows, stuns, speed reduction, etc).

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MC Hammer for Mino?? :P

Mino Chief with a big hammer/log
they give him purple pants and its on

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how about OP?