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[Guides] D8 w/o pd cupid sm or mino

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Posted on 6/18/14 6:12:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've got to d8 without any of pd sm cupid or mino. Any of you out there done this and if so any hints for particular d8 dungeons to hit and suitable drop sites?

I have:
141 tg
140 druid
140 sz
138 im
129 gr

all currently 5/9 skill

as my usual dungeon set up. Not far off sixth base and for want of a better option will probably use 135 champ. Would have asked my super supportive guildies but none of those on d8 are there without pd (and possibly a couple of those other three); suspect a lack of pd may require a different strategy.
thanks in advance

Shadow Citadel: 366m Cloister of Terror: 485m
Iron Fortress: 377m
Posted on 6/20/14 7:30:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have (6 bases):
145 TG 5/9
147 Druid 5/9
141 SZ 5/9
100 Cupid 4/9
100 Succ
120 Champ or 80 Pally

I also use level 3 ornitopthers.

Spells i use:
- Ares frenzy
- Restauration
- Guardian Angel

31 shards: drop heroes at top army camp (slighty to the right) after the troops are killed SM targets my heroes, i take one hit then drop GA. After SM dies i drop ornithopters at the most right arrow towers.  Use restauration when needed.

36 shards: Drop heroes at bottom army camp, when SM targets drop GA, heroes go to the corner and champ and succ target my heroes so i drop restauration, after champ and succ are killed my take care of the towers and TG's thunderstorm kills ninja and pally (hopefully). Use ornicopthers to clear arrow towers or to draw aggro if needed.

37 shards:

39 shards: Tried this out recently (not tested many times), i drop my heroes at the most right arrow tower, when SM targets heroes drop GA. After SM dies i drop ornicopters at the bottom left towers. Watch and use restauration when needed.

So basically i do dungeons were i can take out SM at the start and where my heroes are protected with GA. I started doing this when my heroes still were 7*. I know i have cupid but you have GR who seems awesome for dungeons. Hope it helps.

If anyone has better suggestions/tips i love to hear it.