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[Guides] All you need to know about getting max damage in Tier 3 boss battle.

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Posted on 2/10/15 2:04:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys this is a thread about how to get 35 million damage in tier 3 boss battle. I will run down a few different teams that i got to max damage.  I have also gotten teams with no pd to max and no pd and no cupid to around 20 million in 3 min.     Where to start,who to use.

#1. Know your team; Every hero in your alter can help you in boss battle i will run down a list of heroes that will most likely help you.  Druid,pd,cupid,champ,exe.,tg,shaman,succubus,ork,vlad,molt.,paliden,immortep,frost witch dryad.  Some are more situational than others.

#2.What kind of team should i have?   
PD and CUPID users- For the most part if you have a cupid and pd you should have no problem getting max damage in boss battle, there are two things holding back these players, skill levels and bad team composition.  For the first one if you are trying a true permastun right off the bat use druid pd cupid champ exe. 4/9 and tg. if you can space these heroes out enough that their stuns wont overlap each other you are set. But this setup requires a fair amount of knowledge of how revit works and hero timing. This method will get you max damage in boss battle but if you have cupid and pd and are struggleing to get max you just may have bad levels or bad timing meaning that the boss comes out of his stun and wipes your team sometime. I will explain the debuff setup for all teams posted below. If you have skill levels below 7/9 you may have trouble getting up to speed quick enough for boss battles. For this i recomend tanking with druid then pd cupid champ and either suc. or shaman to debuff and a dps machine behind him say either sz or immo. Only 5 hero bases just use the first five.

PD only- so you got a pd, congrats but its not high enough for a true perma stun, thats ok.  a pd at 7/9 should be very close to getting max hb. if you want to get to the 400ms barrier you will need a zerk 4/5 on a 7/9 pd or 3/5 on an 8/9 pd that will get you to over 60 million damage but if your stuck around 20 million damage or cant get it going in the first place try this. either tank with pd or druid. pd will stack up more if you need him to to get you revved up or to be safer tank with a ranged hero for more time to drop your heroes. Then after that drop either druid or pd whoever you didnt tank with then champ, shaman or suc. and immortep for dps.  that is for 5 hero bases for your sixth you have a bevy of options available to you. if your team wipes still put in your other debuffer, if you can last but need more dps put in snowzilla or ninja or suc. if you had shaman in there. If you want to try to work towards a more true perm stun put in exe. or tg. pd team.

Cupid only users- Only have the baby and dont think you can get max? well guess again i have helped two teams personally get max with just a baby a 9/9 and a 7/9.  Vlad is a big plus here as he is best tank in game. ideal max hb setup is Vlad tank then drop cupid druid immo. sz., champ. if you dont have a vlad it will look like this. Tank with Druid then cupid immo. sz champ and shaman most likely. I recomend a level 100 at least and 4/9 shaman for this setup. if you die with this setup you have options for this team. Option #1 up druids skill and level,#2 up shamans skill,#3 put in suc over sz.  Ok with 5 hero bases you do the same just take out sz if you die with this setup id really focus on druid and shaman.  cupid only 35+ mill. Who tanks better Vlad or Ork? cupid only with ork tanking cupid+shardable heroes only

No CUPID OR PD USERS- Ok its not the end of the world for you guys you can still get between 10-20 maybe more million. Vlad is awesome here. You will more than likely play around with hero setup the most since hero level and skill vary soo much its hard to pin down one team that will work across the board. But the generals are here. you need a top tier tank. Vlad,ork, paladin,ac. if you have a vlad optimal team is as follows.  Vlad tank then druid then champ,immo and suc. for your sixth put in sz.  If you die put in shaman over suc. if you still die put in shaman and suc and take out sz.   If you dont have vlad put in a tank above, they are listed in best to worst.  after that its druid champ suc shaman. for sixth put in immo.  if you can survive try taking out suc and putting in sz or tg or another dps. if you can still survive try taking shaman out and putting suc back in with more dps.  only shardable heroes.    no pd no cupid no champ

Tips and tricks, pro level-More dps if you have a hero with a crap talent i would recomend putting on a slow down,heavy blow or deadly strike as main and try to get a complete set of any of those and put on as a secondary set. Heavy blow is highly recomended for cupid only and no pd no cupid users. then get flame guard up to at least 2/5 as a secondary crest and put it on your tank. Not only will he survive longer he will damage the boss every time he hits your hero.  Shaman is the man he has 60% more debuff than a suc at a comparable level. one good shaman can replace the need for two debuffers granting you more room for another dps hero.  if  your not tanking with druid mix and match your non complete sets and look for the ones that will up his atk. the most, he will heal more with mixed sets than a complete set. But when your hero can tank put a sd crest on him. for pd users sd is your best friend, for cupid only and no pd no cupid users, i would say that heavy blow is more favorable as your secondary and main talent than sd but if no heavy blow look for sd as well.  

Super crazy more dps very situational use. If you roll a bezerk 4/5 or higher put that on druid or champ or pd if you have them. will help immensly but what do you do if you roll a 3/5 bezerk and you have a cupid with an absolute junk talent(think bladeshell,scortch,ect.)  A 3/5 zerk does nothing to heroes that hit at 1000ms but with cupid it will make him hit faster and would be a servicable talent untill you get a pd or a high revite for him.  

I will try to update this thread with any common questions at the bottom and will try to answer any ? that you may have.  This thread is not for max damage or best setup, this is for users who struggle surviving t3 boss for 3 min to help get a 3 min run in and getting max hb faster.

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Nice guide

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not bad tips but I don't find vlad to be that great of a tank against boss, why do you like him to tank so much?

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Your guide sucks. Very outdated.

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Orks is better then Vlad. Heals and slows. Vlad is good. But orks is better imo

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vlad is for cupid only or no cupid no pd just for survivablilty sake with a pd ork will heal better than vlad with pd revving him up but with no buffs a cooldown time doesnt matter vlad will proc just about as much as ork and vlad will heal huge compared to orks small heal.  the only point of a tank is to not die. vlad does a very good job at that. ork has a very high pool but with his poor healing stats he doesnt last 3 min as easy as vlad.

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For the no cupid/no pd you just do the 7/9 executioner permastun, I currently make 22 million in a single drop, though I do have six hero bases and the team apart from executioner is all 9* with lv80+ inscriptions and lv2 crests inlayed. I generally get max HB because the players in my guild who can do more than 34 million damage in a single entry wait 2 minutes before they do their run, so I can get two drop, one for 2 minutes and then a second drop for the full 3 minutes.

I should really try the max in one drop cupid method, but my cupid is only 7/9 and I don't have vlad or snowzilla. Though I do have a lv155 5/9 shaman. That said I find it hard to believe it will get me more damage as shaman has rubbish DPS compared to executioner.

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sz really helps with damage immo is great and succubus is good as well, maybe try using suc as well to help you with damage. im not sure your team right now prob. druid cupid champ exe. tg and immo?  if that you prob just need to up cupid to 9/9 for best results obv. I assume players want to use their shards on their legendary heroes like vlad and alike over an exe. but using a 7/9 exe def. has its upside.  a true permastun usually gives more dps than a debuff team. 

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I agree with everything except using shaman over succubus. Shaman attacks at 1600 MS which means his procs are far and few between plus procs deal no damage. Succubus can maintain a constant debuff because she procs every 7 seconds and also deals 35k per proc.

I only advise shaman for PD teams.

Good guide.