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[Guides] All you need to know about getting max damage in Tier 3 boss battle.

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I only have a pd 8/9 no zerk and i can get 80 million

Folk Star
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Should I raise up a shaman? I alrdy have a frost witch and ice demon, my current team for boss is champ 4\5 zerk, orks 2\5 revite
Druid 3\5 zerk, succy 1\5 revive immo 3\5 HB, tg 1\5revive. What should my team be?

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So I may be talking crazy here but I always use
Vlad/w SD crest
Skull/w SD crest
P Duke/w LD/SD Crest* + 5/5 Revitalise (Lv8 Proc)
Cupid/w  SD Crest + 5/5 Revitalise (Lv7 Proc)
Ghoulem/w same as Cupid for his Team DMG Neg
*Siren already has SD

Recently swapped out my Siren for the Phantom King, has high ATK SPD and a Proc that works just like Harpy/Drake but with ZERO cool down time and I just thrown either SD or HB on him.

I then make the PD 1st one targeted as he gains the energy from the bosses hits enabling him to proc even more and if I have decided not to have a healer on the team I just put a good Life Drain Crest set on him, I then wait for his proc before I send the rest of the team so that Cupids proc (5/5 Revitalise) can boost PD'S even faster, along with everyone else's of course. Now everyone has usually quite easily gotten to 400ms ATK SPD and with everyone else having Slow Down giving the boss that random extra hit, there usually isn't a problem.

Can someone tell me if I am missing something and this is somehow a terrible way to go about things?

As much DPS is the way to go!!!
Posted on 4/28/16 5:23:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think for max damage if permastunning would be champ, one other small stunner it could tg dd or anybody you can get to stun, then a cupid, pd then the fastest atk heroes you got. Dmg caps out quickly only thing that matters is how fast are you hitting. I'm assuming your pd and cupid are not fully developed. If the pd and Cupid are mature you already know what to do with boss.