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[Guides] Mesa Guide for Newbie

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This is just my two cent. You don't have to agree. Don't forget to see my youtube channel "Sup3riot".

Mesa 1: 
- 4 man team at least 1x PD 7/9+ and some descent level hero for a win. No PD needed if everyone has descent level like 130+ because boss still have alot of HP. To win without PD, don't bring elite, AC, or Pally if you don't have PD. 

- Everyone must stand on the bottom corners unless everyone has a descent level hero that can aggro the boss without dying.

Mesa 2:
- Need at least 2x PD 6/9+ skill and must not lose any PD and PD must be able to take at least 3 strike without dying. Or 1x PD 8/9+ skill and everyone hero level (no elite or green) is descent (140+) and some sort of slowdown and boss debuff. 

- Everyone needed to be at their own corner on the board if have less than 3x PD. PD team has to be at the top corner always to prevent trap from blowing him up. On occasion, if the bottom corner team is slow to destroyed the bottom tower, the top team could sway to the bottom and PD will run into the bomb trap. It help alot if someone brought a SM, Mino, or Santa to quickly destroyed any bottom tower left standing. 4x PD can pretty much stand anywhere but if the bottom tower isn't destroyed fast enough, you will failed, trust me, it happen often time with a bunch of hero walk straight down the bomb traps.

Personal experiences 2 man farm(100% success rate 20+ run so far)
2x PD 7/9 stand in the middle top row with 3 main support (SM, Dragon, Mino) all level 130-150's all 6/9+ skill. All must have druid and cupid. SM and Mino will take out the bottom tower fast so you don't walk into the bomb traps and dragon will debuff boss so he don't kill your hero. Inscription of 80+ for everyone recommended so boss can't kill you fast enough. You can let 2 low level people join and stand anywhere.

Mesa 3:
- Minimum of 3x PD for a really good chance of success and sometime only need 2x PD if everyone has high level (150+). Everyone (4 people) level must be 140+ to be able to take a couple of boss swing because he can take out PD in like 2-3 swing before PD effect go crazy. Someone need to bring at least one or two boss debuff hero but not nessarily all the time like dragon, or snowzilla (personally, I don't like elite debuff because they could easily be wipe by boss).

- Again, like mesa 2. It's a 4 corner affair. The highest level people should take the top and bottom corners because it has AC guarding those corners and if you don't kill him fast enough, AC can wipe out your entire team. 

Mesa 4:
- This one gets tricky. Minimum of 3x PD no exception unless you have two people cap PD 160+ 9/9 and PD didn't die. Everyone level must past lv140 and have reasonable high inscription to withstand boss first few hit. To almost guarantee a win every time, you must put a tank (Mino, Ork, Dragon) that have high HP to face boss first and don't ever tank with PD because he will almost 100% get kill if all PD effect hasn't kick-in at the beginning of battle. Cupid is a must have, mino, SM, Santa, Dragon, Snowzilla will be great. 1x Pixie might be of useful when a single small group of hero wonder into boss without a druid, but she need to have high skill because of her cooldown. Otherwise, she's useless. 

- This one has two patterns. The good ol two man in the middle and two at the bottom. Remember to set your team so that your PD isn't the tank and that all your team resolved around a corner. Get as close to your enemies as possible depending on your position and not spread out so that they don't go wonder into the other corner and get picked off by boss.

- Second position pattern is the two corner pattern. Pick two corner either 2x top or 2x bottom and put two people on each corner. Don't go four corner unless EVERY ONE can stand a couple of boss hit without dying. Also, don't send two people opposite corner like 2x top left and 2x bottom right/vice versa. Why two corner? This eliminate the risk of the individual hero go wondered off at another boss and get kill like the two man in the middle. However, the public group favors the two middle man.

Important, the most important things is to organize your hero in a particular patterns. You shouldn't always tank with PD because it's a risky business. It doesn't really matter on mesa 1/2, but when you play 3/4, you needed to have a tight group. 

Youtube: Sup3riot 
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Excuse my spelling and such. I made this in a rush.

Youtube: Sup3riot 
Castle Clash - Clash of Lords 2 - Deck Heroes - League of Angels: Fire Raiders - Guns N' Gear
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The sad thing is that those who need to see this probably dont use forums...

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wow, nice guide m8

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I think your lvl requirements for the mesa's should be implemented immediately. Nothing makes me more aggrevated than seeing a really low lvl in mesa 3 or 4. They don't belong out in the yard with the big dogs. If u can't keep up with the pack stay your weak ass on the porch.

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wow, great guide.

thanks man

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Put a wildcard above 5 and 8 in M4

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If only I could send the link to this guide to the next guy who has the audacity to show their faces in mesa with blues and greens...

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Very Usefull info!!!!

Thanx Mate!!!

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Impressive. Good one.