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[Guides] Introduction of The Lost Realm -- Random Events & Forging Crests

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1) The Lost Realm -- Random Events
Random events are unlocked when you reach Lv 8 in the Lost Realm. After reaching Lv 8, there is a 100% chance that a ‘?’ icon will appear every 24 hours. For example, if you enter the Lost Realm at 10 am and see the question mark, it will appear again 24 hours later.

There is a chance of a random event whenever you open a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Chest, or when you defeat monsters. There are 3 types of random events:
1.  Treasure Trove event: In a Treasure Trove event, there will be three chests which can be opened by spending Blue Crystals. The cost of opening chests increases as you open more of them. You may get items like Silver Keys, Gold Keys, Crest Bags, and Red Crystals from the Treasure Trove. If there are unopened chests, the event will remain on the map for 10 minutes. If a new Treasure Trove event happens in the meantime, it will replace the previous Treasure Trove event.

2. Merchant event: There will be items such as keys, Crests, and Blue and Red Crystals for sale (the Psyshield Crest will not appear here). The items can be purchased with Gold or Gems. The merchant event will disappear once the pop-up is closed.

3. Here Be Demon event: The demon boss has to be defeated within 2 hours, otherwise he will disappear. Players can invite friends to team up and fight the demon together. The demon is immune to Stun and Fear. Only one Here Be Demon event can occur at a time, so if the boss is not defeated, there will not be another Here Be Demon event.

1. The difficulty of the demon boss and the skills he will have is random.
2. The demon boss will not disappear during a maintenance. However, the time elapsed during a maintenance will still count towards the 2 hours before the demon disappears.
E.g.: If the demon boss has not been defeated and there is 30 minutes left and the game is undergoing maintenance that lasts more than 30 minutes, the demon will be gone upon reentering the game after the maintenance. However, if there is 1 hour left to defeat the boss when the maintenance occurs and it lasts for 30 minutes, the boss will still be available after the maintenance but only for 30 minutes.

2) Forging Crests

Crest forging rules: Two Crests of the same level can be used in forging to get one new random Crest of the same level.
There is a chance of getting the Psyshield Crest through forging. Currently, this is the only way that the Crest can be obtained in the game.
Forging Costs
Crest Level Blue Crystals
Lv 1 15,000
Lv 2 30,000
Lv 3 60,000
Lv 4 80,000
Lv 5 100,000

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Thnx... it would be helpful ....!!

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N consigo atualizar

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Great info, looks like LR is the new focus of the game... I am interested to see exactly how this dragon will work by "inviting friends"... I dont really understand it.

Do you even Clash, bro?
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Thanks for the info

Hero trading coming next update