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This thread is intended as a guide for the top five HBM bases. Each base was run through 10 entries on HBM R, and 2 entries on S. the purpose of this guide is to document which base design is most effective when it comes to winnings, as well to discover the most versatile base. each base will be name after the person whose design was use for this test(note bases may be slightly moded. town hall is lvl 20, hero bases are level 20. guide is best view on desktop mode for mobiles or a computer)

WAR-MACHINES(Go to base)

ENTRIES ON S, 2: Arrow towers S5 1 entry. magic garrisons S5 1 entry.

PROS: ideal pathing. effective range of hereos. ideal hero base formations. excellent use of bombs. good retalliation time for spawns on all areas. boss does not attack over walls. boss will be lure to inner heroes keeping none range heroes safe. good anti atlanticore base.

CONS: being a corner base it is weak to corner spawns, but not critically enough. buildings tend to be easyly destroy leaving a short amount for final wave, but its weakness are very minner considering its pros.

CONCLUSION: no core procs. amazing reliabilty, all around strong design from rear to back. no matter where enemies approach heroes will keep a tight formation maximizing damage output from the whole team. losses where attributed to cupid dieing, but thats fixable with repositioning. good consistency. magic garrisons will yield greater results then with arrow towers. best base for HBM S+. would recomend to all players.

CC-HYUGA16(Go to base)

ENTRIES ON S, 2:  Arrow towers S4 1 entry. magic garrisons S4 1 entry.

PROS: the best use of bombs. effective use of pathing. boss does not attack over walls. high building survivability. excellent responce agaisnt ground heroes. buildings lure enemies keeping your heroes safe. atlanticore is greatly neutralize. fun base to use plus it works.

CONS: weak to flying heroes, which can separate your heroes reducing team effectiveness. does not have most ideal hero base formations do to being a deathbox concept. once heroes seperate enemies will gain energy allowing them to proc. 

CONCLUSION: 2 core procs of a total of 12 runs. weak to team being split do to flying heroes. very good against ground troops. base on results its a very good base specially good for a deathbox concept. i would recommend for Q or R with or without magic garrisons. is not a bad base could help players with more ground /range hero teams. works well on R and lower, very good for Q, most consistent base. would recommend for players looking to farm Q. will yield better results with magic garrisons.


ENTRIES ON S, 2: arrow towers S4 1 entry. magic garrisons S4 1 entry.

PROS: good front design. good front pathing. good hero retalliation times. buildings will lure enemies. good hero base placement. fun base to use plus it works well.

CONS: weak to corner spawns, atlanticore was able to proc three times do to poor rear design. without all range heroes i feel that front pathing can become a disaster. bombs are porely use.

CONCLUSION: 3 core procs, thats bad for a corner. on S front pathing became a weakness and rear pathing became troublesome. giving the design it is unfriendly to players with ground heroes. worth a try if you like. from my test i determine that it can work on R and below, but on S it does not work well once you reach S4. boss and mobs will be hard to deal with. would recommend for ideal teams, very good base for that. will yield better results with magic garrisons.



ENTRIES ON S, 2: arrow towers S4 1 entry. magic garrisons S5 1 entry.

PROS: effective use of bombs. effective use of hero bases. high survivability for buildings. good retalliation from enemy spawns on mid area.

CONS: stagger entrances are prone to enemies procing, including core. multiple heroes may not attack depending on spawn. enemies will attack over walls inlcuding boss. buildings near to walls are a dangerous hazard, town hall inside leads to thundergod hiting heroes, best to be replace. has weaknesses that will prevent consistency

CONCLUSION:  good pathing, but stagger entrances are weak to core or other heroes procing(this area alone will be your biggest loosing factor), corner spawns can be risky but not to much. enemies can attack over walls. core proc 3 times. all heroes may not retaliate depending on spawns. ill say it again stagger entrances leave room for danger, can be a very risky area for players without vlad. i would recommend this base no less. will yield better results with magic garrisons.

CORDIS(Go to base)

ENTRIES ON S, 2: arrow towers s4 1 entry. magic garrisons s4 1 entry.

PROS: good use of bombs, good use of buildings, decent hero responce time to enemies. 

CONS: prone to atlanticore procing, enemies blowing bombs early, boss killing heroes on final wave, other enemy heroes procing and your heroes splitting. poor pathing once enemies reach base, entrances allow for enemies procing.

CONCLUSION: base has alot of weakness specially when it comes to atlanticore it was able to proc 5 times. as well as many other heroes. it is weak to team being split and flying heroes, boss can attack heroes on entrance. will allow for enemies to build up energy and proc constantly. would not recommend. should yield better results with magic garrisons.


#1) WAR-MACHINES: consistent base from HBM O-R has proven to beat S and T. no friendly to melee heroes.(Go to base)

#2) CC-HYUGA16: consistent base from HBM O-R has proven to beat S. best consistency and works with any hero team. this base is the most versatile and consistent it is truely in that aspect #1, but it has yet to beat T.(Go to base)

#3) CHRIS_DEROUEN: good base for HBM O-R, but relies on top tier heroes. not friendly for melee heroes.(Go to base)

#4) INSTANTKARMA: good base for HBM O-R, but has weaknesses corners should not have. not friendly to melee teams.(Go to base)

#5) CORDIS: good base for HBM O-R, relies on bombs to much and high power heroes. lacks consistency.(Go to base)

Checkout the links for more info about this bases and updates. 


I would recommend using some revive crest and slowdown crest on your heroes to increase your heroes survival and to reduce threat from centaur boss. other usefull crest would be damage increasing crest or hitpoint boosting crest. note depending on your hero team results will vary depending on the HBM challenge you face. no less if you choose the right base of the 5 shown here results can be desirable for your team.







this building formations work very well. i never had a hero being left alive that would make me time out. enemy procs where reduce drastically as oppose to cluster building formations. i definitely recommend this setups for each base.(make sure to check base links for possible updated info that can help you alot)


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Wow. Very impressive, nice work.

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Good guide mate, well done.

Look forward to seeing the final results :)

On a side note, I don't mind that my base came last with the results. It was designed to help people with HBM O/P+ when there were no other designs for HBM II so it exceeded my expectations when I was able to farm R with it. As a recommendation for those who use the same heroes as the OP, swap Vlad and Moltanica around.. you'll get better results.

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nice post but you and everyone knows certain bases work for certain people and the ones that usually cant keep up need modifying to do so but congrats on finding the base that works the best for you. And there is obviously biased answers because there has not been enough trials to make facts and clarify exactly what is good or bad about a base.

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Well im gonna be a dick today and point out that its centaur boss not minotaur but besides that crucial mistake its a good guide

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Great analysis. While I would love to see more than 6 attempts per base, using a total of 30 attempts to try all 5 is admirable. Thank you for your hard work!

Mino is F2P: 
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BTW: to add some weight to your conclusion: I currently have a TH at level 16. I tried to modify Cordi's base but was able to get ~80% on P. I then modified War-machine's base, and was not only able to beat Q, but farm it too!

Mino is F2P: 
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Nice thread

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I'm slightly against these results,  as I find heroes and crests make a big difference.   I haven't lost an hbm R since I started using my base.   I use the exact same heroes as the ones you posted as well.  I've got many more than 6 attempts ran with it as well.  

Ps that isn't Karmas base either, it's the "Icebreaker" from a well know youtuber....and he doesn't frequent these forums due to Karma.  

I personally think every base is subject to varied success based off of garrisons and heroes skill/talents/inscription.  I would suggest that my base be ran like my original post on the forums.  

Overall, not a bad job of examining them.  Nice post.

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I'd also mention that you kind of over criticized the weakness of my base in regards to corner mine is superior to war machine's.  The guild hall is distanced so that only shaman can reach it from the ground.  All other ground troops must run around.  This is critical beings your friendly ground units such as orc, druid, or pd will not jump the wall and stay marooned.  At worst they will follow the enemies back into the base.  On top of this, the pathing is actually longer around the top corner and the guild hall lives longer due to the more limited amount of enemies who can attack immediately after spawning.  I'm curious to know why your interpretation seems biased.  I've run all of these bases, hence why I've designed eliminate the weaknesses of the others.  

I will whole heartedly suggest running my base with 3 flyers on the bottom base...all ranged on the corners and pd in the center....although tanky ground heroes can be used in the top corners.  

Just my two cents though.  Cheers to the time invested in this though.  Anyone is welcome to join the chat of developing or modding these bases as it helps the entire CC community.  I only suggest that they be critiqued objectively and free of bias.