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[Guides] New Feature - Guild Wars

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Requirements: Your Guild has to rank in the top 4000 in the Guild Might rankings right before a Guild War begins. Guilds will be divided into groups of fives. (If there are less then 2000 Guilds, the number of Guilds that can participate will be the closest multiple of 5, rounded down. E.g. If there’s 1,509 guilds, the top 1,505 Guilds can participate.) 

Accessing Guild Wars: Tap your Guild, then tap Events.

Event Time: Guild Wars run every Thursday and Sunday from 00:00 to 23:59. It lasts 24 hours.

Guild Wars Interface:

1) Tap “?” to view the rules for Guild Wars and a summary of the rewards obtainable.
2) Here you can view the other Guilds in your group and their Might.
3) Here you can view your Guild’s points, your own points, and the guild reward.
4) This is the remaining chances you have to attack players of other guilds and the time left before Guild Wars end.

Guild Wars Rankings:
In the Guild Wars rankings, you can view the rankings of Guilds in your group, their Might and points, and the Might and point rankings of individual members of your Guild.

Guild Wars Rules:
1. Every guild member taking part in Guild Wars have five chances to attack another player. You can attack any member of the other Guilds in your group. If an attack fails, chances are not used and there will be no losses.
2. You can’t defeat the same player more than once. Players that you have successfully attacked will be grayed out.
3. All troops in your Army Camp and Heroes on your Hero Bases can be used for an attack in Guild Wars. If the attack was successful, losses are recorded and Heroes that died in battle will have to be revived.
4. Points are awarded when you make a successful attack. You get more points when:
1) Your Might is high
2) Your opponent’s Might is high
3) You win with more Flames

5. When Guild members earn points, these points are tallied into Guild points. The Guild’s point ranking within its group will affect the bonus every guild member gets to their Fame rewards.
Guild Ranking’s Fame Bonus:

Group Rank

Fame Bonus

1st Place

50%(up to 3200)

2nd Place

30%(up to 2750)

3rd Place

20%(up to 2400)

4th Place

10%(up to 2100)

5th Place

None(up to 1800)

Guild Wars Rewards:
You can earn individual rewards and Guild rewards from Guild Wars.
1. Individual Rewards: Fame and Honor Badges. You can collect these rewards from the Guild Wars event page after the event.

Fame rewarded = (Points you’ve earned)*(1+Fame bonus from your Guild’s group ranking)*0.3
Honor Badges rewarded: This would depend on your point ranking within your own guild for this Guild War.

Rank within GuildHonor Badges Rewarded(before)Honor Badges Rewarded(after)
Did not participate00

2. Guild Rewards: After the event, Guild Credits will be sent to participating Guilds.
Guild Credits rewarded = Guild Points / 10

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So only the top 4 guilds out of 400 will win Fame, or am I reading this wrong?

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looks interesting...

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Thanks. :3

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Top 2000 guilds only, so its even more elitist than torch battle. 1 million thumbs down from me!

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thanks for the info... 

Any idea how we can set a specific base for guild wars? Is the base set at the beginning of the event only or does it change throughout the event if we make changes to heroes on hero bases, garrisons, general build design etc?

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Add on line to join a top 5 Amazon guild 
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Question Eva:

Does a successful attack on an opponent's base cause that base to be grayed out for other guild members and other guild's members as well, or only to oneself?