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[Guides] In-depth Heroes' Talent Guide

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While there are great resources like @CC_deconstructed on the LINE app, as well as the CC wiki, I want to work on further detailing and explaining the individual benefits of the best talents for each legendary hero. So I’ve spent a bit of time on making an alphabetical guide for people looking for help on talents. Use it to your advantage! This is definitely a work in progress - I'm still looking to include an "other" category for each hero - talents that I believe to be less than optimal, but still are decent (e.g., life drain for ghoulem, sprint for reaper). I would love and appreciate feedback, and feel free to contest my points! -Poopbum (aka "Mofos" in-game)

LBF = Lost Battlefield
LR = Lost Realm
ATK SPD = Attack Speed

Revitalize - Revitalize is certainly the most popular talent for this excellent skill-negating hero. Why? Because Aries is one of the most important PVP heroes in the game, and having him proc right off the bat definitely helps. Pair with sprint crests.
Sprint - Endgame, the ideal setup for Aries in pvp modes is 8 sprint and 5 revit crests. While few people will ever reach that level, a high-level sprint with the lightning rock artifact is incredibly fast; he runs like Usain Bolt on steroids. Pair with revit crests.
Revitalize - Arctica is an excellent debuffer, and his skill going off right at the beginning of the battle is great for countering buffers and other revit heroes. He especially shines in lost battlefield. Use scatter crests.
Scatter - Putting a scatter on Arctica has the potential to make him an excellent HBM hero as well. Combined with his debuffs and the in-built condemnation, his energy-reducing tactics might be a great strategy when utilized alongside a scatter Molt. Use revit crests in pvp modes, revive crests in HBM.
Revive - AC is mainly used in two places nowadays: in hero totems and in lost battlefield. A revive is extremely helpful in lbf because it gives the chance for AC to proc once in the event that he is killed by strong offensive heroes before he is able to do so. Pair with revit crests.
Revitalize - Being able to put up his shield at the beginning of the battle is absolutely deadly for your opponents. Especially if they have heavy hitters, putting your AC at the front will decimate their ranks and allow your team to swoop in for the kill. Pair with revive crests.
Beast Tamer
Bulwark – Beast Tamer is a nice 1v1 and lbf hero, from what we’ve seen so far. But for him to truly shine, damage talents are likely the way to go. Why not more health to boot? Pair with wg crests.
War God – Same explanation as above; even without the extra health from bulwark, he’d still do well with the damage. Use bulwark crests to complement.

Berserk - Both the Grizzly and the Tamer have long cooldowns. Even though zerk usually is slapped on heroes without cooldowns, I believe that it would work decently on this hero as well, combatting the painfully slow attack speed.

Candy Kane
Revitalize – Candy Kane is only really useful in pvp modes, and doesn’t shine without 5 revit. Probably the most selective of all heroes, she just isn’t really useful anywhere else, and unless you manage to scrap a revit on her, she’s going to be benched.
Berserk – Any heroes without cooldowns are pretty decent with zerk. Increased attack speed à increased stuns à easier time in game modes such as pvp and boss.
Revitalize – A 3-second stun at the beginning of the battle can be very useful in pvp (mostly at lower levels of gameplay), and for chain-stunning boss.
Heavy Blow – Stun on stun on stun. Very fun talent for champion.
Revitalize – Cupid is one of the best buffers in the game. His proc not only gives heroes energy, but also boosts their damage. Thus especially for pvp, having it go off at the beginning of the battle is deadly.

Scatter – This is a decent talent if you really don’t have anyone else to put it on, but still is great nonetheless. For higher hbms, a ranged scatter hero really can be helpful; if you don’t have druid, molt, sk, or arctica available, slap it on cupid and enjoy.

Death Knight
Corrode – A talent that is well meant for tanky heroes, death knight fits the bill. Very good pvp talent, and shines in battle altars and lost battlefield.
Condemnation – Same as above; another passive talent, great for tanks.
Heaven’s Wrath – Same as above two talents. Tanks ftw!
Bulwark/Life Drain/War God – Outside of pvp, dk has the potential to be used in hbm and dungeons. These three talents are probably the best for other game modes; damage talents obviously to increase devastation of proc, life drain to increase survivability.

Revitalize – His stun and deflect at the beginning of the battle is deadly in modes like lost battlefield, where it comes most in handy. It also helps immensely in lost realm when taking back battle altars.
Berserk – A good zerk really improves his attack speed, which is very slow. The faster he hits, the faster his proc activates, and fast hits especially shine with his in-built life drain talent.
Bulwark – Since destroyer comes with quite a bundle of health, why not add some more? The extra damage is just a bonus. Pair with zerk or revit crests to make the most out of it.
War God – Pure damage is especially noticeably devastating when he procs. At a high level, with each hit healing him and doing a ton of damage, his proc will wipe the floor. Use revit crests or zerk crests as well.
Dread Drake
Bulwark – Bulwark is one of the best hybrid talents out there. Especially for heroes like dread drake that function as both offensive and defensive, the extra damage and health is a good addition to his already large HP pool and decent dmg.
War God – Equally good as bulwark, his procs become further devastating when combined with other snipers and buffs from PD and cupid. 


Berserk - Zerk is one of Druid's prime talents because it allows for faster hits, thus leading to faster heals. Being a no-cooldown hero, you certainly want to take advantage of that! Druid's attack buffs also stack, which makes faster attack speed especially invaluable.

Scatter - Ranged heroes and heroes that have fast attack speed are the best scatter heroes. Druid fits the bill as a ranged hero. In HBM III, where scatter teams are required, such a druid is invaluable. Slap some zerk or stone skin crests on him.

Bulwark – Just like DD, ghoulem is both an offensive AND defensive hero, bulwark is a perfect talent for him. The extra health is icing on top of the cake, considering how much base hp he already has, and the damage (more noticeable at higher levels of bw) is out-of-this-world.
War God – While it doesn’t come with the benefit of more health, there IS more damage! It is arguable that because his shield is already so great, he is fine without that health. Plus, with the extra damage, he more readily takes out enemy teams one by one.
Revitalize – A purely pvp talent. Having him and his shield proc at the beginning of the battle can be very decisive. Paired with offensive heroes, this talent is mostly meant for lost battlefield and lost realm.

Grizzly Reaper –
Life Drain – Combined with his amazing attack speed and proc, life drain packs one hell of a punch. He can be hit by all six maxed-out garrison arrow towers and be completely fine at higher levels. At lower levels, a life drain reaper is your lifeline in hbm. His sniping is invaluable in gwars and expedition.
Bulwark – More damage and more health is always a win. Double-evolved, this baby will wipe the floor.
War God – While Reaper might lack the health from bulwark, the damage definitely makes up for it.

Harpy Queen - 

Bulwark - HQ is a debuffer, through and through. But she's quite lacking in the hp and dmg department. Thus wouldn't it be a good idea to put a hybrid talent on her?

War God - Combined with PK, WL, and DD, she can be formidable as gwar defense. A single santa missle their way and the entire enemy team would be severely damaged. War God, while ignoring the hp aspect, increases the damage of the proc by a severe bit, and at a high level, makes her deadly as a sharp knife.


Bulwark - Think of Immo as a mini-vlad, with less health and damage, without the healing ability as well (though his proc does last 2 seconds longer). However, for those who don't have vlad, Immo is a suitable replacement. More hp for survivability, more damage for a better proc.

War God - Same as above. He needs damage, damage, damage so that he doesn't just fill up opponents' energy in HBM. When he's targeted, he tends to go down quickly; Immortep needs to kill enemies very quickly.
War God – His primary uses are in raiding and dungeons. A high level war god will decimate dungeons and bases, especially with PD and Cupid buffs.
Bulwark – Another point of contention. Most people would go for a war god, but at 10/10 and with war god crests, I’m sure that bulwark is just as fine. No need to replace bulwark for war god.
Revitalize – This talent is only useful in raiding and pvp. An instant proc from mino in lbf is quite nice for the stun and the energy reduction. However, I think that in raiding, a cupid proc should be enough to clear the floor without a revit as a main talent.

Moltanica -

Scatter – Scatter is without a doubt Moltanica's top all-around talent. Most people who have successfully completed any stage in HBM III owe Molt and her debuffs a big thank-you. Combined with her proc, reducing ATK, ATK SPD, and MOV SPD, many enemy heroes are rendered in stasis, with the rest of your team to finish them off.

Revitalize - A top player who wants to compete in many different game modes might build two or more of the same hero with different talents. In this case, a revit molt can have its uses in LBF. A quick debuff right away can be deadly if timed right. However, she should be pretty low priority for a revite. There are many heroes that would benefit more. 

Ninja - 

Berserk - Ninja's already got an insanely fast ATK SPD, of 800 ms. While he isn't used much anymore, you ideally want him to get as many hits and procs in as he can before he dies, due to his low base HP. Zerk definitely helps in that regard.

Revitalize - Another old school talent. Ninja shines in TB, and it's probably the game mode in which he's most useful nowadays. Don't waste a revit on him unless you're absolutely and completely maxed out, and are bored. A high level ninja with revit can one-shot a lot of heroes.

Orksbane -
Heaven's Wrath - Pretty much the exact same explanation as for DK. Both heroes are very tanky; tanky heroes generally do well with passive talents such as HW. 
Corrode - Same reason as above. Makes orks especially great in LBF, with all that energy reduction.
Condemnation - Used in combination with other heroes with in-built slow down procs like HQ, WL, and Santa, your enemies will look hilariously slow-mo. Fun talent.
Life Drain - Orks, unlike DK, has no cooldown. While his attack speed is the same, his proc heals a decent amount. Just like reaper, since both heroes have no cooldown and have procs that heal them, why not interject a talent that does the same in-between procs? LD heroes are good at soaking up arrow-tower fire and bomb damage, and so this really shines in modes like gwars and expeditions where you'll use orks to clean up your snipers' work.


Life Drain - Putting LD on a Paladin is pretty much THE exception to the rule that they should mostly go on heroes with decent ATK SPDs. The ideal maxed-out Paladin reduces so much damage from his proc that every hit of LD should heal back the damage taken in 1v1. This is further exemplified with the Goblet of Life artifact - truly a fun hero to play around with.

Stone Skin - It may be an overkill with his skill, but it certainly helps in-between his procs. For example, unless you have 5 revit crests on him or a revit cupid, he might be vulnerable till he gets his proc in. Stone skin helps negate some of the damage that he takes until he procs.

Phantom King - 

Bulwark - As with SM, this hero's health is quite lacking. It's a good idea to cover both his health and boost his damage up a bit.

War God - If you have a good PD, in a couple of stacks, PK will be firing away. The damage from war god combined with that is a deadly and nasty combo. Cover him with a tanky hero as much as you can.

Scatter - Even though his skill practically comes with an in-built scatter, the more the merrier! His fast attack speed can make him quite deadly, and leveled up, he is a great HBM III hero.

Pixie - 

Berserk - Pixie has an incredibly slow ATK SPD, and even though she has a long cooldown, this is an exception. Zerk doesn't necessarily need to go on cooldown heroes; for heroes with a long wait in between procs, it's useful to get there faster. 

War God - An underrated talent on her. War God allows her to take the role of a sniper, in game modes like gwars and expeditions. Her proc is just as effective as any other decent sniper - when used with different snipers, she obliterates heroes from afar.

Bulwark - Same as above. The extra health might let her tank out some arrow tower fire, if it need be. But there isn't really any noticeable difference, both damage talents are good.

Santa Boom 
Bulwark – This is more contended amongst people – those who support bulwark state that since Santa already pretty much obliterates at a high skill level, he doesn’t need the extra damage from War God. He does better with the extra health.
War God – Those who support war god say the opposite. Since he is meant to snipe from afar, he doesn’t need that extra health; rather, the extra damage is more helpful in situations where the enemies’ base HP is high enough to cause problems. (e.g., reaper and cupid in HBM III). My personal belief is that both talents, just like in every situation with bulwark and war god, are exactly the same. Really, there’s no point in arguing about it – whichever one you put on your Santa depends on your own situation; whether you have other heroes that might benefit more, or if Santa’s the way to go.

Pumpkin Duke -

Berserk – PD is certainly the top buffer in the game, with no cooldown. Zerk makes no-cooldown heroes speedmongers, and it's blatantly obvious with PD. At max stack and attack speed, he'll be a little orange hummingbird zooming all over the place. The excellent, excellent speed that zerk gives him comes in handy in every single game mode. You always want PD to be faster, he's your primary marathon runner! Slap revit crests on him for pvp, and revive crests for other game modes.

Revitalize - Also a top notch talent for PD. Revit is mostly geared towards PVP modes, where having his speed and attack buff at the beginning of the battle can be quite wonderful. Also good for dungeons that you might have trouble stacking with at the start; you won't have any problems getting stacks in if he procs right away. However, the one downside is that revit just doesn't have a use in modes like HBM.  If you already have a one or the other, on your PD, don't replace it!
Many people opt for making two seperate PDs, one with zerk and one with revit.


War God – Siren is a mini-santa. She's great in HBM and LBF as a replacement for him. Thus it makes sense for her to have the same talents optimized. The more damage she does, the more fodder she's able to take out.

Bulwark - Same as above, and never undervalue the importance of more hp, it always comes in handy no matter what.

Skull Knight -

Scatter - Skull Knight's attack speed is downright phenomenal. Scatter is a talent mostly geared for heroes that have fast attack speed, as they can reduce energy faster. It shines in higher HBM especially, where scatter is necessary to complete difficult waves of incoming heroes. A downside is that in pvp especially, it is canceled by Aries' calamity. However, as long as you have a Valentina, you should be good to go. 

Corrode - An amazing pvp talent. Unlike with scatter, skull knight can take on three heroes at a time. In situations like lost battlefield and battle altars, it's an incredibly versatile energy-sucking bulldozer. Combine this with goblet of life and revit or scatter crests, and he'll be feared wherever he walks. However, not as great as scatter in other game modes like HBM - perhaps building two skull knights, one scatter and one corrode, is the answer.

Deadly Strike - Another pvp talent. While this is even less useful in other game modes than corrode, it sure is satisfying seeing occasional huge crits in arena. It has the capability to straight up one-shot enemy heroes if you're lucky. 

Revit - Having skull knight proc at the beginning of the battle is certainly a sight to behold; with his insane ATK and damage reduction, he is often the difference between a win and a loss. Again, this is only really decent in pvp, and you might want to build two skull knights if you want to make the most of using him in other game modes.

Snowzilla - 

Berserk - SZ is one of the highest DPS heroes in the game in capped modes, and is great for Boss 4. Thus said, as a hero without a cooldown, it's always a good thing to have faster attack speed. Especially when the hero in question has a valuable slow-down debuff, right? 

Scatter - Combined with his very decent attack speed and slow-down implemented in his skill, more debuffs make for a fearsome opponent. Used with Moltanica, Santa, and Aries, amongst others, you can put enemies in an incredible energy-reducing stunlock.

Spirit Mage -

Bulwark - SM is a great hero for dungeons if you have him, but his health is incredibly lacking. Why not boost that and his damage as well, so that he's able to take out more buildings and fodder, quicker?

War God - Even without the extra health, war god still is on par with bulwark. He will often die quickly no matter how much health you jam into him. With a couple of PD and/or cupid procs, though, the amount of damage really becomes minimal.

Berserk - A fun talent on a beastly no-cooldown hero. While lacking the damage, it's worth putting on if you believe that other heroes would benefit more from a new wg or bw. If you really want to have some fun, try to organize a 4-man team in mesa with 4 SMs and PKs. Crazy!


Revitalize – Old school arena talent, for reducing the crystal’s health by a ton in one proc. Damage reduction can be handy at low levels against bosses.
Sprint – Another good arena talent. Put her in lightning rock and she’ll zoom like she has rollerskates on. Would be interesting to see in open lane top arena, if she could survive to reach the crystal.
Zerk – All non-cooldown heroes benefit in some way from zerk. Succubus is no exception. In fact, she hypothetically could be a decent niche hbm hero if she survives till the final boss. One proc after another at a high skill level and ‘whoosh’ goes the boss. 

Thunder God -

Bulwark – At the start of the game, Thunder God is definitely one of the most important heroes. That said, his proc is already quite devastating without any damage talents. Throw a bulwark in there, and when at a high enough level, he can sometimes take out whole teams in a couple of procs. 

War God - Same logic as above. With or without that health from bulwark, both damage talents make him a beastly dungeon hero and a good replacement for mino or sm for all free-to-plays.

Treantaur -

Revitalize - Treantaur is used in more game modes than most people realize - LBF, Lava-Isle II, Mesa, and Guild Wars. Having him shield at the beginning of the battle guards well against heavy-hitting revit heroes, such as destroyer. Even though it might seem redundant especially if he can't revive anyone, shielding at the beginning of the battle has the same effect. However, you still might want to use revive crests in case the battle is lengthy (in lost battlefield, it happens more often than you'd think) and he gets taken out. 
Revive - Equally as good as a revit, even if he can't shield at the beginning, his one proc is often a lifesaver. In lbf, especially if he's put in the back, and the last one targeted, he's a do-gooder for sure. Put revit crests on him. 


Revitalize - Just like cupid, a revit not only allows for an instant energy refilling but also a chance to counter the all-powerful Aries. Valentina cancels out the calamity effect of Aries' proc (she's immune to the effect except for the damage), making her a must-have in higher-level pvp against 5 revit Aries teams. Note that 4/5 revit might be more useful in niche situations, where Aries procs first. But that all depends on what crests and artifacts and talents both teams have.

Scatter - For the same reason as cupid, it is the second-best talent for Valentina, especially when you feel that it would benefit you more to crest a revit set rather than use that as the head-on talent. Because everywhere else other than pvp, a 4-5 revit isn't really helpful. Most notably in HBM. Val would be a great ranged scatter hero to use, there.

Vlad Dracula -                                     

Bulwark – Your enemies will be gone so fast you’ll barely see them before they disappear in the dark depths of Vlad’s whirlwind of torment and despair.
War God – Same as above. Both talents are equally amazing.

Revitalize - The prime talent for warlock in pvp, mostly for the instant shield and the slowing down of enemies. Should be high priority in the “revit list” – the order in which heroes receive revit.
War God – Great sniping talent, and is more important nowadays that gwars are such a vital game mode for many. A proc from a high-leveled War God warlock can one shot evolved heroes.
Bulwark – Same as above, just sacrifices a bit of damage for some health. May be useful against high-garrisoned arrow towers.

Thanks for reading the guide, hope you found it useful!

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You are missing a number of legendary heroes, if you update this post to include them all ( Event, Gem roll & Shardable )I will move the post to the guide section where it can be of more service to the forum community overall.:angel:


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Fat wall method
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You forgot speed run and max dps builds for capped situations~

I muted myself. Talk about an abuse of power, eh?
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Cool thanx helped me!!

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Fat wall method
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clashers might argue...but who cares???

thanks a LoT...good job mate