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[Guides] Introducing New Feature - Fortress Feud

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Accessing Fortress Feud: 
Tap your Guild Hall, then tap “Event.” From the list of Guild events, tap “Fortress Feud.”

Event Registration

Registration Day: 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month
Event Day: 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month

Event Time Slots:
1st Time Slot: 04:00-05:00 (GMT -5)
2nd Time Slot: 12:00-13:00 (GMT -5)
3rd Time Slot: 20:00-21:00 (GMT -5)

1. At 09:00 (GMT -5) on registration day, guilds in the top 1,500 of the Guild Might rankings may register for the event. Registration closes at 24:00 (GMT -5).
2. Only Guild Leaders and Vice-Leaders may register their guild for the event.
3. During registration, Guild Leaders and Vice-Leaders can choose from one of three time slots for the guild to participate in the event. The time slot can’t be changed once the guild has registered.
4. Fortress Feud will begin the next day during the selected time. It will last one hour.
5. Up to 800 guilds can register in a time slot. You won’t be able to register if the limit has been reached. A prompt will let you know if this is the case.
6. After your guild has registered, there will be a countdown to the beginning of the event on the Fortress Feud interface.

Division Sorting
1. Guilds that have registered for different time slots will not be sorted into the same division. 
2. Within each time slot, guilds will be sorted into divisions in order of the guild’s Might and overall points for the previous Fortress Feud.
3. Each division will have four guilds. If the number of participating guilds is not a multiple of four, there will be at least three guilds in a division.

Fortress Feud Map

There are several different objectives on the map that grant different amounts of Capture Points and are connected by paths. Your teams will travel along the path to reach each objective. Travel takes twenty seconds. To travel to an objective further away, the time required will be the total time required to travel all paths to reach that objective. Free objectives are guarded by monsters and captured objectives are guarded by the Heroes of the player that captured it.
Tap “?” at the top left to read the Fortress Feud rules.
Starting points: The four corners of the map are the starting points for each guild. These can’t be captured by other guilds.
① Outposts (smallest objective): 20 Capture Points
② Strongholds (medium objective): 50 Capture Points
③ Fortress (largest objective): 160 Capture Points
④ Chat Feature
⑤ Form Team: Tap this to form/edit your Hero teams.
⑥ All Fortress Feud rankings

Forming Teams
Tap “Form Team” to access the interface where you can edit your Hero Teams.
1. You can form up to three teams, each containing up to six Heroes (if Heroes are not evolved, they must be at least Lv 100).
2. The new teams will appear in your guild’s starting point.
3. You can edit your team setup when they’re not in battle (but you must have at least one Hero in your team at all times).

Team Movement
After you have formed your Hero teams, simply tap an objective and select a team number to send that team to that objective.
1. If you change your destination while your team is still traveling, your team will only change its course after arriving at the next objective.
2. You can’t pass through an objective captured by other guilds to get to another objective beyond it.
3. Your Hero teams will select the quickest route when traveling to an objective. If there are multiple routes that take the same amount of time, the route chosen will be random.
4. If your team passes by an objective captured by enemies, your team will stop traveling and engage in battle.
5. You can’t move to an objective if two other Guilds are battling there.
6. You can’t move to an objective your Guild is battling in if the number of participating teams is at the maximum.
7. Teams that are engaged in battle can’t travel to another objective.

Guild Rally Function
(Only Guild Leader or Vice-Leader) Tap an objective, then tap the Flag button to rally your guild members.
1. This function is only available to the Guild Leader and Vice-Leader.
2. You can only Rally guild members to one objective at a time.
3. If the Rally has been activated at Objective A and is later activated at Objective B, the Rally at Objective A will be canceled.
4. A Rally icon will appear on the objective after the Rally has been activated.
5. To cancel a Rally, simply tap the button again.

Attacking & Defending an Objective
1. Your team can attack when it moves to an objective not captured by your Guild.
2. Attackers have to defeat the guards defending the objective to capture it.
3. During a battle, members of the defending Guild can travel to the objective and participate in the battle (in order of the time they arrive).
4. If a defending player’s team is stationed at an objective, the team will join the battle after the guards.

Fortress Feud Battles
1. Attacking and defending teams will be placed in order of the time they arrived at the objective.
2. Each attacking team will go up against a defending team in time order.
3. Teams that arrive later will also join the battle in the order of the time they arrived.
4. There is no time limit for the battle of control for an objective. However each team has three minutes to battle another team. In the case of a draw, the defending team wins and the surviving Heroes in the attacking team will be considered dead.
5. When a team loses, there is a three second pause. During this time, the winning team will be reset to its original position and the guild of the losing team will send out the next team for battle.
6. The winning team will continue the next battle with its current HP and Energy levels. Dead Heroes will be removed from the team.
7. A guild loses the battle for control of an objective if it runs out of teams to deploy for battle. The winning guild will gain control of the objective.
8. When there is a battle at an objective, there will be an additional button when you tap the objective. Tap the button to watch the battle.

Event Rounds & Hero Revival
Fortress Feud lasts one hour and is divided into three rounds, each lasting 20 minutes. After every round, Capture Points are updated and all dead Heroes will be revived.

Obtaining Points
Guild Battle Points: The total Battle Points obtained by all guild members.
Guild Capture Points: Points earned by having control of objectives till the end of a round (the Capture Points will be added to the guild total at the end of each round).
Battle Points: Points earned by defeating enemies in battle (defeating a team of higher Might will grant more Battle Points). You’ll still earn a base amount of Battle Points if your team loses (your base Battle Points is higher if your team has a high Might).

Fortress Feud Rewards
After the event ends, rewards are awarded based on your guild’s point ranking within your division.
The number of Fortress Chests you’ll get depends on your guild’s division rank and your Might. (You can’t collect event rewards if you did not participate in the event.)
Fortress Feud Reward: Fortress Chests. Each Fortress Chest grants 100 Fame and a random type of item.
E.g.: If Player A (Might: 190,000) is in a guild that ranked first in their division, he’ll receive twelve Fortress Chests (12+4=16).

Division Rank1st2nd3rd4th

Player MightBonus Chests(old)Bonus Chests(new)

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So how often is it once a week?

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GREAT! (the rewards are quite tempting)

Awch !!!
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First round will start when I wonder?

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"(8+4=12)"... Thanks IGG! Lots of people would have been stumped if it were not for your incredible math skills ;)
Once again you have saved the day! (Read that in a sarcastic Morgan Freeman impression for some laughs)

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No west coast after work timezone.  Nice.

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Hoho, nice :)

Let's move out!
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