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[Guides] How I 3-flamed 5-10 without SM or Mino

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So, as pr. request I'll just write what I did and what I used to beat 5-10 as f2p. This is not a thorough guide, but more of a guideline of what you need to farm ressources for if you want to conquer the last dungeon my way.
I did alot of attempts before nailing it, so expect to fail alot before it works. I can't imagine any f2p team that wouldn't have to fail alot in this dungeon.

The history:
I tried alot of different stuff, different heroes, different artefacts, until I decided on my team. With this team, I attempted again and again for a day or so before I got the breakthrough

Strategy thoughts, and minimum requirements for this strat: Ghoulem and Reaper

What I wanted to happen was to kill off ALL heroes before engaging them. That's right, all of them while fighting SK. For that to happen you need no cooldown nukers and alot of Guardians. TG was slightly better than Santa for this, and Reaper was Mvp my a margen. - But don't expect a mediocre Reaper to pull you through this. There are a LOT of heroes in this dungeon and they have lots of health. DD was there to tank a single hit from SK allowing for a later GA as well as proc'ing on heroes. I don't hold a SK, but I bet he could work too. Ghoulem was there to Aoe the nearby heroes and towers as well as clearing the base when all heroes where gone without risking being stunned. Vlad would be able to clear surroundings as well, but you'd need tremendous luck avoiding a timeout or simply being killed by the towers.

The Team
I don't want to spend forever uploading pictures, so I'll just write here what I used:
Devo PD, 10/10, i100, Berserk 4/ Revite 4, Blitz
Devo Ghoulem, 9/10, i100, enlighten 5/ BW 4, Axe
Devo DD, 9/10, i100, Corrode 5/ LD 4, Axe
Devo Reaper, 9/10, i100, Sprint 4/ WG 4, Axe
Evo TG, 9/10, i99, WG  3/ Berserk 4, Axe
Evo Cupid, 9/10, i100, Revite 3, Revive 4, Victor

The drop:
This drop has to be done very swiftly. You are in no rush after dropping frenzy, but after the Snow Storm, you MUST HURRY.

1. Drop Frenzy at the purple spot
2. Drop Snow Storm at the white
3. Drop 2 thopters at the purple spot
4. count to 2
5. drop DD first followed by the rest of the heroes
6. GA and Ares Fervor
7. Spam Guardians with one hand (Full camps), cross fingers with the other hand

Ok, that's about it. I wish you good luck. If you have the heroes, but not the training, Reaper is the key hero here. I actually considered making him 10/10 for the extra target. Thankfully I didn't have to

Some Screen shots for the speculators:
Yeah, I know. I have 2250 gems purchased, but I couldn't help myself from tapjoying. Usually they give around 10 gems each so I have never bothered much, but one day I accidently clicked the link and there was one at 1100 gems and another at 500. You can discuss whether this is a f2p account or not in another thread, but at least it's a no-sm, no Mino acccount

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Nicely done indeed. A round of applause from every P2P who is sucking in ID5 right now.

(including me, lol)

The battles are so bloody because the stakes are so low.
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How do u beat id 5-4?

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Gg mate.
Your a boss.
I mean it

Nothing here.Move along
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That is a great achievement!!! I've never though about swapping santa for reaper.
Also, It gives me so much hope as I do not have SK.
My reaper isn't double evolved yet, I hope it will be good enough (180 Evo I).

IGN: AceMan26, Might: 270k+
Guild(iOS): Israel
Farming HBM AF, ID 6-10
5-6 – no Mino no SM:
5-10 – no Mino, no SM, no DD, no SK:
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I'm more impressed you did it without SK than without Mino/SM - that's awesome!!

Most people beat it by using SK w/ revite crest to aggro the SK, GM to clear, and HB 3 crest on 2 heroes to keep the SK from killing everyone after it revives. 

Do you think a badass PK could substitute for TG in your setup?

Congrats again dude, very impressive!

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well done man! I remember your 4-10 thread. Glad you finally rolled some good heroes (DD/Ghoulem)

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Scram !
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Wow very impressive. I can't seem to beat this no matter what I try tho, don't have a ghoulem and my sk has 7/8 scatter so he kills the sk after a little bit then it comes back and takes its vengeance on everyone other than the sk lol ( Yes I tried delaying dropping the sk until the dungeon sk procs, still bad news bears). Even tried druid and treantaur with dd to try to make a fake ghoulem but dd just dies, really stuck might consider taking up dupe sk just for this.

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