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[Guides] Guide for lost battlefield :)

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Posted on 8/14/16 6:14:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey peepz :)
It's a little guide for lost battlefield for the people,who are getting 900-950 but can't reach 1000+.

Here I am going to discuss my team formations and, will let you know how to use the other heroes that are not in my team :)

TEAM 1. Damage team : a) Vlad sevo, 180,10*,8/10,8/8 wg, level 2 revive crest, axe. b) Aries 182,10*,8/10,3/8 revive, level 3 revite crest. c) valentina 180,10*,8/10,2/8 revite, level 2 revive. d) Thunder God devo 163,7/10,7/8 revive :(, level 3 bulwark, axe. e) candy Kane sevo 160,9*,6/10,3/8 scatter, level 4 sprint, Victor.
#  This is works in such a way that all my heroes attack in same time. As you can see my valen is ahead, so she basically 2 revited and takes all the damage and die but revive and procs instantly give a huge amount of energy to make all my heroes proc, because my Aries is 3 level revited he procs before Vlad and tg and silences them this helps to take dd, gholem, sk like teams. Even this team is able to defend 5/5 revited Aries team :)
You can use Santa in place of candy, or use gholem, or even Medusa, dk even.

TEAM 2. Celebrate team : a) pumpkin duke sevo 170,9/10, 5/5 revite, level 2 revive, blitz. b) cupid sevo 150,9/10,4/5 revite, level 2 revive,eye. c) phantom king sevo 160,9*,6/10,5/8 flame guard, level 3 scatter,victor d) harpy queen sevo 160,9*,7/10,4/8 scatter, level 4 slowdown, lightning. e) lady Leo :) 153,7/10,3/8 revive, level 3 berzerk, lightning.
#my pd and cupid are bit ahead in the team cause both are highly revited pd procs then with the help of cupid he procs again, pk and harpy, Leo less cool down heroes take the whole team. But 5/5 revite Aries can take this team easily but sometimes pk hits Aries and helps lol.
You can use dd in this team :)

TEAM 3. Revive team : a) pixie 180,10* 7/10,3/8 revive, level 3 slowdown.
b) reaper sevo 161,7/10,2/8 revive, level 3 life drain, are. c) druid servo 165,6/10,4/8 berzerk, level 2 revive, victor. d) warlock sevo 162,7/10,2/8 revite, level 3 Wargod, axe. e) tree :P sevo 160, 9*,6/10,5/8 scatter, level 2 revive. Victor.
#this team more or less depends on luck. However this team consists of 4 evod so it takes most of the teams, even sk having teams, tree revive everyone most of the time.
You can use grim here and beast tamer as well

I actually have dracax, beast tamer, evolved dk but not using them a lot they are can very useless. And keep in mind strategy matter, heroes also matters but a little less, I don't have dd, sk, golem, Santa or any paid hero but still doing decent:). No offense but I am f2p. :D

First time I got 1000+ points at 94k and now keep on getting 1000+ and trying to get 1080+, got 1000+ again today even trying just after the server reset.
Hope you guys like this and try to get 1000 points.
One more help guys that try to attend your lbf entries as late as much you can, if possible then Around 23:30 servertime :)
If you think that there is anything that can be corrected  in my teams then let me knew :)

For any help my line Id : leader_thedemons

Hey I love to play castle clash
Posted on 8/14/16 6:42:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

great effort, some might disagree with how you form your team, but as long it works for you i think it should be fine. This might helps new players to experiment on different team combination and help them search for info on lbf easier.

HBM AF, ID6-10
Posted on 8/14/16 7:13:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Actually yesterday I saw a thread for lbf guide so uploaded may help :)

Hey I love to play castle clash
Posted on 8/14/16 7:39:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to ask why exactly you use CK, she seems pointless without 5 revite, and you have 3/8 scatter on her which isn't that great either.

As a side note, I personally enjoy using my 5/5 corrode DK as a tank in LB, whch works pretty well

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