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[Guides] EZ War sheet v5.1 - New pictures of sheet! updated 6/26/17

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Hello everyone!

I have created EZ War Sheets for everyone to use. Anyone may download it and use it! I do these sheets through google sheets and am also able to create a copy of the sheet for you that is hosted through google. You can edit and update it and share the link to your guild for everyone to see. It's a very simple sheet to use that has very easy hosting and viewing for your guild.

Thanks everyone who are using the sheets so far! I'm glad so many people are liking it! As those who use my sheets already know, Questions and Comments and Suggestions and Requests are very very welcome to me. I will even edit your sheet for you to help it be the way you want it to be. Contact details are on the War Data page in the sheets. I'm happy to help!

Here is the latest Sheet links! 

Latest Update: 6/25/2017
Link to Blank sheet:
Link to sheet with test data as example:

Update: 6/25/2017
-Added new pictures to the forums post

Update 6/24/2017
-Extensively tested through multiple guilds to clear out any or all bugs found. Many new suggestions and requests have made the sheet easier to use and easier to read.
-NEW! Totals and Leaders page on sheets shows you the totals for the guild for the last few wars and the top 3 members in each of the categories. This is meant to help your members strive to be one of the top 3 so their name will show up on the leaders for the guild
-NEW! Point Chart Display page. This will show your GW point chart in a nice display and it allows you to edit your Guild information on it so members in your guild and anyone who is interested in joining can easily view and see the GW points requirements and guild details.
-NEW! I have created 2 Main/Home pages for the sheets. They display the exact same information but are set up different. Take a look at both of them and All you have to do is move the page tab to the front of the list to have the display that page by default for your guild members and anyone else who opens up your guild war sheet.
-Changed the GW Point Chart page to be much much easier to understand and use

Update 5/12/2017
-Updated the guild chart to allow you to directly put in ranks and numbers you actually want. The chart building help is still there for your convenience but is not what is used for the actual rule chart any longer. I did this because users found that while the chart building helper was a really interesting system it was difficult to use and the numbers were exact while members of guilds want more rounded numbers. Basically it's easier for a member to say I need to score 1600 points rather then 1624 or something like that. 

Update 5/9/2017
VERSION: EZ War Sheet 4.19

*Home page and history page now has fame totals in data
*Details page has better visuals and has better information to help understand fame gained from war
*NEW SHEET: Guild Points Chart! This new sheet allows you to make a points requirement chart for your guild. it is fully explained with easy to understand instructions and simple custom results that you make. but not only do you build your own points chart but it is also implemented on the entire full history page. You will be able to see every score that doesn't meet your requirements in war.
*Full history page now has the guild chart working within it show you scores that don't meet your standard
*REVAMP PP1K page. The entire pp1k system has been redone to make it very much easier to understand and use. 
*Rewards page has had more rewards added to the page as well as it allows you to fill out some data yourself if you don't like the default reward system that was implemented.
*Expedition rewards for honor badges and merits on the REWARDS page are now correct for higher might players. Added in the floor values for honor at 9000 max rewards per battle and 240 max merits per battle. 
*Contact and instructions on War Data page have been reworded for easier understanding
*Formulas page has had the pp1k formula updated to reflex the changes on the pp1k page

update 4/20/2017
*fixed a error caused during fixing the fame fix
*fixed some coloring of names on some pages to make it easier to read

Updates for 4/19/2017
*Fixed errors on fame calculating on the history war page
*added fame total to home page for last 4 wars
*added fame total to history page for all wars recorded

*FIXED MY INSTRUCTIONS AND CONTACT INFO: Fill in ALL black area with Data. CONTACT INFO: LINE chat id is trryuse2 - Guild is Easytargets and in game name is trryu2 - I keep friend list not full - Thanks for trying out my sheet. I hope it help! Questions and comments welcome
*Fixed many errors like date errors, and other display errors.
*Changed wording of a few explanations to help users understand better
*Cleaned up and changed a few displays that were hard to understand
*Changed the details page to show how much fame you lose from not scoring 3 flames every attack

Future updates:
*Will be working on Guild correlation to find a better result compared to your own guild. Hopefully this will show you better information on what your guild needs to get or maintain a higher rank in war
*Will be adding in a few more details on the detail page
*Creating a facebook page for the sheet. Under construction now. I'm not familiar with facebook so trying to figure it out

*Special thanks to Tigerlily from the guild HORSTIES for working with me and helping make the sheet better for everyone

*I will help anyone set up their sheet. just contact me on LINE chat and I'll make you a copy of the sheet that you can update. All I need is info from at least 1 war or a link to your own sheet is fine as well

Thanks everyone!

Tim - Trryu2

Hello everyone. I'm back with My sheet. I've not only fixed many issues but added many new things to my sheet. 

*Split the main display sheet into 2 sheets. Home and History. Home sheet shows the last 4 guild wars data and averages, while History shows ALL input from wars.
*Added the ability to change the way the sheet ranks members. (total points, average points per war, PP1K, Might). To change the way you show rank simply input the corresponding number into the war input page at the top. then both home sheet and history sheet will rank all members based on your selection
*Created a new sheet entirely devoted to PP1K(points per 1000 might). At the bottom of the sheet there is an adjustable formula you can edit simply by inputting data for x1,y1 and x2,y2. For a more detailed explaination of how I come up with the formula I show the mathematics behind it on the formula collection sheet.
*Created a new sheet for Guild Ranking. This sheet allows you to input the results of each guild and see the average results for the individual members of the guild. Simply input the guild rank/might/points/members and it will show you a chart with the results.
*Created a new sheet for Castle Crisis. The sheet displays ranking and rewards and some statistics of what I have been able to input from the live server. it breaks those statistics down the best way I could to help you understand what it takes to get better rewards.

Errors fixed:

*Major reference error with deleting or moving members off or around the war data sheet. You can now delete or move or sort members as you wish with no problems on the display sheet or any other result sheets.

*Fixed many other various minor issues with the scripting or formulas

THAT is everything I have done in the last couple months. Here is the link to my current guild sheet. feel free to download and use it as you wish. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me here or on Line chat ID: trryu


Thank you for trying it out. I hope it helps you and your guild!

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Bump it for those who play at night to see.  If you aren't the leader of the guild you are in and want to get me in contact with your leader I'll be glad to talk to your leader.  I'll even set up a copy of the sheet for your guild to have.  I'm happy to help start you guys oh the sheet so your gold can benefit from it! And if there is any idea's that anyone thinks could be good for the sheet please do tell.  I'm all about getting this sheet to be as helpful as possible. Thanks guys and gals! Clash with honor!


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bump : )

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this is awesome good work!!

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i'll be glad to help any of you out! just let me know

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bump it for you night owls or other countries :)