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[Guides] Game progression Guide

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This guide is meant to help new players who just started with CC, or players who feel somewhat stuck in progression along the mid-game, or even those who don’t know what heroes to work on. This is not a game-mode guide; it will not go into great detail on how to beat a certain game-mode. The guide will cover game progression and efficient usage of the resources available to your account.

Unfortunately, no piece of advice is one-size-fits-all. For this guide, tips will be relative to your account goals. I will distinguish three main types of accounts:

Big-spenders: their main goal is to have the strongest possible heroes.
Mid-spenders: their main goal is to get their account as strong as possible with what their budget allows.
F2P: their goal is to survive. Complete as much of the content as possible without having ideal heroes/talents.
Advice on how to upgrade heroes varies depending on the type of player you will be, but progression in general follows the same guidelines.

Progression guide

Get an account with Pumpkin Duke
PD is the most vital hero for progression. If your account isn’t too developed, you might do better picking up a smurf some guildie doesn’t wanna play on anymore that has PD on it.
If you are a spender at any range, you will get PD without much trouble.

Spend Honor Badges wisely
Don’t roll heroes with HB. Early game HB are hard to come by even if you spend money. Focus resources on heroes that are key to progressing and use HB only on them

Reach 10k might and access Lost Realm
Progress through HBM levels and dungeons as much as you can. When you access LR, get your dungeon heroes to 7* and inscribe them to 80i. You can reach normal dungeon 8-10 with this or even earlier.

Join a guild
You can join a guild before reaching 10k might, but most serious guilds recruit accounts with at least 20k might. You want to be doing Guild Wars, though don’t stress about your results until you start evolving heroes. If your guild sees that you are progressing your account, they won’t mind having you.
Participate in all guild events possible (GW, Torch battles, Fortress Feud, Guild bosses). Remember that hitting a Guild boss even for 1dmg still gives you rewards, in case you can’t last full 3 minutes.

Upgrade your buildings
Get 5 builders as soon as possible. Use the gems you obtain from achievements and events to accomplish it. With your builders, you want to keep one on upgrading the Relic Hall non-stop until it eventually reaches lvl20. The other 4 have to work your way up to 5 million gold storage so you can start evolving some heroes. This means upgrading the Town Hall and Gold/Mana Vaults. After this, focus on obtaining the 6th hero base.
I can’t stress this enough. Lots of players stubbornly try to get the 6th hero base first. This is a mistake. You can get to expert dungeon 7 in the first 3 weeks of playing just by upgrading the Relic Hall non-stop and unlocking stronger magic.

Progress through LR
Don’t worry about crest sets, you want to prioritize using your red crystals on blue crystal mines. Don’t skip a day without doing LR. If you are a mid-spender, you need to be using the 50 gem refresh on LR every day. If you are a big spender, play LR as much as you can stomach it.

Focus resources on active heroes
You should only spend HB, experience and shards on dungeon and HBM heroes.
PD, Cupid and Valentina have the special property that they can carry your other heroes early on. A good rule of thumb is to keep them 2 skill levels ahead of the rest of your active heroes. Your goal is to eventually take PD to 9, Cupid to 9 and the rest of your active heroes to 7. Val can stay at 8/10. Cupid has milestones at skills 4, 7 and 9. Don’t stop upgrading his skill until you hit one of these milestones, although you still get small gains in dmg. If you have both Cupid and Val, focus on one of them, though you can upgrade both later on.
It is tempting to work on that shiny new hero you just rolled, but if you focus your resources on heroes that speed up progression you save weeks or even months in the long run.

Work your way up to HBM II and Expert dungeon 7-10
Try to beat HBM up to J, use the guardians trick if you must. Box bases are fine on HBM I, but for HBM II you have to switch to either a side or corner base. Only sweep HBM II when you’ve beaten P, J gives better rewards than K, L, M and O.
You want to beat Expert dungeons when able, you need to start working towards 550 flames so you can evo heroes when the time comes. Do not bother beating expert dungeons x-10, they don’t stop progression towards the next dungeon door.

Not much to say, upgrade them when you can for the compendium boosts, but don’t waste shards on their skill until the late game. Big spenders can gem eggs, but don’t worry too much about them since you won’t have shards for their skills until much later. Mid-spenders and F2P should not waste gems on hatching eggs ever.
Unlock Ornithopters and max them. Only upgrade troops that allow you to unlock Ornithopters. Once they reach max level, you can level the other troops for might.

Upgrading spells takes forever, and you want to have both Ares spells, Guardian Angel and SnowStorm max level for the insane dungeons. You need to always be upgrading one of these spells in your Relic hall.

Mesa 4
If your guild doesn’t have organized mesa groups, at this point your account can already be running public mesa 4 for more shards. You can also try and put together a mesa 4 team with guildmates, all that it takes is 2 PDs and heroes inscribed to 80i.

LR and crest sets
Try to only combine crests that you will use. For dungeons, revite, wargod and bulwark are top choices; with much lower priority stone skin and tenacity. For HBM, the previous crests and additionally revive and slowdown.

Push might a bit
If you are F2P, this would be a good time to push to 80k might by leveling dupes just a tiny bit. You want those 100 daily gems. Other accounts should push to 80k only if you are feeling too short on HB.

Reach and beat Insane dungeons
Your goal is Insane dungeon 4-10, for its huge shard income and xp bonus. The jump from e7-10 to i4-10 is from 9k xp per sweep to 113k xp per sweep (before pet bonus). You need all that xp to evolve all your heroes.
Work your way up expert 8, and unlock the insane dungeons. Then, 3-flame insane dungeon 1-3 to obtain the blitz artifact. Take Blitz to max level, then Axe.
Your first evolved hero must absolutely be PD, just so he can wear blitz and carry your heroes through the insane dungeon.
Feel free to stop at any dungeon milestone if you feel your heroes aren’t strong enough to keep progressing (1-10 or 2-10. 3-10 is too hard to 3-flame and not worth trying at that point). If you 3-flame i2-10, you can very likely reach 4-10 and 3-flame it.
Do not try to 3-flame 2-1 for Goblet, it is actually harder than even just reaching 4-10. Better to keep working towards 4-10 once you beat it.

HBM II check
Try progressing through HBM II a bit more, should be able to beat R once you are sweeping 4-10 (or earlier), and can beat S with few evo heroes. Do not sweat it if you can’t beat T yet, but you do want to beat T before even thinking on insane dungeon 5. Do not bother with green/blue garrisons, you don’t need them and can’t afford them yet.

Lost Battlefield
The biggest mistake newer players make is to focus on upgrading LB heroes too early. If you follow game progression, your LB team will consistently get stronger without directly working on it. If you sacrifice game progression (meaning things that make you gain xp, shards or fame faster) you set yourself back weeks of overall progress.

Fame and Guild Wars
Early in the game you might feel like you are swimming in fame and you will want to spend it all upgrading talents. Save your fame until you reach this point in the game (sweeping i4-10). You are gonna use it all on evolving and double evolving your heroes.
Guild Wars is the most important game mode in the game, since it rewards the most fame. Take your GW raid heroes to double evolved and skill 8/10. Your goal is to make your raid team so strong you can consistently raid the top 5~15 bases (depending on the GW bracket you are in).

Lava Isle 3
Requirements: 3 other nerds to play with you. Across all four accounts: two PDs, one Val/Cupid, one of Arc/Grimfiend, one Aries, one Ice Demon skill 7+, one DD, one SK, many PKs, a few Ghoulems. Also require revite 5 on at least one of PD/Val/Arc.
Lava 3 is a huge boost to your shard income, and a big step up from Mesa 4. Do not bother with Lava 1 or 2, they are obsolete. Harder to farm consistently, and provide lesser rewards than Lava 3. They also reward essence, while shards are much more useful to your account.
Coordinate with your mesa group/guildmates to figure out what heroes you need to upgrade and invest on them. Perfect chance to devo that sexy Ghoulem.
With pets, you can even farm lava 3 without Arctica if you have the right setup.

Wretched Gorge
Maxing gorge buildings takes months and is expensive, start working on it early. Upgrade buildings whenever you can afford it, but your heroes should always have priority over HB.
When upgrading buildings, take hero bases to lvl30 first. Then take a tower to lvl30, Arrow towers recommended.
Gorge 2 can be farmed with evo heroes. Farming Gorge 3 requires hero bases at least lvl20. Farming Gorge 4 requires both hero bases and a tower to be maxed and garrisoned.

Insane dungeon 5
Requirements: full devo team, skills 8+, inscriptions 95+. At least one of DD/SK/Ghoulem
Clear insane dungeon 5, and 3-flame 5-10 for extra shards and XP. Bring lots of guardians. This dungeon is extremely challenging so don’t be discouraged, it can be cleared with the right heroes and strats.

You will need to keep 6 green and 6 blue garrison heroes. Plan to use some of your altar space for them. When rolling for heroes, open up blue/green heroes until you find ones with great talents like lvl5 revite, scatter, wargod, LD, etc. You want to secure them a good talent for cheap before investing resources in them. However, there is no need to waste gems rolling talents for them.
Aim to have at least one each of Ice Demon, Triton, Shaman, Executioner, Werewolf, Frost Witch and Marauder (yes, I’m not memeing. His skill stacks).

Requirements: 6x lvl5 blue and green garrisons, mostly devo team, at least one HBM hero with scatter 5+. Hero bases 20+, towers 11+.
HBM III is the biggest single player hurdle in the game. Don’t attempt it unless you meet the requirements. You can use lots of scatter 3 crests on your team, they help very much. Your target is around 110+ total scatter, it will vary depending on the heroes you run (Ghoulem/Santa raise that requirement).
If you take 20+ attempts and can’t beat a stage with a good base, keep upgrading your team instead of wasting HBM entries.

Dominator and Guild Wars defense
I can’t tell you whether or not you should inflate your might past the essential or not. You have to decide for yourself if it really benefits you or your guild.
Once your base meets the requirements for HBM III, it also becomes much stronger on GW defense. If you decide to push might, devo and skill up your entire GW defense even though some of your heroes might already meet this requirement.

Guild Wars again
At this point, you likely have more than enough shards to have fun and upgrade your heroes. I recommend that you max out heroes and pets that you use consistently in Guild Wars.

Now it is worth it investing in pets. Early in the game, upgrading heroes has a bigger impact on progression and performance but when you get to the end game, you need the extra punch pets give you. Invest on pets as you work on certain game modes: balloon and huelephant for dungeons, bubblow and angi for hbm, aviar and pony for pvp, etc.

Lost Battlefield/Fortress Feud and Arch Demon
You should now have plenty of resources available to do whatever you want. You can finish working on your LB team, and slowly skill up those 15 heroes evenly. You could also start working on Arch Demon heroes so you climb up the ranks.

Insane Dungeon 6 and HBM AF
These two milestones are very end game. They require very upgraded heroes (all devo, 95+ inscriptions and 9/10+ skill levels. Tackle them when you feel strong enough. Note that both can be beat by f2p accounts. But neither can be beat with weak heroes.

Infernal Summit
The next level of gorge. Same as the previous milestones, this game mode is end game and has very high hero requirements. However, the most important thing is for you to work together with the other 3 players in order to bring a balanced setup and the required heroes.
Min req: maxed out Gorge buildings (bases, either ATs or MTs are fine), at least 2 Ghoulems, 4 PDs, at least 6 heroes with scatter 7+ across all accounts (using many Aries can reduce the amount of scatter required). If you have gunslinger or anubis, it is 100% worth it to invest in them just so that you can farm this stage.

Insane Dungeon 7
To put it nicely, don’t think you are supposed to beat this one. For starters, it requires having anubis. So even if you do have mino but no anubis, you might not be able to clear it. You can reach 7-10 without anubis, the problem is 3-flaming it. The people who have beat this dungeon without anubis are probably barely on the double digits across all servers. It requires maxed out (talent, skill, inscription) Mino, SM and GR. Regardless of your damage dealers, I recommend having PD and Cupid at 10/10.

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General Advice

Active Heroes
There is no such thing as “top 6 heroes” anymore. At any given time, you will be using around 10~15 heroes across all game modes. The term “Active Heroes” refers to the heroes you are currently upgrading in order to beat a certain game mode. If you are progressing through dungeons, your active heroes will become your dungeon team. When you decide to push to HBM, your active heroes will now be both your dungeon and HBM heroes. When you reach a dungeon milestone, your active heroes will only be your HBM heroes, etc.

Inscribe your active heroes evenly to each inscription milestone. First 80, then 85, then 90, then 95. With the cost of taking your favorite hero to 100, you can take 5 heroes to 90 or 2.5 heroes to 95.
Certain heroes are more susceptible to stat improvements. Ghoulem and Minotaur have low base attack stats. So naturally, inscribing them translates to a greater percentage increase in stats (Ghoulem heals much more, Mino destroys bases). They are the exception to the rule, and you can inscribe them to 100 provided that the rest of your main team is between 90 and 95i.
Heroes with low stats (like Lady Leo and Trixie) and built-in talents like WG and BW also greatly benefit from inscriptions. However, they aren’t big game changers like Ghoulem and Mino are.

Keep: Stone Skin, Slowdown, Tenacity, Sprint, Wargod, Bulwark, Scatter, Deadly Strike and all the Mythics.
Can keep (can sell, but have their uses): Scorch, Flame Guard and Heavy Blow.
Sell (sell for blue crystals): Blade Shell and Self Destruct

Big-spenders: no real reason to forge.
Mid-spenders and F2P: forge to complete Psyshield sets. Mid-spenders will get Psyshield crests through purchases, but might not be enough for full sets. Forging a few million crystals can help complete sets. F2P should only forge if they have a revite 5 hero to protect.
When forging, use up the “Sell” category crests. If you use the “can keep” or even “keep” categories, do not forge ordinary crests of type “IV”. They are the most rare ones from crest bags and boxes, and are also never offered in the Merchant.

Guild Wars
The way you develop your GW team largely depends on two factors: how high ranked your guild is, and the type of account you have. Guilds in the top 25 might range have the toughest GW and require pretty much maxed out heroes in order to compete. Guilds outside the top 100 range have less competition and might not require as big of an investment on GW heroes.
Big spenders: If you already got Demogorgon, enjoy playing the game in easy mode. Otherwise, you likely specialized your account for PvP game modes so your GW raid heroes are gonna have 5 revite on them. You will have to max out your GW raid heroes talent/inscriptions/skills to get them hitting hard enough. Alternatively, when you can afford it, it is recommended that you level up a dupe Warlock with 5 wg main talent.
Mid-spenders: some of your GW raid heroes won’t have 5 revite on them, it is advisable to put a 5wg or 5bw talent on them and upgrade it; it is a fame investment that will pay for itself.
F2P: you might not even have all the best GW raid heroes, your few 5bw and 5wg talents must absolutely go on the GW raid heroes you do have and take it all the way to 8.

Luck is another resource in this game. Unless you spend all the money in the world, your account will only get so many talents from all the ones you really want. So you have to use those wisely.

Big-spenders should just put the ideal talent on every hero. When you finish one or multiple revite 5 crest sets, you can start trying more interesting talent/crest combinations where PvP heroes have 8wg as main talents instead of 5 revite. Plan accordingly, since you will only have a limited amount of lvl 5 crest sets.

Mid-spenders need to think not of what is the ideal talent for each hero, but instead what is the ideal hero for the talent you just rolled. I won’t cover every talent, but here are the most important ones with the heroes in order of priority (highest priority first):
Revitalize: Aries, Cupid, Val, Medusa, CK, Arc, WL, LL, Tree, PD and other dmg dealers (Trixie, Vlad, Santa, etc).
Wargod: Mino, Demogorgon, a GW raid hero (one is enough), Spirit Mage, dmg dealers that did not get a 5 revite (Medusa, LL, Vlad, Santa, etc), DD, HQ.
Bulwark: Anubis, Ghoulem, Grimfiend, Vlad, a GW raid hero, DD, Pixie, GR
Berserk: PD
Scatter: PK, Molt, Arc, HQ
Corrode: SK, Mike, DD, DK

Finally, F2P players should follow the guide above, with the exception that BW/WG talent go on GW raid heroes first. In case your account is lucky enough to have all GW raid heroes, you probably only need to have one of them with an upgraded WG/BW.

Expeditions and Merits
Expeditions are good ways to practice raiding bases with little to no risk. Make for a good place to sharpen your raiding skills for GW.
Spend your merits wisely. Upgrading artifacts is costly and very important, but the daily store on the warehouse has very good prices on certain items. A good rule of thumb is the following order of priority (highest first):
Talent cards > Dungeon cards > Artifact Upgrades > LHC/Quest card > Shards/Essence > HBM card

It’s fine and advisable to evolve heroes using shards if you don’t have the dupes for it, specially key heroes.
When to evolve? A lvl140 evo hero, is stronger than a lvl200 unevo hero. It is also fine to evolve heroes and leave them at lvl140 8* early on in the game, since at that time you have few XP to go around and lots of heroes who need it. You do however have to eventually take those heroes back up to 10*.
If you are short on HB, you can level heroes past 180(185 for evo heroes) before evolving them and then sell the XP books you get from evolution to obtain more HBs. Each book gives 12k HB. If you aren’t sweeping i4-10, then don’t wait too long before evolving. It might take months to take a hero past lvl180.
In case you don’t have 5 million gold storage yet, you can use gems to make up for the missing gold. It is recommended for your first and most important 1~2 evolutions. But more than that is just a waste of gems.

I like to think of this feature as triple evolution-lite. It requires a lot of fame and provides really good stat boosts. I suggest you use your fame wisely now. Does upgrading one hero’s talent to 7/8 or to 8/8 provide a bigger boost than augmenting a hero? Most of the time, it doesn’t. And augmenting is cheaper.
Leveling up equipment requires lots of books. Be patient with this, because converting too many books to aetherocks might eat into your Honor Badges supply.
What hero should I augment first? Same as always, invest in the heroes for the game mode you are currently focusing on. Don’t spread your resources too thin, or you end up with lots of weak heroes.
When rolling for traits, I recommend picking at most the first two using merits. Gems yield far better quality traits, but are also more expensive. Some of us have a lot of idle merits, so it doesn’t hurt using them up on traits in order to save a few gems. By all means, hit boss 4 and 5 if you have the time. Rolling for traits after having 2 locked is far cheaper using gems. Using merits at this point IS a mistake.

Gem Management
Always keep 300 gems at hand in case you get a roll talent quest. Talent refresh card can save you in case you don’t have the 300 gems, so always buy those.
F2P should remember to save gems and roll during Uncover the Treasure for a little extra chance at getting new heroes.

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Good Guide ! We have a Guide Section In the Forum, were u can post this. Ask any Move this thread to Guide Section.

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Hah way to biased you don't need to pick up someone else's smurf to get PD. F2Players can't get ideal talents and heros ? Is that how you rationalize your spending ?

Scram !
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thank you for creating an awesome guide. all noobs like me like it very much

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bumping. somehow it is not being moved to the guides forum D:

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Very nicely done.  

I would put expeditions higher in priority, meaning the development, for most people, of less than ideal heroes for a while.  Expeditions give a poor return on resource investment for a while, but eventually become the major source of honor badges.  Honor badges are typically a bottleneck in game progression.  That means anything alleviating that bottleneck is very important.  

If you have outstanding heroes, you need fewer of them well-developed to do expeditions successfully  But average accounts usually need to spend more resources than better accounts do in order to make anywhere near the same progress.  Spending enough resources on enough heroes, even less than ideal ones, to complete expeditions every day is a good example of that principle.  It's well worth it, especially since it's the last few expeditions that give the lion's share of the rewards from that game mode.

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Added Insane dungeons 6 and 7, Infernal Summit, and Equipment.