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[Guides] Game progression Guide

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I would change "Get an account with PD" with "Get an account with Anubis", right now Anubis is the best and most useful hero that can push your early-mid-end-game like no one, PD at low lvl suck since he's squishy, melee, and his skill is not properly leveled, and getting PD nowadays it's very easy, with the SHC everyone is bound to get one.

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Excellent info propjoe.

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"It’s fine and advisable to evolve heroes using shards if you don’t have the dupes for it, specially key heroes.
When to evolve? A lvl140 evo hero, is stronger than a lvl200 unevo hero. It is also fine to evolve heroes and leave them at lvl140 8* early on in the game, since at that time you have few XP to go around and lots of heroes who need it. You do however have to eventually take those heroes back up to 10*.
If you are short on HB, you can level heroes past 180(185 for evo heroes) before evolving them and then sell the XP books you get from evolution to obtain more HBs. Each book gives 12k HB. If you aren’t sweeping i4-10, then don’t wait too long before evolving. It might take months to take a hero past lvl180.
In case you don’t have 5 million gold storage yet, you can use gems to make up for the missing gold. It is recommended for your first and most important 1~2 evolutions. But more than that is just a waste of gems."

Gonna take note this seriously, especially when I evolve my hero, I'm so eager to level that newly evolve hero to at least lvl160-180 as soon as possible even though I'm an F2P.  I lost so many exp for my other heroes. Awts, Why I read/notice this so late. Shame on me.

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