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[Guides] Introduction to Squad Showdown

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How to access:
Tap on the Arena to enter Squad Showdown.


Main Interface:

1. Help button: Tap to view the rules and rewards for Squad Showdown.
2. Season status: When a Squad Showdown season is open, the time remaining is displayed.   
3. Rankings list: Displays your rank, and the top five players. Tap the Trophy icon to view more details of the current Season’s rankings.
4. Challenge mode: Displays the ongoing challenge mode. Challenge modes available in Squad Showdown are: 2-Hero Mode, 4-Hero Mode, 6-Hero Mode.
5. Team setup and Battle: Tap “Edit Teams” to set up your team. Then tap “Battle” to match your team against an opponent’s team.
6. Rewards: Displays your Match Reward and Season Reward.

1. Create a team from a selection of Castle Clash's best Heroes! Pit your team against another player's team.   
2. All Heroes will take part with maximum Hero Level, Skill Level and Inscription Level. Pair any Talent and Crest you want to your Heroes.  
3. Each Season lasts 8 days. The mode and selectable Heroes are changed after 4 days.
4. During a Season, you can participate daily during these periods: 5:00-7:00, 13:00-15:00, 21:00-23:00 server time.
5. Gain 1 Star when you win a match. Lose 1 Star when you lose a match (except Bronze tier). No Stars are gained or lost if your match results in a draw. Earn Stars to raise your tier.
6. Tier order: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Invincible.
Setting up your squad:
Team setup interface:

Steps to set up your squad:
1. Select the Heroes you wish to deploy. Place each Hero in an available position.
2. Select a Talent and Crest for each deployed Hero. Tap “Use default” to auto-select Talents and Crests for all deployed Heroes.
3. Tap the Back button after you have set up your team.
4. Tap “Edit Setup” if you want to redo your team setup.
1. Each match win, draw and loss will award 15, 10, and 5 Hero Shards, respectively.
2. At the end of each Season, Fame will be awarded according to tier: 50 for Bronze, 100 for Silver, 200 for Gold, 300 for Platinum, 400 for Diamond, and 600 for Invincible. If you have more than 1 Star on Invincible tier, each additional Star will grant 50 more Fame, capped at 200 Fame. 
3. Players who did not participate, or completed the Season in Bronze tier with no Stars, are not eligible for rewards.
4. Rewards from a Season can be collected before the end of next Season.
How Stars and Tiers work:
Earn Stars to raise your Tier: Winning a match when you are at the 2-Star Bronze tier will raise you to 3-Star Bronze. Win another match to get to 1-Star Silver.
Losing Stars will drop your Tier: Losing a match when you are at the 1-Star Silver tier will drop you to 0-Star Silver. Losing another match will drop you to 2-Star Bronze (you will not drop to 3-Star Bronze).

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Didn't realise u could change number of heroes mode. That should have been made clearer before

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Last thing the game needs is yet more badly thought out content. Instead of adding yet more stuff, how about fixing/improving some of the existing elements? Torch battle? Utterly flawed. Arena? Boring. Raiding? Needs freshening up. They're just adding more and more stuff which takes more and more time to complete. The majority of people who spend money on this game are adults who work for a living and only have a limited amount of gaming time each day...

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since all heroes and talents are available to everyone, IGG made it very clear that no matter how much money you can't fuck with this game mode :P!!
and everybody will be treated equally.

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suggest open for all time than 3 different time

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Once a season ends, how long until the following season?

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Protest against igg rolling system and greed

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good job....

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