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[Guides] Introduction to the Equipment system

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Posted on 7/17/17 6:29:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Equipment has emerged in Castle Clash! Equip your Heroes to gain boosts and abilities!

You can build the Armory once you have an evolved Hero.

You can access the “Aetherocks” and “Equipment” sections from the Armory.
You get 5 million Aetherocks after building the Armory.

“Aetherocks” are the resource required to level up Equipment. You can get Aetherocks in three ways:
1. Generated automatically in your account every day. (15,000 per day.)
2. Through battles (Up to 75,000 per day.)
3. Consume Tomes.

Each Equipment grants attribute boosts and a new ability to your evolved Hero. It also increases the Hero’s Might.
After evolving your Hero, you must obtain their Equipment to use it.

Consume Aetherocks to level up the Equipment you’ve obtained. You can augment Equipment when it reaches maximum level.

Augmenting Equipment consumes an Augmenting Stone and duplicates of the Hero. (You can use Oath Tablets instead of Heroes when augmenting Equipment.)

Tap the “!” button at the top-right corner to view all available Enchantments.

The Enchantment for your Equipment is unlocked after augmenting.
Tap the “!” button at the top-right corner of an Equipment’s icon to view more details.     
Tap the “Change” button to change the Enchantment. (Similar to changing Talents.) 

Traits for your Equipment are unlocked after augmenting. Traits grant attribute boosts to your Heroes.
Spend either Merits or Gems to change Traits. There is a better chance to get high level Traits if you spend Gems to change them.
You can lock any Traits that you do not want to change. Locking your Traits will increase the cost of changing Traits.

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Posted on 7/17/17 7:06:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yay another way to spend gems. Like we neaded it. Good luck f2p player's

Posted on 7/17/17 8:09:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

What they don't show is that it costs 3k fame to augment, and it'll cost 6k total if you don't have duplicates. Way to make the fame struggle a little bit harder igg, I new I could count on you all to mess something up again. Especially after you released gunslinger and killed the game, now your just finishing off what's left. Yes I'm somewhat angry, most of it due to the fact that 4 of 60 guild members stopped castle clash because of gunslinger. I can't raid for gold and raiding in guild wars is pointless because everyone 200k and up mainly have gunslinger. Please put in another event to get fame besides guild wars, and lost battlefield. Sure we have squad showdown but to many people spend gems on it to be considered a fair fight.

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I'm p2p and I can't keep remotely close on fame I see this as a major issue as well. I'm fine on the dupes side but even 3k per stone when I have 30 plus heros sitting at lvl 5 talents as it is now I will be forever Luling up talents unless a more sustainable fame source becomes available other than real life currency

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Thanks for the introduction, Admin July.
It's very helpful.

And I hope in the future we can see an increase on Fame rewards. If Fame already was a huge limit for Evo and Devo, right now became double important with the Equipment system.

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Well, lets be the one positive here then. I was actually starting to be bored of this game as most of my heroes were max developed in level and talent. I really hated leveling up heroes that I didnt use juat for the sake of not loaing the exp. Now, I can use the exp to evo some of those heroes and get aetherocks. I've always liked to be (realitevily) low on resources forcing me to choose wisely what to spend them on, but that might just be me. On the other hand, the trait system seems funny but it scales rapidly in gem cost when you lock an attribute and the new "talents" bring new gameplay but again, they'll cost a fortune.

Posted on 7/17/17 11:27:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In my f2p I got my first hero evolved just after the update came out. And I have his equipment already fully maxed and I have augmented him.

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Good way to rip us off more.

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Posted on 7/17/17 12:15:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is pathetic as if we needed another way to make game play more complex, first crests, then artifacts, then pets, then this. People play games to have fun, not to have to learn rocket science first. Lava took forever before, imagine now. BAD MOVE igg.

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