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[Guides] Labyrinth's Goblins

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Posted on 10/30/17 5:28:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

User Skoogra from Reddit posted a list with different Goblins/stratregies. From the comment, this user reached Floor 31 of Labyrinth.

*Greedy: Deflect damage. Sk/Mike/Mech/Gh/DD/Tr/Orks/etc. (No Buffers like PD/Cu/Dr unless you have a game plan)

*Angry: Psyshield. Perma slow with Medusa/Pd/TT/GS. Bring lots of slowdown, heavy blow, scatter (to break psy) talents/crests, stunners, etc.

*Hungry: Heavy Life drain Goblin. Perma slow with Medusa/HQ/WL/Santa/Arc/Molt and Pd. Don't let it target a melee hero first or you will start losing heroes while it gains HP. Can tank with SK and try to out DPS his heals but it is much faster the first way.

*Smug: Dodge and dmg reduction. Bring lots of dps like GS/TT and some tanks and heals like SK/GH/Mike. He has an axe attack similar to AD that targets lowest HP hero but don't think he insta kills lowest HP. 


So far, I've got the Angry and Hungry Goblin. But of course, so far I've made on Labyrinth is Floor 3.
From Castle Clash wikia, this is the description of the 4 Goblins:

Smug Goblin: "Your feeble attacks won't even leave a scratch!" The Smug Goblin rubs its nose idly.
Greedy Goblin: "You want a fight, you've got one!" The Greedy Goblin grins menacingly. Its armor is laced with venom.
Hungry Goblin: "I'm dying for a bite!" The Hungry Goblin rages and attacks anyone nearby.
Angry Goblin: "How dare you disturb me!" The Angry Goblin glares at anyone who tries to stun it.

Good luck!

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Posted on 10/30/17 9:37:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks! I'll keep this in mind next time I take one on. Since the Nov '17 update, the rewards are better and it costs no stamina to try. Definitely worth perusing this guide :).

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This is great  information! I suggest this should be in Guides ! Section

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Very informative Saouri, Thank you for sharing.


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Posted on 11/22/17 5:47:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

        • A little update for this thread, since now we have another Goblin, Violent Goblin.

          Again, user Skoogra from Reddit, has posted
          his set up for every Goblin in Labyrinth.

          Hungry: slow, scatter, debuff. (EASIEST)
          • Medusa (revite 5 with slowdown)
          • PD (Revite 5/zerk 4-8 with Blitz)
          • GS, TT, Walla, Val, Santa, Ice Demon, Arctica, Moltanica, SZ, WL, Hq, Siren, Frost Witch, Orksbane, PK.

          ** PD, Arc, Val, PK, MD, GS, WW, Molt, TT.

          Angry: Slow, Stun. (Immune to Silence and Energy Reduction) (2nd Easiest)
          • Full Stuns/Perma-Stun aka Revite Hero with stun such as LL.
          • LL, PD, Val, Arc, MD, BT, GS, DD, Rev, Champ, Immo, Executioner, Dryad, Tgod.

          ** PD, Arc, Val, BT, LL, MD, GS, WW, Molt.

          Greedy: Slow, Scatter, Debuffed(Atk + Atk Spd) (Medium Diff.)
          • Full tank team with heals. No PD, but Mike and Val are acceptable. SK, Mech, Gh shine here.
          • Gh, Val, SK, Mech, Molt, GS, WW, Mike, Rev, DD, Arc, GF, BT, DK, Orksbane, Rockno.

          ** Val, BT, Mike, GS, Mech, WW, GH, Molt, SK.

          Smug: Slowed, Debuffed. Has high dodge and perm. dmg reduction shield.
          • Slow, Debuff, Heal with massive dps, summons, Debuffers (Arc, GF, Celestin, TT)
          • High accuracy traits are helpful.
          • TT, PD, Val, GS, WW, Arc, MD, PK, HB, GF, BT, Molt, GH, Santa, Siren.

          ** Dr, PD, Val, PK, BT, GS, WW, Molt, TT.

          Violent: Immune to silence and stun. Has 4 HQ "Minions at 4 corners"
          • Deals massive damage to minions, increases their atk and atk speed. Effect is non-removable. (Immune to silence and stun). Goblin Minions take very little damage and conditions on them are removed when attacked. (Also Immune to silence and stun).
          • Anubis, Dr, PD, Siren, GH, BT, Mike, GS, CU, Tree/Orksbane. (Drop on center goblin and tank with Mike/Anubis).

          ** Dr, PD, Siren, GH, BT, Demo, Mike, GS, Cu.
          • Anubis seems to work very well at dealing massive %HP based damage periodically to all HQ's. I'm sure Succubus would also work well and perhaps Skele with her fixed damage that can't be mitigated by dmg reduction.

          Most info taken directly from NugJuice's youtube video.

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"Violent, immune to silence and stun. Has 4 HQ Minions at 4 corners"

Is this same as "has 2 Snowzilla Minions at 2 corners" goblin?

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Thanks for sharing :)

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To jest fajne

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For that hungry one you can use heroes who reduce his healing effects like triton ww gs. I do it this way ^^